What Does The Sun Tarot Card Mean?

Nikhil Goswami
Tarot card sun for clairvoyance and divination on wooden table

Previously known as Tarok or Tarocchi, tarot cards have existed since the mid-15th century. The use of these cards was promoted by a type of divination called cartomancy. These days, they have gained steady popularity. Having at least a few known people around you that dabble in the art of tarot reading is pretty common. 

At first, interpreting the Tarot may look intimidating. There are a total of 78 cards – all are entirely different from each other. However, combining the symbolism in the cards and the number of suits can help you find a clear path. This article aims to reveal the Sun Tarot card’s meaning. 

This major arcana card discusses freedom, fun, optimism, and positivity. It expresses enthusiasm, good luck, truth, openness, and confidence. In addition, it may also hint about a possible pregnancy soon. However, there is more to explore about the sun card, and to know about all that’s involved, keep reading through this definitive guide. 

Sun Upright Meaning 

The Sun Tarot Card Primary Meanings

The card usually represents fun, happiness, positivity, self-expression, joy, truth, vitality, good fortune, pregnancy, and openness.

Common Interpretation and Meaning 

The Sun Tarot Card glows with the aura of optimism and positivity. The card features a large shining sun in the sky, which talks about the source of life and energy. Beneath this glowing Sun, four sunflowers grow tall above a brick wall. They represent the four suits of the minor arcana, and they also signify the four elements. In the front, you will see a youthful, lively, and naked child who sits on a calm and pretty white horse. Refer tarot reading sites to know more. 

The child denotes the bliss of being connected with your inner spirit. His nakedness represents clarity – the little life has nothing to hide. All he has is purity and innocence, which combinedly results in the ultimate peace and joyfulness. The white horse talks about robustness, triumph, and purity.

The Sun card induces the urge to draw happiness. It pushes you to embrace positivity in every aspect of life. It says that you should your life will be filled with light and joy, and with your inner light, you will brighten up everyone’s life around you. You will celebrate the essence of carefreeness, self-assurance, and liberty.

The Sun Tarot Card is the card of honesty and truthfulness. Therefore, if you have been hit hard by deception or lies, it signifies that there is no need to be worried anymore. The Sun will reveal the truth and remove the fog of lies. The upright Sun also denotes good fortune and that the problems you are going through will evaporate with the warmth of the candescent Sun.

The Sun Tarot Card, when in an upright position, also hints at an upcoming trip to a country with a warm climate.

The Sun Tarot in Love & Relationships 

This card brings life, light, and warmth to your relationship and your life; the sun tarot love meaning heralds many similarities. It talks about celebration, fulfillment, and joyfulness. It says that your romantic life will blossom like beautiful sunflowers in the coming time. You and your partner will come closer and enjoy the incredible blessings of life.

It’s worth remembering that while every tarot card embodies light and shadow together, the Sun is an extraordinarily good omen. When it comes to love, you can read this card as a big thumbs up from the universe. The card signifies that the divine realm encourages you to revel in pleasure and play and to hold your love in a warm embrace. You should witness your inquiries with optimism and clarity. Refer  psychic reading sites to know more. 

The Sun is closely related to the fire tracker Leo. Thus, it asks you to enjoy the essence of boundless joy. Good tidings are on your way. Besides, this is the right time to make significant moves in your love life. If you are thinking of beginning new chapters in your life, like introducing a new life to the Earth, pulling the Sun card confirms that you should go ahead with this possibility.

With the highly energized aura of the Sun card, you will also feel immensely playful. Naturally, this will fill your relationship with amazing vibes. Letting your inner child take charge will also allow you to act with honesty. Your loyalty and transparency will make your partner fall for you with more intensity.

The Sun Card Meaning in Friends and Family 

The card says that with your vibrancy and charm, you will win over the hearts of your close ones. You will have a lot of enjoyable moments with your friends and family. Needless to say, this will enhance your bonding with them. With your knowledge and skills, you will benefit the people around you. This will create a room for gratitude, and you will get thousands of hands to help and support your needs.

The Sun encourages you to look at the bright side of things. In the moments of difficulty when you feel that your close ones are going far away from you, try learning the skills to convert the most gloomy situations into the brightest ones. Your relationships will shine brightly, and you can be assured that good things are in store for you.

