What Is A Golo Diet: Pros, Cons & What You Can Eat?


According to the official website, the GOLO Diet is the brainchild of seasoned doctors and pharmacists (No names have been mentioned). The dieting plan first came into being in 2009, also referred to as the GOLO Metabolic Plan. It was designed to promote weight loss and restore the body’s healthy insulin levels.

GOLO Diet is in a class of its own. It is not a way of eating; it is more of a dieting plan. Furthermore, the plan allows you some flexibility regarding what you eat. However, the GOLO diet requires that you adopt a supplement from GOLO LLC, the official company behind the launch of the dieting plan in 2009.


What Is GOLO Diet? 

The GOLO Diet focuses on helping you take charge of your body’s metabolic processes. With you in charge, you can speed up the rate of metabolism and achieve weight loss in a completely natural manner. In addition, the process deals with insulin resistance (insulin is the special hormone that regulates your body’s blood sugar). This resistance affects blood sugar balance, thereby creating situations that could trigger weight gain.

According to extracts from the GOLO website, you’ll have to eat 1300 to 1500 calories (nutritionally dense) daily alongside the dietary supplement called “Release.” The GOLO Diet aims to help you lose weight and get healthier without excessively cutting down calories. 

Furthermore, the GOLO Diet curbs insulin resistance to ensure that your body releases stored fat (stubborn fat). Apart from all of these, the diet plan makes a lot of bold medical claims, including that customers and people following the diet plan have reported very few cases of the emergency symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Other customers claim that they’ve been healed from prediabetes and have experienced lowered blood pressure and cholesterol.

How Does The GOLO Diet Work? 

As we have established earlier, the GOLO diet works on the principle that getting your insulin under control instead of simply cutting food groups and calorie consumption may be the key to unlocking your body’s slow metabolism. According to the GOLO website, once your body’s metabolism works optimally, you will likely lose weight and keep it off regularly. 

Similarly, some hormones are thought to be responsible for regulating appetite, metabolism, and weight gain. The GOLO Diet plan emphasizes the regulation of insulin, which is designed to regulate blood sugar. In other words, if your body’s insulin supply isn’t getting the job done and doesn’t distribute energy evenly to your cells, you will have sugar stored up. This stored sugar becomes excess fat. The GOLO dieting plan aims to get your insulin and blood sugar to the appropriate levels so your body can better manage and utilize energy.

Furthermore, the official GOLO Diet plan website suggests that you must take the “Release” supplement. The company claims such weight loss supplements can regulate insulin production, thereby triggering the process that enables your body to lose weight without a restrictive dieting regimen. Their website further recommends whole foods and discourages some common unhealthy foods in our daily diet. 

Why Is The GOLO Diet A Unique Supplement?

The GOLO Diet plan will never be complete without talking about the company’s official supplement, Release. According to the GOLO website, the supplement has the unique ability to support therapeutic effects and benefits such as boosted immune functions, reduced cravings, a healthier appetite, increased energy, decreased stress levels, and balanced blood sugar and insulin levels. 

Despite these great attributes, Release does not have (FDA) approval. The supplement may be manufactured in FDA-approved facilities, but it is insufficient proof to persuade the FDA to sanction its efficacy and efficiency. However, GOLO Diet manufacturers claim that the supplement contains all-natural plant-based ingredients, including minerals; apple and Salacia extract, Rhodiola, barbering, magnesium, and inositol. The Food and Drug Administration recognizes these ingredients.

With that said, the company stresses on its website that Release doesn’t need FDA approval. But, companies that want to make dietary supplements must follow FDA regulations and Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP).  

Furthermore, some studies show that just because a supplement comes from a natural source doesn’t mean it can combat mineral deficiencies in the human body. Also, the fact that these types of supplements are deemed safe and natural doesn’t mean they are safe for consumption by everyone. According to the FDA, mixing dietary supplements with regular medications can endanger your life. In light of that, you should ask your doctor for advice before adopting a GOLO Diet and Release.

Foods That Support And Enhance GOLO Diet 

GOLO Diet subscribers get a booklet and other information to help them through the dieting journey. This booklet is given to you for free when you first purchase the GOLO Diet supplement, Release. The leaflet contains a list of foods items that support the GOLO Diet and more: 

  • Seafood – frozen or fresh
  • Grains (whole) – quinoa and brown rice 
  • Protein (animal) – yogurt and cheese, eggs, milk, beef, pork, and chicken 
  • Legumes – garbanzo and black beans, and pinto
  • Vegetables – potatoes, winter squash, and sweet potato
  • Fresh fruits like berries
  • Other green vegetables – zucchini and kale, asparagus and broccoli
  • Healthy fats – olive oil, chia seeds, coconut oil, flax seeds, and Hemp seeds
  • Nuts – almonds, cashews, and walnuts

The GOLO Diet supports whole, unprocessed foods that cover a large section of the widely known food groups. However, the leaflet and the diet plan generally emphasize the need for animal protein consumption, but it does not state the quality of the protein you need to consume. This applies to other recommended categories of food, including seafood which may include mercury. This substance may be dangerous to kids and young men and women hoping to get pregnant. According to the FDA, this type of contaminant negatively impact 

Food To Avoid While Following A GOLO Diet Plan

When you are on the GOLO Diet, some foods you should avoid:

  • White bread 
  • Processed and refined foods such as plant-based meat replacements and lunch meats, sausages, shakes, and bars 
  • Sugar (added)
  • Refined foods 
  • Artificial sweeteners 
  • Sweetened beverages and other sweet baked goods

In general, the foods you’d find above can cause inflammation and increase your caloric intake.

