What Does The Hermit Tarot Card Mean?

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The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings:

He is holding the Seal of Solomon, a sign of knowledge, in his right hand. It is a lamp with a six-pointed star. The torch illuminates the Hermit’s path as he proceeds down it. But rather than illuminating his whole path, it merely reveals his next several steps.

One cannot discover everything in one go, so he must move forward to discover where to go. The Hermit wields a long stick in his left hand, the part of the subconscious mind. Then, utilizes it to help and balance himself.

General Interpretation and Meaning (Upright)

During a tarot reading, getting the Hermit in an upright position symbolizes your retreat from the outside world so you may focus your effort and look within to discover the solutions you’re searching for in the depths of your heart.

You understand that your deepest feeling of truth and wisdom lies within yourself, not in the surrounding diversions. Refer tarot reading sites to know more. 

You put the ordinary behind you and go on a voyage of self-discovery, following only your inner guidance and knowledge. Now is the ideal moment to embark on a weekend getaway or holy trip, anything that will allow you to reflect on your objectives, individual beliefs, and guiding principles and become nearer to your true self.

The Hermit in a tarot reading invites you to withdraw into your personal space and feel a profound sensation of solitude.

You know that you must travel this path alone or in a small, close-knit group of like-minded individuals. You will hear the solutions you need and develop inner wisdom past your ages when you permit yourself to check into your internal, leading light.

Discover your light, let it illuminate your soul searching, and forge your unique path. You will see plenty of what is in front of you. Perhaps, not for miles and miles. But just enough to know where to go next. From there, proceed cautiously. Refer  psychic reading sites to know more. 

The Hermit frequently makes an appearance if you’re at a turning point in your life and pondering a new course. You could start reassessing your individual goals and alter your overall direction via reflection, mindfulness, and self-examination.

A couple of your objectives will shift due to the greater, more spiritual perspective with which you will see your life.

The urge to withdraw from a consumer-driven or cosmopolitan culture to concentrate on your inner life is another type of solution expressed by the upright Hermit.

As a psychic tutor here to help you increase your energy and expand your knowledge, the Hermit may also show up in your life. Although he can be an authority in his own right, the brilliance of this mentorship is that he will show you how to look within yourself for the solutions.

Love & Relationship (Upright)

The Hermit in a tarot reading is not always a good card where relationships, romance, and love are involved. It can signify the end of a relationship or marriage. However, while it is often the case, there are exceptions. If you’re lonely and looking for love, be sure you’re prepared for a commitment.

Do you have trouble getting approval from others? Get through it. Spend a bit of time resolving any safety or borderline personality issues so that you can attract a partner or a companion. If not, you’ll attract someone who shares those issues.

Spiritual enlightenment, soul searching, self-reflection, introspection, contemplation, inner guidance, solitude. Does this question arise thing about it, tarot cards real?

Now, if you’re already in a happy relationship and there are no indications that that will change soon, it’s great. However, it doesn’t mean the Hermit’s message isn’t getting to you. Instead of simply ignoring the message, make sure that you invest as much effort in yourself as you do in your spouse, children, and other relationships. Don’t let your marital relationship consume you to the point that you disregard your connection with yourself.

Money & Career

You could be taking some much-needed time to consider your job goals. There might be a feeling of unfulfillment and the feeling that the route you are currently on is also not serving you.

You are now attempting to determine the type of employment that would make you happy on all levels. These skills are no longer feasible for you if you have been working in a profession only for financial benefit or security.

You can be searching for a goal, or at the very least, something that helps you go where you want. Spend some time determining if you are truly satisfied with what you are producing or whether you are simply maintaining the “status quo.”


The Hermit suggests that pushing yourself too far might negatively affect your health. The Hermit warns that if you don’t take time for yourself to relax and recharge, especially when you feel that you’re constantly on the go and never have a moment to breathe, your wellness may deteriorate.

Go on a break. Your health right now might benefit from even a few minutes each day spent in meditation or simply clearing your head and tuning into how your body is doing.


The Hermit tarot card is the one that is most concerned with spiritual health compared to other cards in a tarot card lineup. The main message of the Hermit tarot card where spirituality is involved is to turn inside, concentrate on spiritual self-development, and establish a connection with your higher self. Furthermore, the Hermit tarot cards also affect your inner self.

