6 Payday Loans That Accept Unemployment Benefits In 2024

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When you’re in urgent need of money and have poor credit and income, it may seem like the world is gray and gloomy. But there’s good news! Traditional loan providers that rely solely on credit and income aren’t the only option for subprime borrowers. Many financial institutions offer loans based on how much you can afford to borrow, rather than just your credit and income. While you may not qualify for a large sum, you can still get some money to handle emergencies or meet your needs. This post explores a network of lenders that specialize in helping financially challenged borrowers with poor credit scores.

Top 6 payday loans For unemployment

Deep dive into the detailed information about these top-rated and mostly recommended payday loans for unemployment. 

Best Overall paydayLoan For Bad Credit, #1 Pick


24-hour payment guaranteed


Credit Score Required

$200 - $5,000

Loan Amount

Beginner Friendly Platform payday loans With Bad Credit


Easy lending process


Credit Score

$1,000 - $50,000

Loan Amount

Most Recommended payday With Bad Credit


Simple Requirements


Credit Score


Loan Amount

Best Unemployed Cash Advance


Simple Requirements


Credit Score


Loan Amount

Direct Lender With Numerous Loan Alternatives For payday loans for unemployment


Simple Requirements


Credit Score


Loan Amount

Top Rated payday loan For unemployment


Instant Approval


Credit Score Required

$100 -$10,000

Loan Amount

#1. Money Mutual– Best Overall paydayLoan For Bad Credit, #1 Pick

Money Mutual: 4.9/5

-Instant approval

-No credit check

-No application fee

-Online application

-Fast funds transfe

Loan AmountLoan TermInterest RateLoan Example
Up to $5000 Varies Varies Call customer Care for Example

Money Mutual facilitates borrowers with easy and quick loans by connecting them to their best-fit lenders. This short-term loan network works with more than 60 lenders, and you can find a local loan provider in minutes on Money Mutual’s website. This lending platform’s official website is extremely easy to navigate. Whenever you apply for a loan, the platform circulates its requests among its lenders. Then, the platform sends you suitable orders in just a few hours.

The platform has segregated the entire application process for its users, making things convenient and time-saving. For example, you don’t need to fill out dozens of forms to apply to different lenders – inputting the correct details once will get your job done. 

Besides, the platform helps unemployed and bad credit applicants by connecting them to creditors offering bad credit and low-income loans. However, while applying with MoneyMutual, you should know that the platform doesn’t shoulder the responsibility of determining crucial loan factors like repayment terms, APR, loan amount, etc. Thus, ensure that you carefully read the terms and conditions the lender provides before signing the loan contract.

When it comes to unsecured personal loans, MoneyMutual may connect you with personal loan lenders who may grant you loans upto $5000. You should have a dependable income from government benefits or a job. You can expect the amount within 24 hours when the loan provider approves your request.

The platform perennially ranks as the most admired personal loan referral service. If you are looking for a bad credit loan with a moderate income, MoneyMutual is the right platform to start.



  • Easy to navigate website
  • 60+ active lenders
  • Transparent policies
  • Easy application
  • Loans for low-income and bad credit


  • Interest rates are not clear
  • Screening processes are not clarified in detail

#2. Bad Credit Loans– Beginner Friendly Platform payday loans With Bad Credit 

Bad Credit Loans: 4.8/5

-Service is 100% free

-Extended lender network

-Simple application process (online)Privacy, Security

-24/7 service Variety of loan offerings

Loan AmountLoan TermInterest RateLoan Example
$500 - $10,000 Varies Varies Call customer Care for Example

Since 1998, Bad Credit Loans has been a loan marketplace that joins peer-to-peer lending platforms and credit institutions. The platform offers several borrowing options, including payday, unsecured personal, mortgage, auto, etc. The platform is headquartered in Nevada and is owned and operated by Chief LLC.

You can avail of easy short-term and unsecured loans from Bad Credit Loans with no credit check. The maturity period ranges from 3-36 months. The best part is that the lenders with whom the platform works levy justified APRs on the borrowed amount, ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%.

The loan amount alternatives are also extensive – you can borrow from $500 to $10,000 depending on your requirements and the lender’s conditions. Payday loans are, however, capped at $1000. The Bad Credit Loans application process is almost a cakewalk. Simply filling out an online application form lets you make your request visible to suitable lenders. No paperwork is involved, and neither you need to use multiple lenders’ offices with your application.

Once potential lenders review your online application, they approve the amount. Now, you need to go through the agreement conditions and head toward the offer acceptance. After putting your e-signature on the agreement, you can expect the money to be credited to your account within 24 business hours.

Neither the platform nor the lenders force you to sign the contract after the loan approval. You are free to decide, and if you disagree with the terms and conditions, you can hold the request. Signing the contract is, however, required to get the amount transferred to your bank account.



