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The harsh truth is about 3.8% of the US population is unemployed. With most people facing stricter rules for returning to the workforce, upholding the living costs in this inflated market can be tough. The best hardship loans for unemployed have become a support system for many households in the US.

These guaranteed hardship loans for bad credit help people borrow small amounts of funds to fulfill their emergency needs. The best part? The low interest rates, flexible repayment options, and the chance to improve your credit score with timely payments. This makes them a great choice for you to fund your immediate needs without sacrificing much. But how can you find the best lender out there?

Our financial advisors researched online among 30+ sites to find the best hardship loan lenders. They offer the best interest rates in the industry and easy eligibility criteria for you to get your financial assistance for jobless position easily.

Let’s learn about them!

What Are Hardship Loans for the Unemployed?

Hardship loans for the unemployed are a bit different from other loan options like personal loans that you might’ve heard about. These are unique financial aid options that help people in emergencies. Usually, these loans have low loan limits, low interest rates, and short repayment terms because they are made for individuals who might be in immediate financial trouble.


Unsecured loans for unemployed have recently become more popular as more and more people lose their jobs due to recession or other major financial developments. These loans can be offered by small banks, credit unions, and online lenders for the best hardship loans for unemployed. The major criterion is proof of hardship that is utterly required to get your loan approved.


If you get the approval for your guaranteed hardship loans for bad credit, you can use it for multiple purposes, such as paying your medical bills, making other loan repayments, or even spending it to fulfill your basic living expenses.

Top 4 Hardship Loan Providers in the USA


24-hour payment guaranteed


Credit Score Required

$200 - $5,000

Loan Amount


Easy lending process


Credit Score

$1,000 - $50,000

Loan Amount


Instant Approval


Credit Score Required

$100 -$10,000

Loan Amount


Simple Requirements


Credit Score


Loan Amount

Editor’s Pick: Overall Best Hardship Loans


  • Zero hidden charges
  • Easy website navigation
  • Loans for bad credits
  • Offers loans according to the requirement of the applicant
  • Transparent and accessible


  • No clarification is available on the screening process
  • Details of interest rates are foggy

This short-term loan network connects personal loan lenders and borrowers, facilitating quick and easy loans. The website features 60+ lenders, and you can access local loan providers in minutes by following simple steps. MoneyMutual’s official website is easy to navigate. Your application reaches multiple personal loan lenders when you apply for a loan. 

MoneyMutual facilitates unemployed people looking for secured personal loans like hardship loans, credit unions, or emergency loans. You can even apply if your credit score could be better. However, the platform is not responsible for determining the loan amount, term, interest rates, and other crucial factors. 

Therefore, you should review the lender’s terms and conditions while using this platform before signing the agreement.

You can access MoneyMutual’s payday loans, installment loans, or cash advances to handle emergencies or mandate expenses. But, of course, if your credit score is notably poor, you can’t even walk with bad credit loans. 

The platform doesn’t have any specific eligibility requirements. You just need to meet the standard eligibility criteria. As a result, MoneyMutual’s loan approval process is pretty simple.

It is an online process, so you don’t need to knock on the lender’s door every day. Instead, you can simply visit their website and fill in details like your zip code, email address, name, contact number, living situation, bank routing number, account number, etc.

When you complete the application process, the lenders make their offers, and you can choose the one that suits you best. Typically, if lenders find you eligible, it takes a few minutes to a couple of days to get the funds transferred to your account.


Discover Reputable Lenders Specializing In Hardship Loans For Individuals With Bad Credit


  • Helps find lenders that levy genuine APR
  • Zero cost application
  • Don’t require any collateral for poor credit
  • Agile fund transfers


  • Low BBB score
  • Getting access to higher loan amounts is tricky

BadCreditLoans has been serving the markets since 1998. The platform joins peer-to-peer lending platforms, native loans, and lending institutions. Presently, the platform has started offering hardship loans to the citizens of the USA who are experiencing financial adversities.

The platform itself, however, is not a lender. Instead, it’s a service provider that lets you connect with a giant network of financial service providers and lenders.

They deal with different types of loans, including secured personal, mortgage, auto, etc. The platform’s office is in Nevada, and Chief LLC owns and operates the organization. 

The platform helps you avail yourself of quick, short-term, and unsecured loans with a 3-36 months maturity period. They offer a wide range of loan amount alternatives, from $500 to $10,000. However, for payday loans, the limit is capped at $1000.