The best is yet to come, and harmony and peace will always be there when it comes to family and friends. You should simply be passionate, committed, and honest.

The Sun Tarot in Money and Career 

From a professional standpoint, the Sun Tarot is a great sign. Many of the projects will require your active participation. Your optimistic outlook and vigorous effort will catch the limelight in the professional world. Your sunny disposition will pay off soon, and you will probably attain many new heights in your workspace.

This is also an ideal time to improve your professional relationships as well. Chances are there that you can soon grab a lucrative promotion. If you draw the Sun, it may hint at a new career. This is the ideal time to give your dreams the shape of reality. Whatever venture you are going to start will grow and flourish, and you will be very close to abundance.

The Sun lets you know that success is yours. Thus, you can go ahead and cherish the fruits of your hard work and appreciate yourself for all you have achieved. With your flourishing career, your financial situation will also improve. Your old debts will be paid off soon, and you will gradually step towards financial freedom.

You can also consider splurging on something you have wanted for a long time. This major arcana card lets you know that your financial future is bright. Thus, don’t take monetary obstacles seriously as they may fade away soon.

The Sun Tarot in Health 

When it comes to health, the Sun Tarot Card encourages you to focus more on healthfulness. The upright Sun Card signifies energy. Thus, if you have drawn it, you should start practicing things that can make you feel lively, balanced, and healthy. If you are suffering from any chronic disease, you will probably get better soon.

The Sun appears in your life to announce a clear fact – you have just finished living a self-damaging and draining situation. Now is the time to regain your lost strength and move forward with boosted robustness. You will soon indulge in healthy practices which will award you with good health.

Regarding physiological health, the Sun says that you will be able to defeat negative feelings like depression, anxiety, fear, jealousy, etc. This will help you gain both physical and mental tranquility. With a sorted mind, you will learn how to make things correct and step forward towards holistic wellness.

The Sun Tarot in Spirituality 

Being the 20th card in major arcana and numbered 19, the Sun Tarot Card talks about the completion of the previous cycle. The card reflects the primordial energy of creation and the universe. Furthermore, it depicts an intense expression of fulfillment and self-exploration. You can also try tarot love reading

The card talks about the connection shared by the physical, mental, and spiritual realms. It indicates that the raw materials of your thought process will soon become aligned with the soul cycle. This will ultimately take you towards enlightenment – the light of your inner wisdom will wash off all your darknesses.

Additional Sun Tarot Card Meanings in an Upright Position 

If you are passing through a difficult time, the Sun lets you know that things will get much better shortly. It also signifies that you will soon find the answer to the challenges that emerge in your life.

Besides, you are now loaded with zeal and energy for your future. In addition, you have earned the ability to achieve success and abundance. Your confidence drives you, and you are aware that life is awesome and everything will be fine.

The Sun also motivates you to connect to your power base. This power should be positive in every way. It should not be egotistical or fear-driven; instead, it should be the flow of abundance and positive inner strength that encourages you to do things rightly and precisely. This sense of power will also start affecting your solar plexus chakra. It will always ask you to believe in authentic self-expression. Furthermore, it will push you to be fully present in the world that surrounds you.

You are blessed with the extraordinary ability to light up others’ lives with your immense radiance and have the power to change the world around you. Thus, you can leverage this power and use your divine will to do things with positivity.

Furthermore, the sun card in an upright position reflects energetics. It talks about a time that lets you boost your general positivity, physical energy, and importance. It’s time to realize that you are blooming with enthusiasm. Besides, you will soon enjoy a cherishable sense of healthfulness.

Reverse Meaning Guide 

The Sun Reversed Tarot Card Primary Meanings 

The reverse Sun indicates several things like over-enthusiasm, lack of enthusiasm, sadness, absurd expectations, conceitedness, depression, oppression, ego, pessimism, abortion, stillbirth, and miscarriage.

Common Interpretation and Meaning

Typically, the sun tarot reverse points to the idea of pessimism and depression. It says that you may struggle to see the bright side of life. You can also come across damaging setbacks which affect your optimism and positive energies. Your path may look fogged or distorted. However, the Sun is not a negative card. Thus, all of these hurdles are temporary.