  • Quick fund transfer
  • Doesn’t require collateral for bad credit loans
  • No cost application
  • Deals with lenders that charge genuine APR


  • Getting approval for higher loan amounts may be daunting
  • BBB score is not satisfactory

#3. RadCred– Most Recommended payday With Bad Credit

Rad Cred: 4.7/5

-Instant funds transfer

-Quick and easy application process

-Considers any credit score

-Offers multiple loan types

-Service is free

Loan AmountLoan TermInterest RateLoan Example
$50 to $50,000Varies 19.56% to 36%Call customer Care for Example

RadCred is a digital platform that has evolved contemporary banking and lending processes. It is one of the top financial institutions in today’s market. The platform bridges the gap between top lenders and potential buyers. It facilitates borrowers with low income and bad credit by helping them access suitable offers.

People with a credit score less than 575 can also apply for a loan with RadCred. The approval process for RadCred’s authentic lenders is easy and instant. Comparing offers using RadCred’s easy-to-navigate website is nothing but a piece of cake. You can even find lenders who are ready to negotiate to reach an agreement that seems mutually beneficial.

The disbursal amount may vary from $200 to $10,000 with 3 to 73 months of repayment terms. While RadCred has no individualistic term for loan approval, lenders may set their own APRs and other fees. RadCred reviews your application using the lender’s algorithms and manually before sharing it with the creditors. Once the platform wraps up the overhead verification, you can expect to receive offers according to your requirements.



  • Suitable for all credit types
  • High-quality data protection
  • Facilities loan comparison
  • Diverse loan options


  • The site content is not very clear and organized
  • Larger loan amounts may come with significantly high APR

#4. Money-Wise – Best Unemployed Cash Advance

Money-Wise: 4.65/5

-Easy & fast loan approval process

-Great customer reviews

-24/7 customer service

-No credit check required

Loan AmountLoan TermInterest RateLoan Example
Up to $5000 Varies Varies Call customer Care for Example

Money-Wise is a brand that provides loans to unemployed people. The company has been around since 2016 and is headquartered in New York City, but it also has offices in California, Illinois, and Florida.

The company offers various types of loans that can be used to help people who need money. The loans range from $50 to $5,000, which is suitable for many situations.

People who take out these loans must be able to repay them within two years by making on-time monthly payments. They can pay off the debt early if they want to do so.

#5. PersonalLoans.com– Direct Lender With Numerous Loan Alternatives For payday loans for unemployment

Personal Loans: 4.6/5

-Fast and direct fundingService is free to use

-Any type of loan

-Competitive rates available

-Extended lender network

Loan AmountLoan TermInterest RateLoan Example
From $1000 to $35,000Varies 5.99% to 35.99%Call customer Care for Example

Personalloans.com is one of the most popular online loan marketplaces in today’s financial market. The organization has been serving the needs for over two decades. Since its inception, the platform has continued facilitating its users by connecting them to reliable and genuine lenders. When you apply with Personalloans.com, you can find extensive repayment period options and varied loan amounts.

You can check your approval eligibility in seconds using Personalloans.com’s efficient eligibility checker. People with low income, zero credit history, and bad credit can use this platform to apply for personal loans. The site is beginner-friendly, and it provides newcomers with the necessary guidance. The best part is that once you sign up with the platform, you receive periodic updates from the lenders. Therefore, even if you don’t find the right offer immediately, there are high chances that you will find it soon.

Outstanding quality of services, low and genuine APRs and the highest borrowing limit ($35,000) keep Personalloans.com ahead in the race. You can even find lenders that charge APR as low as 5.99%. Nonetheless, it’s worth remembering that to approve higher loan amounts, the lenders associated with the platform may ask for convincing income proof. In addition, the platform is associated with Online Lenders Alliance (ONA), evidencing its genuineness.



  • High-level data encryption
  • Transparent security policies
  • Low-credit borrowers can access higher loan amounts
  • Secure and easy transactions
  • OLA partnership
  • Flexible repayment


  • Needs a bunch of information for proceeding with loan applications
  • Rejected applications affect the credit score negatively

#6. CashUSA–  Top Rated payday loan For unemployment

CashUsa: 4.5/5

-Online application takes less than 10 minutes to complete

-Safe and secure with standard encryption

-24/7 customer service and representative availability

-No credit check

-Huge and fast payout

Loan AmountLoan TermInterest RateLoan Example
Up to $10,000Varies 5.99% to 35.99%Call customer Care for Example

When it comes to naming the most loved loan marketplaces, CashUSA is worth mentioning. The platform has been popular for helping numerous borrowers submit personal loan requests. Filling in your details and submitting your request takes 5-7 minutes. Once you submit your application on CashUSA, the platform runs a soft credit check. This, however, doesn’t affect your credit score.