If the Hermit appears in your read, concentrate on spiritual pursuits like contemplation, communicating with spiritual healers, and studying/using crystals.

This is a pretty personal procedure, so you’ll probably need to take some time to isolate yourself. This isn’t always a negative thing.

Everything within your world will go better if you boost your spiritual energy. Health, ties with others, and money are all included.

Yes Or No (Upright)

The Hermit doesn’t believe in universals, so drawing a card like this here can be dissatisfying since the Hermit tarot card description does not definitively indicate one side.

This card is not decisive, but that does not imply it lacks direction. In truth, this card is a strong indicator of intelligence and intuition. It highlights the sort of intelligence that is instinctive. Reevaluate your query. So, reevaluate your query. It’s possible that the real solution is already within you.

Trust your intellect to act as a compass and lead you through it.

The Past (Upright)

A moment in your background when you were calm, free from the daily hustle and bustle of this cruel world, and instead, you were contemplative, analytical, full of thought and inner exploration.

You probably discovered a lot about yourself during this time and may have even studied for a new degree of expertise. It might have merely been a pause in your job or marriage that provided extra room and protection from the typical chaos of life.

In any case, your solitude gave you the stamina and endurance you possess now. Be grateful for this time, and remember that you can act independently when necessary. Like a lone wolf, everybody occasionally needs to spend time only with their inner self.

Present (Upright)

Although the journey is difficult and the way ahead is hazy, you are on a mission to reach the destination. You’re looking for something that can have to do with your personal development or your place in everyday life. You see your destiny as you gaze up at the moon.

Remember that the strength of solitude and freedom is the main theme of this tarot. Don’t let ego keep you from embarking on this independent voyage of consciousness. Don’t let the doubters in the wild outside world influence you either.

Future (Upright)

Your future might hold an awakening; an understanding is around the horizon. If you are struggling right now, you will realize that in the coming days, much like a superman finding their superpowers for the first day, you will eventually find the inner strength to improve your destiny.

This card usually refers to getting rid of something that has been once precious to you but is now just giving you misery.

Whatever the case is, don’t worry about or fight this minute of insight. You’ll be prepared and willing to support it when it happens. Change is inevitable in life, just like day and darkness. In the long run, it provides positive things.

Family And Home (Upright)

You may decide to spend some time apart if you’re not very social right now. You could be evaluating your personal or social connections because the Hermit brings pensive energy. The best part is that you will come from your reflection with new fire and understanding, thanks to the signals you hear.

Furthermore, the upright Hermit could also mean that something is falling apart, and you can’t hold it tight. To put it in easy words, something really bad is happening in your life, and you can do anything about it.

This sense of helplessness makes you feel awkward and incomplete.

Hermit Reversed Meaning Guide

The Reversed Hermit Tarot Card Meanings:

Loneliness, paranoia, and isolation bring reclusive, withdrawal, anti-social, restriction, and paralyzed by fear.

General Meaning and Interpretation (Reversed)

According to the Hermit Reversed, you are either devoting far too much time for personal introspection or not enough. The Hermit Reversed advises you to make extra room for reflection and meditation if you have trouble connecting with your spiritual level and spiritual side.

On the summit of a mountain, the Hermit stands by itself. The snow-capped range represents his accomplishments, progress, and spiritual enlightenment. Because he selected this route of self-discovery, he has attained a higher level of consciousness.  There are several other articles such as psychics on the phone & chat.

It is important to go more deeply within yourself and uncover your bigger purpose for existing on this planet. It’s possible that you failed to pay attention to your internal voice because you were preoccupied with coping with day-to-day problems.

The Hermit reversed encourages you to look deeply into your soul to refocus yourself and put your attention to spiritual development.

The Hermit Reversed may be a sign that you may go too far with your loneliness if you’ve already spent much time studying your inner self. Are you isolating yourself from people and turning into a literal hermit?

Do not undervalue maintaining relationships with people, especially on a spiritual vibration path. Consider other people’s needs as well. You don’t want to isolate yourself from your loved ones and friends by being too preoccupied with yourself.

