What Does The Moon Tarot Card Mean?

Nikhil Goswami

Whenever the moon tarot card appears in a reading, it reveals some deep spiritual meaning about your current status in life or future. The exact meaning depends on your specific kind of reading and whether you have a reversed card or an upright one.

Understanding properly what your card is saying is important for you to get the correct meaning as it pertains to you. It does not matter whether you are an experienced psychic looking to gain more knowledge, a newbie, or a psychic enthusiast doing self-reading. You might inaccurately interpret your situation if you do not understand the moon card properly. There are several other articles such as psychics on the phone & chat.

The moon tarot card is one of the major arcana cards, representing and revealing some significant life lessons along your path. A major arcana card depicts a major step, occurrence, or stage in a person’s life. Overall, the major arcana cards tell an entire life story. You can also try tarot love reading

Particularly, the moon tarot card tells of dreams, intuition, and complicated emotions, among other feelings. The card has a full moon on it, which represents these feelings. Unlike the sun, the moon lights up only dimly, suggesting uncertainty. The dimly lit moon stands between two tall towers revealing a path representing possibilities.

Finally, a crayfish coming out of a little pond and a dog and a wolf howling at the moon on the card depicts certain factors too. The pond depicts the internal consciousness, and the crayfish suggests a sort of emergence from inner realization. The dog and a wolf represent different sides to your subconscious mind and instincts. It is a paradox or contradiction expressing your fantasies and fears where the dog represents your tamed and objective parts. In contrast, the wolf represents your untamed, animalistic nature and wild aspects. There are several other articles such as psychics on the phone & chat.

Upright Moon Tarot Card Meaning Guide

Below you can study a more detailed guide to better understand the moon tarot card meanings when it appears upright instead of reverse. Refer tarot reading sites to know more. 

The Upright Key Meanings

Imaginations, fears, dreams, intuition, illusion, the subconscious mind, internal energy, confusion, deception, instability, mood swings, vagueness, possibility, anxiety, insecurity, and delusion.

General Meaning and Interpretation (Upright)

Generally, the moon tarot card depicts the internal workings of one’s mind. While the sun card represents emergence into the world and focuses more on external things, the moon card does the opposite. With this tarot card, your subconscious mind is bare before you, and you must face its content. Refer psychic reading sites to know more. 

Depending on your situation, it depicts a mix-up or some tricky problem in your life. A time when things are not fully clear to you, and you cannot see enough of a situation. At this moment, the moon card shows up to remind you to trust your intuition and dreams, to listen to yourself more, and try to understand your feelings for the truth to be revealed.

On the other hand, this tarot card could point out some of your inner struggles. Some fears and imaginations could be getting the best of you. It could be some internal trauma that you are avoiding. It may also be some dark thoughts that you are allowing to limit you. The appearance of objects in twos on the card, such as the two towers, shows twin possibilities. You have a chance for renewal on the one hand or continued confusion on the other.

For many, the moon card shows that there is some truth one is unwilling to accept or a problem within one’s emotions that one needs to resolve. When the moon appears while you are involved in dishonest dealings, it serves as a warning. It reveals that your conscience is not clean. And if you are in a particularly confusing situation and expecting some clarity, it may signal more confusion ahead. You might need to look for a solution from within.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

When the moon tarot card appears upright in a love tarot reading, it signifies a lack of clarity in your relationship. Your situation may be deceptive, so you might need to take a step back to become in tune with your emotions fully. At this point, it is safer if you do not assume your partner’s feelings. Rather try to take a step back and find better understanding within yourself and in conversation with them.

If your relationship seems fine, this card may signify that all is not as it seems. It could be that a current or potential partner is purposely deceiving you. When you see this, it is a sign that you should reconsider that big move you may be planning to make concerning your relationship or reevaluate the relationship to make an informed decision. At this point, you might want to hold off on taking any next steps.