The details include contact details, name, email id, and the purpose of the application. CashUSA is partnered with numerous genuine and legit creditors. Tribal and state lenders are also the partner creditors of CashUSA, ensuring the best possible alternatives.

You can apply for any amount ranging from $500 to $5,000. How much the lender will approve depends on the loan conditions, your requirements, and your ability to pay back. CashUSA is a convenient option for those with poor credit history and low income. The lenders associated with CashUSA usually pay more attention to income sources over regular employment and past credit. However, poor credit may affect the APR.

While applicants with excellent credit scores can get an APR of 10-12%, borrowers with bad credit may need to pay an APR of 28-32%. Apart from personal loans, CashUSA may help you get payday loans, hardship loans, auto loans, mortgage loans, and much more.



  • Excellent API
  • Offers services in all 50 states
  • Bad credits and low-income loans
  • Legit, secured, and reliable
  • Easy-peasy application
  • Quick proceeding


  • A few loans involve a time-consuming approval process
  • Mixed service reviews create confusion

How We Made The List Of Top Personal Loans With Bad Credit?

While creating this exclusive list, we reviewed several popular lenders depending on 14 data points. They include eligibility, accessibility, loan details, the application process, the cost of the loans, brand reputation, customer experience, repayment terms, and many more. We ranked the lenders depending on the weighting assigned to each category.

We picked up only the lenders with a previous record of disbursing loans to people with low income and bad credit. Besides, we have cross-verified their trustworthiness and market reputation to ensure that you don’t face any unwanted hazards after borrowing money from them.

What We Looked For While Creating The List Of Best Personal Loans With Bad Credit?

While setting up the selection thresholds and making the final lists, we carefully assessed the following parameters:

 The cost of the loan is the comparison between how much you have borrowed and how much you are paying back. Your loan cost includes the principal loan amount, annual percentage rate, and other possible fees you pay throughout your loan.

Typically, low-income bad credit loans cost more than the borrower’s expectations. However, with our extensive research, we have found lending platforms that help you borrow money from lenders who are transparent about the loan costs.

When you don’t earn well, you may need extended time to repay the money. However, your poor credit score may hold lenders from granting much time for repayment. Our weighted recommendations include lending platforms that can help you with adequate time to repay the borrowed money without hurting your convenience brutally.

 It’s a hard fact that you may not get a sizeable amount as a loan when you are unemployed and your credit history is poor. However, emergencies and needs don’t consider your loan repayment abilities and credit score before emerging.

There are some situations when peanuts don’t work. Keeping this in mind, we have enriched our list with lenders and personal loan platforms that sanction at least manageable amounts. Moreover, once you repay your borrowed amount, these lenders may enable you to access higher credit limits.

When you need emergency funds, filling out long and daunting application forms may be a challenging experience. Understanding this, we have considered only those lenders that have kept their application process straightforward and convenient – just filling out a quick form with mandatory details does the job.

 When taking a personal loan to manage urgent expenses, you will want to access the fund as early as possible. The providers recommended in this guide don’t keep their borrowers waiting long when transferring the loan amount to their accounts. Instead, when they receive your initial application, they quickly review it, and you can expect to get the cash transferred to your bank account within a few days.

Lenders may pay significant attention to the borrower’s credit score and income to determine their payback eligibility and financial stability. Due to this reason, many lenders refrain from sanctioning loans to borrowers with low income and poor credit history. However, we know that you are looking for a loan to handle emergency expenses, and currently, you are not earning a lot. We are also aware that your credit score is not very good-looking.

Given this, we have dedicatedly looked out for lenders not concerned about your monthly salary or FICO score. Therefore, they have more lenient lending conditions. If you want to apply with them, you just need to meet general criteria – you need to be an 18 + US citizen, you need to hold a bank account and be ready to provide verified contact details.

Things To Consider While Applying For Small Loans For Bad Credit

The loan market is saturated with thousands of creditors and financial institutions. As a result, some lenders prioritize monetary profit over everything putting the borrower in serious trouble.

If you don’t choose your lender carefully, you can experience inconvenient consequences like absurd repayment timelines, unbelievable repayment amounts, etc. Therefore, checking the following factors before proceeding with your loan application is important.

For instance, you earn $400 a month, your FICO score is 560,  you have experienced sudden damage in your home, and you need to fix it at the earliest to avoid more inconvenient scenarios. However, you don’t have much cash; hence, you decide to take a loan.

After sending your application to many lenders, you finally got someone ready to give you 5x the required amount. What’s more surprising, the lender is neither interested in your monthly income nor wants to check your credit score. Is it a charity? Isn’t your lender too kind to believe? Think well!

Remember, every legit lender operating in the market for years will consider the recovery factor. But, the hard fact is that no one in the market will think about your profit only. So, be careful! The offer that sounds unbelievably good to you now may turn into a trap in the future. You may need to keep paying throughout your life, and your pending loan amount may remain as before.