The lenders’ deals include justified and genuine APRs, varying from 5.99% to 35.99%. The application process is hassle-free, with no credit check. You just need to fill out an online form. Suitable lenders then review your application and approve the amount. 

Now, it’s your job to review and accept the offer. Once you put your e-signature on the contract, the lender will hand over the funds to you.

Signing the contract is mandatory to transfer the amount; however, if the terms and conditions don’t look comfortable, signing up for the agreement is optional.


The Optimal Approach for Obtaining a Hardship Loan.



  • Convenient application
  • Rapid fund transfer
  • Satisfactory API
  • Works in all 50 states
  • Secure & trustworthy
  • Offers loans for bad credits


  • Hardship loan approval is comparatively time-taking
  • Mixed reviews on the website often confuse applicants

CashUsa is a much-loved loan marketplace that has helped thousands of consumers with financial challenges submit personal loan requests. The disbursed amount offered by the platform’s lenders ranges from $500 to $10,000. 

The platform has earned considerable popularity for helping people to avail of secured personal loans. CashUSA deals with respectable partner creditors, including Tribal and State lenders, assisting applicants in finding the best suitable loan options.

The application process is quick and easy. You can fill in your details in five minutes and submit your application. The platform then performs a soft bank or credit union pull, which doesn’t impact your credit score. 

The platform requests you to put in crucial information like name, email id, contact details, and purpose of application correctly to ensure a rapid and hassle-free service. Though the platform asks you for the intention of lending, it doesn’t affect your qualifying abilities.

The best part is that the platform’s legitimate lenders typically prioritize income sources rather than regular employment, which naturally makes things more convenient for unemployed applicants. 

When you apply with CashUSA, the APR charged by the lenders on your personal loans depends on your credit and FICO score. 

For example, if your credit score is excellent (760-850), you can expect an APR of as low as 10-12%. On the other hand, for applicants with bad credit scores, the APR is a little higher, but it’s still justified (28-35.99%).


Most famous for financial hardship, widely sought by those in need.


  • Partnered with OLA
  • Ensures secure transactions
  • Features flexible credit alternatives
  • Simplistic application process
  • A higher amount of loans are available for low credit



  • Rejected loan applications may pull down the credit score
  • Requires a lot of information

Founded in 2001, is a reliable and popular online marketplace that facilitates its users by helping them find legit lenders. The platform works with diverse loan amounts and repayment periods. For example, for a $500 loan, you can attain a repayment deadline of up to 90 days.

Checking eligibility using this platform is easy and convenient. The venue caters to the requirements of borrowers with poor or no credit history. The quality of services keeps the marketplace ahead of the competition. From functionality and navigation to the application process – everything is pretty straightforward.

The site easily accommodates newcomers and assists them with the necessary guidance. Moreover, once you sign up with, the platform sends you periodic updates. So even if you don’t find a suitable offer on the first go, there’s nothing to be upset about.

The APR set by the platform’s lenders starts from as low as 5.99%, and the highest borrowing limit is as high as $35,000. However, you may need to produce definitive proof of income to access higher loan amounts. 

The platform has several reputed loan partners known for their secure and transparent services. In addition, is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OMA).


Why Opt for a Hardship Loan?

The best hardship loans for unemployed are made for emergency financial situations where other types of loans can prove to be irrelevant. These loans can help you out with medical bills, other loan payments, or even installment loans. If you need unsecured loans for unemployed, this loan amount can help you afford your living expenses as well.

Why should you take a hardship loan during unemployment?

Unemployed financial aid options are very limited in the market. Most lenders want some form of proof of income or collateral to make sure you can properly pay back the debt with interest. But guaranteed hardship loans for bad credit help you get small amounts of money quickly without big terms and conditions attached to them. Here are some reasons why you should consider hardship loans over others:


  • Low-interest rates as compared to other loan options
  • Easy application process with limited documentation required
  • Short repayments of 3 months to 24 months, depending on your borrowing amount
  • Only proof of financial crisis is required for lender approval
  • Timely repayments of hardship loans can improve your credit score


These kinds of loan options have become the primary financial assistance for jobless individuals who might suffer from monthly bills and limited loan choices.

Analyzing Hardship Loans: Pros and Cons

Just like any other loan, like no-income verification loans and quick cash loans for unemployed, hardship loans can also have some advantages and disadvantages, such as:


  • Quick Funding: Hardship loans process fast. You can receive your lump-sum amount in a few days to pay off any emergency situation you might be facing.