You can easily overcome these hassles with your willpower and strength of mind. Indeed, you may need to put in vigorous efforts to defeat negativity, but your resilience will pay off. Through the Sun reversed, the universe is asking you to take out your inner child and recreate those childhood memories that were important to you. Sometimes life wants you to be careful and casual.

Responsibilities, rat race, and stress are inevitable; however, that never means that you will not be able to live. There is no bad in taking a little time for rejuvenation and refreshment. You have the right to leave behind all your work, burdens, responsibilities, and stress for a day.

Moreover, you should set your heart and soul free. This will help you free yourself from psychological pollution, and you will earn the energy to fulfilling all your duties.

The Sun Tarot in Love & Relationships

When it comes to love, the Sun reversed shows that you may feel ignored and unattended despite being in a fulfilling relationship. You may start missing the spark and passion of those initial days. There are possibilities that your upcoming wedding will get canceled, and you can even witness a broken engagement.

The Sun tarot, when positioned reversely, says that you may find it hard to see a good time ahead with your partner. The reversed Sun Tarot Card may also say that you and your partner may fall into the trap of jealousy, which will lead both of you nowhere. To prevent all these, you should start seeing the bright sides of your togetherness.

Rethink why you chose to share your lives. Often, things look messed up; however, that never means love is not there. You and your partner may still have many things to celebrate together. If you figure out that you are stuck in an endless cycle of blaming each other, then you should throw off your ego and understand each other. Put in all your efforts to get things back on track. Initiate open conversations and make your partner feel special.

If you are still single, the Sun reverse wants you to be aware of a serious fact – your ego and general negativity towards yourself is an obstacle to your progress. Therefore, drop the ego and accept the eternal truth – nobody in this world can know everything. You and your potential partner still need time to understand each other better, and just keep the faith and keep looking.

The Sun Tarot in Money & Career 

When it comes to career, the Sun Tarot Card (reversed) may signify that oppression is on its way. Your pessimistic and stressed behavior may put you in trouble. You may lack efficiency because you overwork. You avoid sleeping, which creates room for potential health risks. Besides, you may be prone to setting unrealistic career goals.

Instead of figuring out the right ways to achieve your dreams, you keep searching for shortcuts. This will lead you nowhere; instead, try setting up goals that you can achieve. Over time, you will learn how to turn your dreams into reality. While the Sun reversed is not a bad omen, you should still hold on if you’re thinking about investments.

There are high chances that financial tension may appear on your way, and you may experience real bad days. However, these things are not going to last forever. Instead of panicking, look at your financial worries realistically, which will help you figure out rational ways to resolve them.

The Sun Tarot in Health

If you have drawn a reversed Sun Tarot Card from a tarot deck, you will probably suffer many health issues. Moreover, these health concerns will be fueled by anxiety. Thus, focus on the state of your mental health first. You must understand that recovering things is possible only when you have a resilient and positive outlook. You may also probably experience stillbirth, abortion, or miscarriage.

However, these things won’t be permanent, and you can live a healthy life only if you want to. Thus, pay attention to your holistic wellness. Remember that only healthy habits make the way to a healthy life. Though you may not feel very energized now, the situation will change in the future. Long-term health improvements are on the horizon. You will soon recover your present health conditions and return to normal.

To boost strength, you can consider starting a new workout regime. You can also work on improving your diet. You will definitely earn determination from the ever-energized Sun. Thus, you can simply let the willingness to move forward thrive. Only a revitalized mind can help you get revitalized health. Keep this in mind and act accordingly.

The Sun Tarot in Spirituality 

The Sun reversed card typically denotes dejection and gloom. You will probably battle with a lack of faith and containment. Seeing life through colorful glasses will look challenging for you. Your worries and doubts will overwhelm you, and you will always feel anxious. Your soul will suffer as it won’t be able to break free. You might feel suffocated, and your mind will not support you much.

You may feel it is challenging to access your inner power. Additionally, you might even feel less connected with the higher realm. However, the Sun never loses its glory. Even if it’s reversed, it’s always a call to embrace positivity. The higher realm is asking you to throw off the confusion and remember that your life still has abundant joy, beauty, and happiness.