If you don’t want that to happen, always check the lender’s legitimacy before signing the contract. You can verify by checking out the reviews of your chosen provider. You can also check if your lender is associated with National Credit Union Administration. It is a government organization that protects the safety and soundness of the lenders, and generally, most genuine creditors are partnered with the organization.

If you are unemployed and have a poor credit score, your lender may apply a higher interest rate on the borrowed amount. However, if you don’t find it justified, you are not bound to proceed with the contract. After all, you are borrowing because you are already facing a financial crisis.

Thus, there is no point in overburdening yourself with hefty charges. Instead of giving you relief, a huge APR can make things more complicated for you. Therefore, there’s no bad if you try to save some bucks. To do so, you need to understand how the interest rate of your loan works.

Your lender typically determines the interest rate as a percentage of the borrowed amount. Due to this reason, APR or interest rate may significantly affect the total cost of your loan. Moreover, the lender applies the interest to the entire unpaid portion of your loan amount.

Typically, there are two types of interest rates that your lender may employ – fixed and variable. As their name suggests, fixed interest rates remain unchanged throughout the loan, while variable rates change as per the prime rate. Usually, your initial payments include a specific portion of the due interest when you get a loan with fixed interest rates.

Conversely, you should be more concerned with the prime rate with variable rates. Whether a variable rate or a fixed one, it’s always wise to pay your interest as an extra payment anytime to close your debt sooner and save some bucks in the long run. Apart from understanding your APR well, you should compare it with other lenders. You should always walk with lenders who charge lower interest rates because the higher the interest rate, the more costly your loan will become.

When a few conditions like your income (salary/other sources), the loan intent, etc., precisely match the creditors’ requirements, you may prequalify for a personal loan. Prequalifying helps you quickly understand the loan conditions, APRs, potential credit limits, and repayment durations. Besides, prequalifying for a loan lets you avoid the hassle of hard credit pull. This ensures that your credit report will remain intact and you can get the best possible rates.

When applying for a loan, you should thoroughly check what additional charges your lender asks for. Every lender has a different pattern of levying charges. For example, with some creditors, you may not need to pay any upfront fees, but they may charge you high for late payments or prepayments. You can even find lenders who apply all of the mentioned charges.

Whatever it is, genuine lenders won’t hide any cost from you. On the contrary, they will be very straightforward with their conditions and let you take your call considering your convenience. Thus, while proceeding with your loan request, you should essentially check the fee structure of your potential creditor. You can also compare them with other lenders ready to sanction your credit. This will help you make the most of your borrowing experience.

Getting a loan is not easy. From the amount disbursal to repayments – every step may look confusing at times. If this confusion leads to delayed loan payments, you won’t be able to bypass the consequences like late fines, etc. Therefore, it’s worth looking for seasoned and resourceful assistance to guide you through the borrowing process.

Many popular lenders/lending platforms house customer support teams to get help whenever required. To determine how good your lender is at providing customer assistance, you can check for the customer support tools they are using. You can also check the reviews of your potential creditor’s existing customers to determine the quality of the customer support.

FAQs Regarding Personal Loan With No Income Verification

Of course, you can! When you have multiple debts, you may need help managing them. In such scenarios, consolidating them with a personal loan can help you save both money and time. There are several benefits associated with debt consolidation. You can get a new loan with more flexible terms. Besides, the interest rate may be lower than your current debts.

A personal loan is always an unsecured loan. Unlike secured loans like car or home loans, you don’t need to secure a personal loan against any asset. When a borrower defaults on a personal loan, the lender can’t recover the money by putting things on auction. This is why personal loans typically have a higher interest rate than gold, home, or car loans.

It’s worth remembering that defaulting on personal loans comes with its own adverse implications. It may harm your credit severely and cause unavoidable issues for future credits or loans.

Yes, you can get a personal loan with bad credit. While many lenders can reject your personal loan application because of a poor credit score, loan providers can still offer you a loan against a little higher interest rate.

It’s easy to apply for an unemployment payday loan through an online loan-finding service. A few of the advantages of using these services include:

  • They work with networks of lenders, increasing the odds you’ll find a willing loan provider.
  • They charge nothing for the work they do.
  • You can apply conveniently without traveling to a storefront.
  • They work quickly, and you can often collect your money as soon as the next business day.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Platform For Personal Loans?

You can still obtain personal loans with poor credit and low income, but it’s crucial to carefully examine the lenders’ terms before applying for a loan. Consider if the APRs and additional fees are reasonable and suitable for your financial situation. It’s also essential to work with trusted and legitimate loan providers to avoid future problems. By following these guidelines, you can borrow money securely and wisely. Many financial institutions provide loans for bad credit to subprime borrowers who may not have high earnings or credit scores. While you may not qualify for a large sum, you can still access the funds you need to address emergencies or bad credit personal loans.

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