What Can You Get Your Stoner Friends This Halloween?

Nikhil Goswami

Are you prepared to welcome the season of spookiness? Don’t dwell on the warmth of the summer days, rather get excited for the eeriness that will encompass us all very soon. If you’re done with your same old pumpkin carving or haunted Halloween decorations, then it’s time to focus on ways you can truly indulge into the festive season with Halloween themed bongs, water pipes, dab rigs, and so on.  A relaxing smoking session will ensure the festive season brings a lot more joy. Dope Boo has an extraordinary collection of unique bongs that are suitable to spice up the decor of your home. Be it a gathering with friends or a gift to your stoner friend, Dope Boo has something in store for everyone. Regardless of what your plans for this festive season, check out the bongs and other smoking accessories to get into the thick of things. 

Globgoblin Monster Bong

The Globgoblin Monster Bong will ensure you get into the spooky spirit this year with a premium quality monster bong from Hemper. Though it’s undeniably adorable with its googly eyes and round green colored body, one can’t overlook the monstrous fangs. It displays a 8.5 inch tall design with double fission diffuser. Check out the clear base of the bong which gives the monster an illusion of a floating appearance. The Globgoblin Monster Bong comes with a 14mm male flower bowl.  It will give your space the quintessential oomph for Halloween and prove to be an exquisite gift for your stoner friends. Your obsession with Halloween can finally come true with this Halloween themed bong. 

Hemper Cyberpunk Bong 

If you are prepared to be amazed, then the Hemper Cyberpunk Bong is the choice for you. This glow in the dark bong is an exceptional design that you’ll find at Dope Boo. In case you’re looking to expand your collection of bongs, this is the one that is bound to make your list. Available in two color options, this spooky holiday is about to get more exciting. The compact design of the Hemper Cyberpunk Bong features a 7″ height. Be it the showerhead percolator or the colored uptake tubes, the glow in the dark decal will take you on a Halloween adventure. It comes with a 14mm male matching bowl.  Your obsession with Halloween can finally be displayed with this glow in the dark bong everytime you take a hit. 

Hemper UFO Vortex Bong

A Halloween without the eeriness of outer space seems pretty pointless. The Hemper UFO Vortex Bong will enable you to enjoy the beauty of outer space with its design and features. The dual chamber rig has accommodations for both human as well as alien technology to ensure your vapors are cooled and terpenes are preserved. Smokers can now cherish maximum diffusion with the 6-slit inline percolator, however that’s not all that happens. Vapers can enjoy smooth flavorful vapor. This happens because of the upper chamber that comes with several venturi inlets to ensure that air is pulled in and spinned into a vortex. The UFO shaped mouthpiece makes it more exciting. The alien bongs are a must have this Halloween. 

Jack – The – Ripper Bong

The spooky season has arrived and you can’t waste any more time. Stock up on all the smoking essentials from Dope Boo. Your Halloween will remain incomplete without the traditional carved pumpkin but if you wish to spread the scare of this spooky season then don’t miss out on the Jack – The – Ripper bong from Hemper. It’s twisted green borosilicate glass, carved orange body is all about functionality with a dash of elegance. The bong is 7″ tall with a showerhead percolator. It comes with a 14mm flower bowl. The terrifying face of the dreaded ripper will enable you to connect with your horror loving friends. 

My Bud Vase ‘Coyōte’ Water Pipe

If you’re looking for something that will not only boost the appearance of any space but also prove to be an outstanding gift for Halloween, Black Friday, or the holidays that will follow, then this is it. My Bud Vase Coyote Water Pipe is a combination of expert design and gorgeous appeal. Check out the intriguing sand textured finish that is painted in a matte deep black. Though the engineering is simple enough, it’s the mesmerizing patterns that will add allure to your room. It looks exactly like a vase and has its own flowers. How cool is that! Dope Boo has an extensive collection of unique bongs and other smoking essentials for you to choose from. 

Hemper Phaser Bong

If you’re ready for an experience that will transport, you to outer space then this is the bong that you choose. Its futuristic design showcases an extra-large chamber along with a bottom-mounted particle accelerator percolator for smooth and large rips.  The Phaser Bong showcases a spill-resistant design that will enable easy transition from water pipe to Phaser gun. It is 9″tall with a 3.5″ diameter. You can use it vertically like a bong or hold it in phaser style. 

Before you plan a visit to a haunted house this year or wish to make your own place spooky, grab all the necessary Halloween Bongs, vape pen, dab rigs, and other smoking essentials.  Don’t let the horror marathon come to an end and relish your share of fun with something spooky from the horror-themed bongs available at Dope Boo. Be it a 3D printed bong or fun UFO Bong, the endless options will make your head spin. Its time to make Halloween more fun with the exclusive deals, offers, and discounts that are available at Dope Boo. 

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