The Hermit Reversed can also indicate unwelcome seclusion. For instance, one person could desire solitude or a break from the partnership, but the other wants a closer bond.

Love & Relationship (Reversed)

In a romance tarot card scenario, the reversed Hermit is a potent sign of sadness. If you’re in a committed relationship, it can mean that your spouse rejects or has blocked you, and it can equally mean that you and your lover are too distracted to spend time together.

Despite being in a romantic relationship, this may be making you feel sad. It could also mean that one partner is leaving a marriage while another is clinging to it.

Reversed Hermit might signify that you are lonely and worry about being rejected or that you’ve already lost your chance to meet somebody fantastic.

But, the reversed Hermit reading about love can go wrong with your strong will. Reversed Hermit might suggest that after being alone for a while, it’s time to begin hunting for love. To overcome your anxieties, you must once more get out there.

Seeing the Hermit reversed after a recent breakup may signal that you desire to start dating your ex again.

Money & Career (Reversed)

The reversed Hermit can occasionally indicate emerging from a time of reflection. You might be prepared to reintegrate into society now that you have a better idea of what you want from your work.

Whether looking for a new job, networking to discover mentors and colleagues, or other more socially-related parts of improving your career, you may need to readjust a little.

But on the other hand, it’s also possible that your time of loneliness is growing longer. You could decide to skip teamwork completely. At first, living alone may seem much less constricting, but ensure you’ve got emotional support.

Health (Reversed)

For some people, finding real happiness is as simple as taking the Hermit card’s first piece of advice. Because so many of us are always working, anxiety and stress practically consume us from within.

Driving your kid to soccer practice after a hard day of work, cooking supper, and ultimately collapsing, weary and confused as to where the day went may make it difficult to find joy in the little things. The card in your reading may indicate that you are taking on too much and run the danger of developing health problems.

Extremely high amounts of stress and strain can also harm one’s health. Think about spending some time to center and calm yourself. If you want to refresh your body and brain, you might want to make a small investment in a workout regimen. Your psychological state now depends on regular walks, meditation, and quiet time.

Spirituality (Reversed)

Overindulgence could be ruining your spiritual journey and creating other problems.

Yes, a human’s spiritual path frequently calls for introspection, but it’s not a justification for being oblivious to the outside world. It’s important to introduce oneself to other people’s knowledge and experiences since they may also enlighten you emotionally.

Let your heart and soul stay open, and never forget that we are never finished learning on this planet. Be confident but not arrogant. You will become emotionally awakened when you manage to strike a balance between contemplation and activity, isolation and partnership.

Past (Reversed)

The Hermit will appear the opposite if we reject the need to retreat inside. Living an inauthentic existence results from losing touch with our inner voice, and we forfeit all chances of merging our darkness when we refuse to look at them due to fear.

If we’ve been rejected or deceived by dear ones, the Hermit might also show up in reverse. In this situation, the Hermit implies that you have previously failed to learn the value of loving and protecting yourself.

Present (Reversed)

Do you feel unloved, alone, or lonely? Or are you perhaps avoiding uncomfortable circumstances by withdrawing from society? Reversed, the Hermit signifies an imbalance in the card’s contemplative characteristics.

Both resisting and avoiding sincere introspection are bad ideas. Allow yourself the time and space to listen to your internal voice and move on with what you learn.

Future (Reversed)

Have you been reflecting and introspecting for a considerable amount of time? Future placement of the Hermit in reverse suggests that this period may eventually be coming to a close. This could also signify escape from a trying circumstance and the isolation and calm required for self-healing.

Family And Home (Reversed)

Although there is pleasure in loneliness, it can lead to isolation and even cause egotistical feelings if it goes too far. The reversed Hermit normally means you have gone far enough in your solitary life.

Even if everyone needs personal time, there must also be social and shared experiences, particularly within the home. You have a significant familial responsibility – you must encourage and cherish your family members.

Family truly glows with the bright warmth of sunshine at these times, not while you’re apart from one another. Don’t completely withdraw into yourself. If you return, you can discover that a few of your most valuable connections have been irreparably harmed.

You should be aware that private space must be balanced with common time with family. This is not meant to terrify you.