  • Flexible Criteria for Eligibility: People with a limited credit history or bad credit scores can apply for guaranteed hardship loans for bad credit, offering flexible eligibility terms for easy repayments.

  • Structured Repayment Options: Most quick cash loans for unemployed have a planned repayment structure, which helps people manage their finances and understand the duration of loan repayments better.

  • Credit Building Opportunity: If you have low or bad credit scores, you can pay off your debt on time to improve your credit score over time.

  • Multiple Uses: You can use hardship loans to pay off almost anything, including other loan repayments, which can charge you a high-interest rate if delayed.


  • Low Maximum Loan Amount: You will be able to borrow a smaller amount of money compared to other online loans.

  • Risk of Debt Cycle: If you don’t timely repay your installments, you can get trapped in a debt cycle.


10 Tips to Secure a Hardship Loan If You Are Unemployed

If you have tried everything and can still not apply for guaranteed hardship loans for bad credit, we are here to help. You can follow the below tips to better understand how you can secure a hardship loan if you are unemployed:

1. Assess your financial situation and needs

First and foremost, you should understand your financial situation and needs before you take out short-term loans for unemployed. If you have the financial stability to repay your debt on time, apply for them. Also, consider your needs, such as the total loan amount needed to fulfill your requirements.

2. Research and compare different hardship loan options

Not all hardship loan vendors will provide you with the same loan amount or interest rates. Before you choose a lender, make sure you research the best hardship loan sites and their flexible repayment options. Also, ensure they offer your required loan amount at low-interest rates.

3. Understand the eligibility criteria for each lender

Each lender for hardship loans online has their own set of eligibility criteria. Some lenders need factors like you must be at least 18 years old (or 16 if fraud-related) and experience difficulty meeting basic needs like accommodation, heating, food, and hygiene due to a sanction. Before applying, you must prove your efforts to minimize spending on non-essential items, explore alternative financial sources, and fulfill required work-related activities.

4. Prepare a solid case to prove your loan necessity

This is one of the most important eligibility criteria for guaranteed hardship loans for bad credit. These loans always require solid case proof of your emergency need. As it is the basic criteria for unsecured loans for unemployed, you can expect less documentation and an easier application process.

5. Consider seeking advice from financial counselors

There are financial advisors and counselors online. They usually help people with financial assistance for jobless people and others. If you do not have good knowledge of finance and what loans might suit your needs the best, consider seeking advice from finance professionals who are currently working in the industry.

6. Explore government and non-profit assistance programs

Government and non-profit organizations can help you get small short-term loans for unemployed. They often offer financial counseling, guidance on budgeting, and referrals to loan programs for those who are facing financial difficulties. Also, these organizations can provide you emergency financial assistance for jobless or connect individuals with community resources to address their immediate financial needs.

7. Ensure a clear understanding of the loan terms and conditions

Even though immediate loans for jobless individuals, like hardship loans, have flexible loan terms, you should always go through the terms and conditions. The most common ones include timely repayments, proof of expenses, and strict compliance with eligibility criteria.

8. Check for flexible repayment options suitable for your situation

Guaranteed hardship loans for bad credit follow a structured repayment plan that helps borrowers manage their future finances better. However, if you cannot follow it rigidly, look for lenders with flexible repayment options without any additional interest charges. 

9. Avoid predatory lenders and high-interest rate loans

Some lenders might market themselves as the best provider for hardship loans but, in hindsight, offer very high-interest rates. Always research first and avoid predatory lenders who might charge you double the average interest rate and lend you less loan amount than other legit hardship loan sites.

10. Keep all necessary documentation organized and accessible

Not all lenders require the same documentation when it comes to hardship loans. But, there are some common documents that you should always keep handy when you are thinking about applying for quick cash loans for unemployed. Documents like proof of income, identification, proof of hardship or emergency, expense bills, credit history, and loan application are common and important ones.

How to choose the Best Lenders For Hardship Loans? 

You might be browsing online for the best hardship loan sites, but choosing the appropriate one can be tough. Every provider might promise you the lowest interest rates and flexible repayments, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are legit.


Here are some factors that you should consider to choose the best lenders for hardship loans:

1. Reputation and reliability of the lender- Customer Reviews and Ratings

Any online lender for hardship loans you might like will have a reputation to maintain. Choose sites that have multiple customer reviews and ratings and a large base of lenders to choose from. It will help you find the best option that closely matches your needs.