Thus, you should look hard enough and start making things right. It’s time to elevate your willpower, and you must motivate yourself to achieve tranquility and peace of mind. Even though you have seen a lot of difficulties in past years, the appearance of the Sun is a sign that things will revive, and you will rejoice again. Therefore, you should work with robustness and keep on trying to establish an unbreakable connection with your subconscious and the higher realm.

This will also allow you to align your energies and regain your lost optimism. Your spirit will be lit up with the aura of purity. Furthermore, remember that you hold the unimaginable potential to turn the most negatives into the most positives. Leverage it and keep moving. You can consider practicing mediation and offering prayers. Additionally, read good books to enhance knowledge. Only knowledge and willpower can take you towards enlightenment.

More About the Sun Tarot Card Meanings in a Reversed Position 

The Sun reversed can also make you overconfident, overenthusiastic, and over-optimistic. You may even become egotistical and out of touch with what you can actually achieve. Thus, now is the time to be honest with yourself. Know more about tarot cards and psychic readings on phone psychic readers. 

Try talking to yourself and find out if you can really deliver everything that you have taken up? Do your expectations align with your real situation? Do you possess the abilities that you pretend to hold? Find out the answers and if required, go for a fact check. Ask others how they feel about you. Embrace those feedback and work on them, and life may start looking a bit easier.

The Sun reverse suggests you to bet on positive resolutions. The story isn’t over yet; thus, you should never give up on hope. Remember, everything can turn around in an instant. Instead of overestimating yourself or surrendering to pessimism, you should express gratitude for your accomplishments.

Abundance is always awaiting you, so you should feel free to chase it. To bring out the best in yourself, defeat ego, and embrace humbleness. The Sun reverse is a reminder from the universe that you have yet to learn many things. You will pass through numerous tests and challenges. Therefore, instead of nurturing ego and overconfidence, show humbleness and believe in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Sun Card

  1. What does the Sun mean in the Tarot?

The Sun Tarot card signifies harmony, happiness, joy, and good fortune. It lets you know that the universe is on the verge of granting your wishes and aiding forward movement into something more interesting and more fascinating. It indicates that some immensely positive influence will fill your life with great changes. A prevalent question is that how many tarot cards are in a deck

Furthermore, you will act with optimism, clarity, transparency, honesty, and positivity. Besides, the world around you will understand your vitality. Your talents and skills will be rewarded, and you will get paid for all your dedication and hard work.

  1. What does the Sun tarot card mean in a yes or no card?

The Sun is always a symbol of fulfillment and joy. It reflects success and competence, and it hints at positive manifestations. Moreover, it silently announces the success of your upcoming endeavors. It lets you know that you will be able to utilize your greatest potential, which will open ample doors of opportunities for you.

Your knowledge, talent, and skills will influence the people around you. Therefore, you should definitely stick to yes when seeing the Sun card in a yes or no tarot reading.

  1. What does Sun mean in a tarot love reading?

The Sun Tarot in love foretells a new chapter. You are probably going to take your relationship to the next level. Probably, you may tie the knots soon. If you are already married, you are probably going to be a parent. In case you are single, your perfect partner may meet you soon. However, you should also enjoy the evergreen moments of single life to the fullest and love yourself.

Remember, relationships bring responsibilities along with them. The Sun card wants you to figure out if you are really ready to take up the responsibilities before stepping into a relationship.

  1. How to interpret the Sun card when it appears in a Tarot reading under challenges?

The Sun card is never considered bad, even if it’s located in the challenge spot. Thus, if you are drawing this card while passing through a challenging phase of your life, take it as a positive call. The universe is asking you to pay a little attention to what’s going around you. Rearrange your schedule and take a break. Put in your best efforts to get life back on track. With shifts in your vibration, outcomes will change.

Conclusion: What Does the Sun Tarot Card Mean? 

The Sun is the symbol of power, positivity, and success. It’s a call for abundance, good luck, and great changes. If you have drawn the Sun Tarot card recently, cheer up.

The divine realm is assuring you that everything will be fantastic in the coming day. Prepare yourself for those blessed days – after all, joyous and cherish able life is all that one desires.

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