In addition, it could be that your past trauma and unresolved internal feelings are causing problems in your relationships. Although the relationship may not seem troubled, your inner subconscious mind might be grappling with some little uncomfortable things about the relationship that you have not admitted to yourself. This tarot card reminds you to look within yourself to discover the hidden truth and resolve your own feelings.

For example, you could be stuck on an ex, and you cannot admit it to yourself. Or you are scarred from a former relationship and are engaging in self-deception rather than face the emotional issue head-on. You could also be consumed with negative emotions that are taking their toll on your relationship, such as low self-esteem. In conclusion, your love tarot reading revealing a moon upright generally points to a lack of clarity and indicates that something needs to be resolved.

Money and Career (Upright)

An upright moon reveals that your current situation is complicated concerning money and your career path. You probably do not understand how to move ahead or understand the next step to take. Perhaps, you know what you want to do next, but you are scared about the outcome and whether it is worth the risk.

In a money reading, the moon reminds you to trust your gut feelings and channel your energy not into fears but into the decision you want to make. The moon illuminates your path into new possibilities. It would be best to channel the power within your subconscious mind, do away with your negative self-talk and seek inner guidance. Doubts should not muddle this inner voice. Furthermore, when making decisions you hope will give your career meaning, you should exercise extreme caution. This is because your intended decision may be fueled by only half the information you need.

As a major arcana card, the moon card indicates a major life decision, so chances are that whatever you do will greatly affect your life. Mistakes would have a negative effect. Therefore, you want to gather all the information you can, combine this with your gut instincts separated from negative energy, and come to a resolution. In addition, the moon may be an indication that there is some trouble at work with you. It could be that you are not getting along well with your boss, or there is a miscommunication somewhere. Also, in a money reading, the tarot card may be trying to warn you not to make any major money decisions no matter the financial situation you think you are in or your financial goals. Someone may be trying to deceive you into losing some of your money.

Health (Upright)

In the context of health, the moon tarot could signify specific health issues. The first is mental health issues. It reveals a lot of things that may be wrong subconsciously, so it could be that your mental health is not at its best.

Your mental health issues may range from depression to anxiety. Usually, you know that you are facing these issues but may have refused to seek help. The moon tells you that you must let go of the emotional or mental blocks preventing you from seeking help. It would help if you confronted your unresolved feelings affecting your mental health.

On the other hand, you might be unaware of these mental issues brewing. Perhaps, you’ve seen telltale signs but never fully considered the possibility. It would be best to do some introspection and sort out whatever needs to be sorted from early on.

The card may also signify that you are suffering from hormonal imbalance or menstrual cycle issues if you are a woman. This interpretation is in line with the moon’s representation of a lack of balance, stability, and regularity. This upright tarot, however, does not necessarily speak of ill health.

As the full moon on the card reveals your intuition and consciousness, it might be trying to alert you to your body. If you pay close attention, your body might be trying to tell you what it needs. Go for a check-up if you’ve been feeling funny and exercise or go on a diet if your body tells you to.

If your intuition tells you that that weird bump on your armpit is not all it seems, investigate it. When you see the moon upright, it signifies that you should listen to whatever your body and spirit are telling you they need and do it.

Spirituality (Upright)

Regarding spirituality, an upright moon is generally a positive card. The tarot card meanings here involve tuning in to your divine feminine so that the spirits can reveal new things to you. If you are into healing work or working on your psychic development, you will find that you can connect easily with the spirits.

You will do well to pay close attention to your gut feelings, dreams, and visions to hear your spirit guides. They may be trying to tell you something. You should also pay close attention to the lunar cycles. The moon’s phases have significant meanings you can interpret and learn from if you pay close attention.

In the darkness of the new moon, seek clarity and presence of mind. Take account of yourself and answer questions like ‘where am I right now?’, ‘who do I want to be moving forward?’, ‘how am I in my present relationships?’, ‘am I where I want to be?’. The moon brings spiritual clarity and revelation.

With a waxing moon, the energy invigorates you spiritually, and the glow points you on the right path to working toward your goals. Finally, a full moon represents the dawn of spiritual growth that has taken place, while the waning moon represents a sort of balance. In short, the upright moon in a spiritual reading is a sign of growth that may be about to or is taking place.