2. Interest rates and additional fees

Always look out for how much interest rates and additional fees the lender charges for the loan. Some guaranteed hardship loans for bad credit can have low charges, while others can have 2 times the average charges of the market.

3. Loan approval timeframes

To find the best job loss emergency funds provider, you have to prioritize the ones that have less than 3-4 days of loan approval timeframes. Avoid lenders who take more than 2 weeks for approval, as that can cause you problems in addressing the emergency situation you might be in on time.

4. Eligibility requirements

Depending upon the lender, your unemployment emergency loans can have a few to many eligibility criteria, like 18 years or above, for application only. Find out all the eligibility requirements so you can end up with the right hardship loan for your financial aid.

5. Ease of application process

Most online hardship loans take a few minutes to apply for. This is because these loans are required by people who need them for urgent needs. Find the best hardship loan providers that make their application process easy and fast.

6. Customer service and support

It might not seem important, but choosing a loan provider with good customer support and service can go a long way. This will help you with any problems regarding your guaranteed hardship loans for bad credit that you may face.

7. Flexibility in repayment terms

Not everybody can easily repay on time and most sites that provide financial assistance for jobless understand that. Always look for sites with flexible repayment terms to easily pay off your debt without extending it for too long.

8. Transparency of loan terms and conditions

If you don’t know the ins and outs of the hardship loan you are applying for, it can be a big problem for you in the future. Go for hardship loan providers that disclose all loan terms and conditions upfront to make it easier for you to know the risks.

9. Testimonials and reviews from other borrowers

Testimonials from recent and previous borrowers can help you know if the hardship loan site is the best option for you. The real-life experience of people with different lenders can help you understand if they are the right choice for your emergency needs.

10. Financial education and guidance offerings

A site that provides you not only with hardship loan lenders but also with great financial education and guidance can help you achieve your financial freedom more quickly. Always choose sites that offer abundant resources on financial advice.

How We Made The List Of Hardship Loans For Bad Credit

However, currently, you can apply for a hardship loan when you need help to keep up with essential and critical line items like credit card balances, rent repayment, utility bills, repayment of federal student loans, etc. You can even consider getting a hardship loan to handle sudden medical bills, make mortgage payments after losing a job, or even manage funeral costs.

If you are unemployed and trying to grab a hardship loan, the job may be trickier than you imagined. Not all lenders are comfortable offering loans without the security of recovery; for unsecured loans like personal loans, a job is considered the primary guarantee for recovering the loan amount.

However, you shouldn’t be disheartened knowing this; some lenders offer hardship loans to unemployed people to help them manage their costs or handle unexpected emergencies. 

During these situations, you can take emergency loans. Some of them offer loans with justified interest rates and agreeable repayment terms. 

Getting hardship loans is not easy when you are unemployed; we have kept that fact in mind while preparing this list. 

But, first, we have conducted extensive research to find trustworthy hardship loan providers offering dedicated emergency or hardship loans for the unemployed. 

Then, we picked up the most known hardship loan providers and carefully reviewed their eligibility criteria.

We also reviewed several financing options to determine the lending conditions and reliability of providers. After considering several crucial factors, including return period, APR, and turnaround time, we removed all alternatives that couldn’t serve your purpose. 

Finally, we updated our finalized list and chose to walk with the four mentioned in this guide.

What We Looked For In Hardship Loans Vendors

While drafting the selection standards and compiling the final list, we assessed the following parameters minutely:

Application Process

When it comes to hardship loans, a drawn-out application process is typically required. Many creditors may want you to fill out lengthy application forms with several pages. However, you only need to fill out a quick form with the necessary details. Every lender we have mentioned in our list takes only a few minutes to complete the application process, ensuring your convenience.

Eligibility Criteria

Your employment status and credit score typically discuss the quality of your financial stability. Generally, lenders avoid passing loans to those who are not working and have poor credit scores. 

These lenders have kept their lending conditions lenient; some are good to go with a minimum credit score limit. All they seek is a US citizen who has reached 18, has a bank account, and can provide correct contact details.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

While sanctioning a loan, lenders add a few fees to the disbursement amount. This is how they generate revenue from personal loans. While many lenders levy higher APRs on hardship and emergency loans, with extensive research, we have found that providers charge pretty reasonable APRs (5-35%).