The GOLO Diet plan discourages the consumption of these foods; however, the plan does not restrict foods. In the GOLO Diet plan guidelines, you’ll have simple ways to manage what you consume when you eat out. The company strongly recommends that you follow its recommendations, so you don’t sabotage your weightless endeavors.

Studies have shown that consuming added sugars can enhance insulin resistance. And the principles behind the GOLO Diet plan and its supplements are geared towards reducing this unwanted resistance. Some major sources of added sugars include soda, sweetened juice drinks, breakfast cereals, yogurt, and other dairy products.

How Much Will The GOLO Diet Cost?

The diet plan itself goes for nothing. However, the company requires you to purchase the Release supplement to access the detailed dieting plan. 

The Release supplement is available for sale on the GOLO official website. Each bottle contains well-packaged weight loss pills , and GOLO encourages users to take one capsule with every meal. So, on average, a Release bottle would last three to four weeks.

You can buy multiple bottles to cover a longer period if you prefer. These bulk purchases may attract special discounts on some occasions.

GOLO Diet – Health Benefits 

The FDA considers the contents and ingredients in GOLO Diet’s supplement, Release, safe. As a result, the following Metabolic Plan may help individuals develop and sustain healthy habits even after they’ve stopped taking Release. However, individual experiences and results may not be the same as with most common diet plans. 

Furthermore, food and healthy fat recommended by the GOLO diet plan greatly increase the chances of having a positive result for those that follow it religiously. 

Is GOLO Dieting Plan Risky?

Adopting the GOLO Dieting Plan poses no significant risk except for people with diabetes. However, it is wise to seek counsel from your doctor before you begin any diet plan. Your doctor can tell if the diet plan will affect any medication you are on. They’ll also determine if you have pre-existing conditions that may influence the success of the dieting procedure.

There may be many promising reviews about GOLO Diet on their website and other review sites; however, you don’t have a guarantee that it will work 100% for you. FDA approval for the diet plan and its supplement is still lacking. Hence, you can’t be sure whether you’ll lose the extra pound the program promises. Compared to other miracle weight loss programs, the claims of the GOLO Diet are safer and more attainable.

Furthermore, there are no indications of how the weight loss results you achieve through the GOLO Diet plan will last. The website suggests that users must take Release for three to six months before seeing meaningful results. It is also not certain how long the weightless results will last after this period. 

Without FDA approval, the program seeks to help men reduce consumption by 700 calories and women by 500 calories. The diet plan helps to reduce empty calorie consumption in processed foods, sweets, sweetened drinks, and more. Adding an exercise routine to this process will only increase your chances of losing some extra pounds.

The GOLO Diet website does not suggest a specific duration when it comes to how long you should use the diet plan. Since the Release supplement is safe for prolonged use, you can take it for as long as you want. You can also quit as soon as you notice an improvement in your body’s metabolic rate or when you reach your weight loss goal. Some users continue with a lower dose once they attain their weight loss goals.

Is GOLO Diet The Right Way To Go?

As a standard precaution, you should consult your doctor before you start the GOLO Diet plan. Doing this will help you determine whether the plan is a right fit for your current health and Wellness goals. Based on FDA recommendations, the contents of Release are generally considered safe. However, there is currently no scientific proof to show that the GOLO Diet will work better than other diet plans.

Pros Of GOLO Diet

The idea behind the GOLO Diet ensures that you eat healthy, wholesome foods. The healthy eating plan ensures you prioritize lean proteins, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and whole grains over processed grains. This is a deduction made by various health and fitness experts like Samantha Cassetty, RD, New York.

Since the diet plan focuses on whole foods, there will be little to no mention of processed foods, and soon you’ll be free from your cravings. It will also give your health a significant boost.

Cassetty points to a 2019 study on cell metabolism that suggests that adopting a diet plan like the one suggested by GOLO may help trigger significant weight loss over time. The study focused on 20 adults. The participants took either an unprocessed or highly processed diet for two weeks.

Then the participants switched diets for another two weeks. When consuming processed meals, the participants gained up to 500 calories from carbs and fats more than those who stuck to eating fresh foods. The processed food eaters gained about two pounds, while the fresh food eaters lost the same.

Cassetty believes people who eat processed foods don’t fill up fast and tend to eat faster than normal; hence, they consume more food.