If you are experiencing a lot of change in your life, this card reminds you to trust the spiritual energy. Your spirituality fueled by the divine feminine will guide you to discover things beyond the physical. And as long as you are in tune with your spirituality, you should be able to understand and resolve your problems.

Reversed Moon Tarot Card Meaning Guide

While an upright moon may foretell uncertainty and imbalance, the reversed one may have a more optimistic connotation. The moon comes between the star and the sun in a tarot deck balanced by the two lights on both sides. This metaphorical positioning of the tarot card comes to light in interpreting it when reversed. A reversed moon usually depicts some revelation or coming to the knowledge of something. It indicates that some light has been or will be shed on an issue.

The Reversed Key Meanings

Secrets revealed, released anxiety, resolved emotions, truth, deception, liberated negative energy, and revelation.

General Meaning and Interpretation (Reversed)

The moon reversed sometimes suggests a few negative things have been happening to you. It could indicate that you have been experiencing some fears, confusion, and trauma. You may be afraid or overthinking about something that has occurred or the uncertainty of life. It won’t be easy to get rid of how you feel.

These feelings might harm you in the long run, so it is better to do away with them. To get rid of these negative emotions, you must try to come to terms with your feelings. Make peace with whatever might have happened and what you are going through that might be causing the worry.

This anxiety may also be caused by your fear of what might happen on a particular issue. You may want to do something but are uncertain about the right thing to do. All you have to do is believe in yourself and think of the positive possibilities rather than your pessimistic thoughts. You need to drop your need to predict or control the future but rather approach the future with a mind open to adventure.

There is also a positive side to these tarot readings. This card does not just reveal problems. It tells that the solution to the problem is not far off. Whatever is causing the fear, worry, confusion, etc., you are experiencing is receding. Now that there is the belief that all your fears and confusion are gradually going, you should soon find what you seek. If you have problems or doubts, they will quickly be resolved. If you need something, you will soon get it. When you start hearing your subconscious speaking to you or getting visions, take them seriously. This could be where your answer to your problems lies.

Love and Relationships (Reversed)

When a love and relationship tarot reading reveals a reversed moon, you must note a few things. The interpretations depend on your relationship status (whether single or in a relationship.) First, for people in relationships, it could mean something is about to be revealed. What is about to be disclosed can be that your partner is unfaithful or has been hiding something from you. It could also signify that you will reveal something to your partner or discover something about the current state of your relationship. However, for single people, the moon reversed can indicate that you will find a partner. You could also find things about a potential partner, and these discoveries can show that someone is not meant for you. To learn these things, take note of all the warning signs you may get.

Some of these revelations might be heartbreaking. However, it is important to take note of the signals. Ultimately, they will help you know who cares for you. This way, you can also know the ones you can trust, and you will not end up with the wrong person.

In conclusion, if the tarots reveal a reversed moon card in a love and relationship reading, be ready for the unexpected. You may face some misunderstandings, so be ready to resolve any ups and downs that might occur. But take note, be calm when making your actions about your relationship because the problem might not be with your partner but with you.

Money and Career (Reversed)

The moon reversed in money tarot readings usually indicates impending revelation. While the upright one may reveal some deception, the reversed moon points to the fact that this deception might soon be revealed. Suppose you are having trouble deciding what you do in a financial situation. Don’t feel pressured into doing something to meet your financial goals. The reversed moon is a good sign that you should take a step back and allow things to unfold. In addition, this major arcana card may have another money meaning. The moon reversed meaning could be that the answers to the confusion surrounding your money and career issues are within you. You may not have to take the hands-off approach and wait for a resolution. It could be that you have to seek some knowledge to sort it out.

As you better understand your situation, it will intuitively become clear to you the right step to take. Career-wise, the moon reversed may indicate that you are experiencing a major blockage or obstacle. However, if you pay close enough attention, the solution to this problem may be on the horizon. As an artist, freelancer, or self-employed person, this may be in the form of a temporary mental block. Otherwise, it could generally be one form of career instability or the other.