FAQs Regarding Hermit Tarot Card

Q1. What Zodiac sign does Hermit represent? 

The card is typically understood to represent qualities of healing or recovery, especially the sort that takes place gradually. In that way, The Hermit is occasionally regarded as The Magician’s older, wiser counterpart.

As a result, Virgo, the astrological sign, is represented by both cards. It is essential to the current problem. Virgo isn’t an easily compatible zodiac sign.

The Hermit is someone who “withdraws from relationships and situations to reflect and gain strength.”

Q2. Does the Hermit tarot card give you a clear answer?

This isn’t always the case. However, if you keep a hermit tarot diary, you can see how the hermit tarot cards have guided you and conversed with you on a certain topic.

One advantage of maintaining a hermit tarot notebook is that you may review readings later and learn something new or interesting from them. There is always an error in the answer because nobody is perfect. The spirit guides will blow up your inner lights in reverse position.

Often we are too near to a problem or situation, too engaged in it, or too emotionally involved to understand clearly whatever the tarot card is attempting to tell us.

If you aren’t completely honest with yourself, you may also misunderstand the cards and later realize that the Hermit was correct and you were trying to delude yourself.

Q3. What are the visual elements and symbols of Hermit?

An elderly guy standing on a mountain top with a staff in one hand and a lamp in the other is seen on the Hermit tarot card meaning.

The lamp signifies his pursuit of knowledge and truth, while the hill stands for achievement and success. The Crown of Solomon, a symbol of wisdom, is a light inside the lamp. His staff denotes strength and dominance and emphasizes the significance of his quest.

On this card, a lone man is shown in a remote location. Although he has set out on a lengthy journey, everything indicates that he is committed to staying on his course and is content to work alone in this quest for solutions.

The Hermit is also gazing down from the hillside, demonstrating his willingness to impart his knowledge to those who pursue it. All the visual elements and symbols of Hermit give it a pronounced look.

Q4. What are some of the important card combinations with the Hermit card?

The Hermit card, which is the ninth Major Arcana card, stresses the value of isolation and acts as an inspiration to put your attention inside. When paired in a reading, they identify a situation where you should take some time to think or take independent action.

Vengeance and letting go are important themes in the Hanged Man. Combined with the Hermit, it denotes that you are tormenting yourself about choices you made in previous times and that your brain is obsessed with the conflicting forces of good and wrong. As the earth and souls have already done, forgive and forget.

Furthermore, the tarot card, King of Pentacles, stands for the attribute of tenacity. This combo indicates that striking out on your own will be successful. This is a good moment to launch your own company or leave a harmful affair.

The tarot’s most solitary and most unified card comes together in a painful combo. When the Hermit and the Lovers are present, only one thing is possible: a breakup.

The tarot card meaning of the Star indicates that you live according to a divine purpose and improve the earth. These cards suggest that your time alone will bring prosperity and knowledge when coupled with the Hermit.

Conclusion: What Does Hermit Tarot Card Mean? 

The tarot card meaning of a Hermit reading tells you to reconsider your options seriously. Moreover, it also tells that you have had a lot on your plate and little time for thought. You have a talent for seeing the bigger picture but need some quiet time to think about the next course of action.

Hermit tarot cards are necessary for your self-reflection and spiritual guidance. Some people might consider Hermit tarot cards to be just a myth. But, opinions on Hermit tarot cards are largely subjective.

One cannot expect to think of substantial ideas by simply locking yourself in your room for fifteen minutes. It would help if you had more time alone and alone to absorb and comprehend. You could perhaps advise everyone to leave you alone for some time.

You will be able and willing to provide others with whatever they need once you are completely prepared. There are several questions that are needed to be addressed first like How to read tarot cards

One of everybody’s favorites is the Hermit card because it represents the chance to engage in serious spiritual knowledge study. Developing our knowledge can change the course of our life. When someone “finds” spirituality, they frequently undergo a full paradigm shift in their thoughts, eventually affecting their behaviors and intents.

This card may be a lovely starter for an exciting new phase in your life. The divine realm is assuring you that everything will be fantastic in the coming days. You can know more about what are tarot cards and how do they work

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