Cons Of The GOLO Diet 

Evidence shows that the GOLO Diet plan prioritizes proven weight loss strategies. However, there is little proof that its supplement is necessary or effective. 

No substantial science-backed reviews, journals, or research papers show that Release will trigger weight loss. Researchers generally have shown that they are unbiased and factual when drawing conclusions. The research published on GOLO supplements does not indicate that the researchers followed these rigorous guidelines.

Similarly, the GOLO official website indicates that the FDA does not approve its supplement for diagnosing, preventing, or curing disease and ailments.

This statement may appear confusing to users who may also read from the same manufacturers claiming the GOLO supplement can help cure metabolic dysfunctions. 

Lastly, some of the ingredients in GOLO’s supplement have scientific backing. Evidence shows that they might help people trying to lose weight. However, scientists must conduct more research before they can be considered a treatment for obesity and metabolic dysfunction.

FAQs Regarding Golo Diet Plan  

What is the main ingredient in “Release” (GOLO Diet Supplement)?

The supplement contains minerals and seven plant-based ingredients. It includes chromium, magnesium, and zinc. It also has a rich blend of natural ingredients such as apple extract, Rhodiola extract, and more. 

How many GOLO diet pills can I take daily?

The official website recommends that you take one capsule of Release thrice every day. You could take the pill during or after meals.

Also, depending on your weight loss goals, your dose may differ from normal. You will find the full dosage breakdown as soon as you buy the supplement from the company’s official website.

What makes a GOLO diet different from others?

Real and sustainable weight loss is not possible without optimal metabolic health. If you have long struggled with losing weight or gaining weight rather easily, thanks to insulin resistance, you must focus on improving your metabolic health first. When your metabolic dysfunction is adequately taken care of, you can start losing weight and reduce further damage to your body system and health. 

Healing your metabolic system and speeding up its processes will almost certainly get you the desired results and help you maintain a healthy weight. GOLO Diet has gone through many refining processes to perfect a natural recipe to help rejuvenate failing metabolic systems. The manufacturers claim it is a natural solution that will get better, healthier, and longer-lasting weight loss results. 

The GOLO Diet and supplement have a combination of natural ingredients that will help to improve metabolic health and increase its efficiency.

Lastly, the GOLO Plan fuels your body’s fight against insulin resistance, curbs fat storage, and helps you experience long-lasting energy.

Do the GOLO diet plan and supplement have a guarantee?

According to details on the official website, GOLO offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on first orders. As a result, you have time to receive your order, inspect it, and start your weight loss journey. GOLO Diet supplement is quite affordable, and its manufacturers claim it is a long-lasting and effective weight loss solution if followed adequately. 

It has also been significantly subsidized to ensure many people take advantage of its natural effectiveness. Also, shipping is free to most destinations in the United States. With GOLO, the company claims users can save money by reducing the cost of food, medications, hospital bills, and more. If you have an issue with the package, you can contact the customer care center to request a refund.

When should I not take GOLO Supplement?

When pregnant or nursing a child, your calorie level may drop too low, so it’s best to avoid supplements unless specifically suggested by your physician completely. Also, if you have a pre-existing medical condition like type 2 diabetes, prediabetes, or insulin resistance, ensure that you consult your doctor before using GOLO supplements and diet plans.

How long does it take for GOLO to start working?

According to claims on the official website, you can expect the effects of taking GOLO to manifest within two to four weeks. The manufacturers suggest that when users follow the metabolic plan religiously, they begin to see results in as little as four weeks. Some may lose inches, and others may lose pounds.

It would help if you remembered that both tools are vital, and no two persons lose weight the same way.

How does GOLO stop insulin resistance?

When insulin fails to do one of its core jobs of effectively distributing energy to cells in the body, the excess sugar remains in your blood, and your body stores them as fat. GOLO works in a special way to balance your insulin and sugar levels and brings them back to normal. As a result, your body begins to use energy more efficiently.

How many pounds per week will I lose while taking GOLO?

Weight loss is not the same in every individual. Some people might experience a significant drop in weight in the first few weeks of using GOLO. Others may take longer to see any result at all. 

According to GOLO’s official website claims, the weight loss routine is designed to restrict weight loss to 1 or 2 pounds in a week. This is so that you don’t lose too much muscle mass. With the GOLO system, you can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds weekly.

When should I take Release?

The manufacturers behind the GOLO supplement recommend taking Release with a meal. You can take it as soon as you start eating, during, or immediately after. Ensure you do not take the supplement on an empty stomach; doing so may result in low blood sugar.

Conclusion: Does Golo Diet Leads To Weight Loss? 

There are numerous kinds of diets available including  smoothie diet, protein diet and high fiber, low carbs diet to promote weight loss. Like every other diet plan, the GOLO diet plan does not guarantee the same results for everyone.

So, you may have a different experience if you choose to use it. Also, there is currently no scientific evidence to prove that it will serve as a cure for obesity. However, the supplement has natural ingredients that may trigger weight loss processes and influence your body’s insulin and blood sugar balance.

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