Whatever your career path, the reversed moon is usually a good indication that you are about to find some clarity. Managing your finances and making decisions that will give your career meaning will become easier for you. The moon tarot card meanings when the card is upside down are usually messages of resolution or finding answers within yourself.

Health (Reversed)

The meaning of the moon reversed regarding health is quite nuanced, as with most other tarot cards. It may indicate recovery or the lifting of a burden. As the moon shines on the card, revealing a path between the two towers, so do you get some renewal. If you were suffering from a mental health issue, it could show that significant progress has occurred or is about to occur.

Conversely, if it is trauma or unsorted emotions you are battling, a reversed moon may signify hope for what is to come. The moon’s light in a tarot reading with a reversed moon may also represent the success of shamanic healing. However, the implication of a reversed moon in a health reading is not always pleasant. It could be a sign that illusions are taking over your mind. In this regard, it might signify paranoia or any illness concerning hallucination becoming worse. You will get more clarity on this depending on what the other cards in the reading reveal to you. You may need to get ready for the worst if they are also negative.

Generally, a reversed moon in a health tarot reading would signify clarity and revelation. It might not necessarily mean that your physical health challenges are over. However, it might suggest that you will soon find out the cause of these problems. If you are expecting results from the hospital, it might be a sign of a positive or a revealing outcome. One that will enable you to take the right steps to resolve the issue.

In summary, a reversed moon among your tarot cards should reveal that your health is on its way to normalcy unless the other tarot cards are negative.

Spirituality (Reversed)

While the moon reversed meanings are usually more positive, it is not that way when it comes to spiritual readings. With a spiritual reading, the moon appears reversed to question your psychic intuition. It could be that you are losing touch with your spiritual self or have begun to listen less to your spirit guides.

Generally, a reversed card in spiritual tarot reading usually reflects a sort of shortage in whatever value that card represents spiritually. In the context of the moon, it is your feminine essence, the one that represents intuition and the subconscious mind. An upside-down moon, therefore, indicates that you are not in tune with your spiritual self. There could be some disturbance with that connection.

Also, it may be that you cannot even hear or understand the messages of the spirit. Several things could be causing this spiritual disconnection. Perhaps you are not listening well enough. Your thoughts and mind could be filled with uncertainty concerning a particular situation that is causing you stress. You may also be ignoring your spiritual nudges due to one factor or the other. A prevalent question is that how many tarot cards are in a deck

The presence of the moon in your spiritual psychic reading indicates that your psychic ability is still present. It is just caught up or unable to find expression in you for one reason or the other. This revelation is your chance to do something about your spirituality. You can carry out rituals and meditation to help yourself with this process. Furthermore, you can invest more in your psychic training in different ways. You can do this by consulting experiences psychics, buying materials like a tarot book, etc.

Conclusion: What Does The Moon Tarot Card Mean?

Moon tarot card description is a tough nut to crack. It takes experienced psychics years of experience and many readings to become experts. So, if you are doing a self-reading, don’t sweat it if you are not as accurate as you might have liked. The important thing is to continue working on yourself by toeing a path of enlightenment. You can also consult more experienced psychics to help you out with your growth process. There are several questions that are needed to be addressed first like How to read tarot cards

Another thing you should bear in mind is that the same tarot card can hold different meanings for different people. Therefore, it is important that you are discerning in your interpretation. You will have to use your psychic powers of clairvoyance and intuition. You will also need to listen closely to what the spirits are saying via your subconscious. Only then can you get the true interpretation of your tarot cards during readings. You can know more about what are tarot cards and how do they work? 

This notwithstanding, knowing the general meanings and interpretations of each card can help you have an idea. So, bear in mind that the moon tarot card meanings have to do with emotions. It reflects intuition and all that is going on within oneself. As with the energy of the moon, the card conveys great spiritual significance and meaning.

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