Loan Amount

 Typically, it’s pretty challenging to find a hardship loan of a significant amount when you are unemployed. However, if your situation is demanding, peanuts won’t work. Keeping that in mind, we have found lenders and personal loan platforms that offer at least $1000 as hardship/emergency loans. Furthermore, you can access higher bank or credit union limits once you repay the amount.

Turnaround Time

If you are borrowing money to manage your hard time, it’s problematic that you will need the funds as early as possible. Understanding this point, we have removed the providers who may keep you waiting too long to transfer the money to our account. Instead, these lenders transfer cash directly to your bank account, making things more agile.

Repayment Period

If you don’t have a job but have a satisfactory credit score, you may typically receive extended time to repay your loans. However, not all providers are that cooperative. Our recommendations include lenders and platforms that grant you adequate time to refund your amount without impacting your convenience. 

Thus, you can repay your home equity loan, payday loan, emergency, or secured personal loan on time. Consistent on-time payments may even lower your interest.

Buying Guide: What To Consider When Getting Hardship Loans For Bad Credit?

While applying for a hardship loan, it’s worth remembering that it may turn into a loop if you don’t choose your lender carefully. You may be overburdened with impossible repayment amounts or too tight repayment deadlines. Therefore, check the following factors to ensure a smooth and worry-free borrowing experience.

Check for Prequalifying Options

Be it a secured personal loan or hardship loan, you should always check if the lender provides a prequalifying option. Prequalifying is possible when your income is from salary or other sources, the purpose of the loan application is met, and a few conditions match the loan provider’s requirements.

Understanding potential loan limits, tenure for loan payments, interest rates, etc., becomes more accessible when prequalifying. Moreover, when you prequalify for any loan, only a soft credit check does the job. 

Therefore, it eliminates the risk of lowering your credit score. Besides, you can obtain the best possible prices. Otherwise, you can go for personal loans that don’t require proof of income.

Conduct Interest Rate Comparison

Your lender may charge you a higher interest rate when you are unemployed or have a poor credit score. Remember, the interest rate on your loan greatly affects its costs. Your lender typically calculates the interest rate applicable as a percentage of the amount you borrow.

Typically, your initial payments include a particular portion of the due interest for loans with fixed interest rates. Therefore, over time, you may need to pay a higher percentage of the debt principle. On the other hand, with variable rates, you need to pay more attention to the prime rate. 

Whether your rate is fixed or variable, you should pay it as an extra payment anytime to pay the debt off sooner and save some money in the long run.

Comparing interest rates is critical because the higher the interest rate is, the more expensive your loan will be. Therefore, to save the cost of your borrowed money, carefully compare the interest rates offered by different lenders when choosing a loan product.

Look for Additional Charges

When applying for any loan, including a hardship loan, you should always check for the additional charges your potential lender uses. The pattern of imposing fees varies significantly from one lender to another. While some creditors don’t charge anything as upfront fees, they may include penalties for delayed payment or fines for prepayments.

Some lenders apply all or a portion of the mentioned charges. Legit lenders, however, don’t use any hidden costs. Therefore, while proceeding with the application, checking the fee structures of your potential credit union or offers is highly recommended. 

Compare with other lenders that have shown interest in granting you a loan before making your final call.

Look for Customer Assistance

The entire borrowing process is tricky, from applying for a loan and amount disbursal to repayment. Even seasoned borrowers can find things hasslesome at some point. Therefore, check whether your potential lender offers customer support options while locating your lender.

This will help you avoid difficulties with repayments, disbursals, etc. You can check the customer support tools your potential lender is using and review the provider’s existing customers to determine how suitable the lender is for customer support.

The Legitimacy of the Lender

You should always borrow from legit lenders to avoid being trapped by unjust repayments and fraudulent activities. However, if this requires you to compromise on the interest rate or repayment alternatives, don’t hesitate. 

Remember, there’s probably some glitch when something is too good to believe. Therefore, always choose to walk with lenders who hold a good reputation.

You can check reviews of the providers to determine their legitimacy. Thanks to the advancement of the Internet, verifying information is now easier than ever. 

Typically, most genuine lenders are partnered with the National Credit Union Administration. This government organization protects the safety and soundness of credit unions or lenders.

FAQs: Regarding Hardship Loans For Unemployment

Hardship loan vendors evaluate multiple factors before they approve your application, such as your income, debt-to-income ratio (DTI), and credit score. Personal loan vendors may have different requirements, but your loan amount can be approved faster if you have a fair DTI or good credit score.

There are typically three types of hardship loans available. Understanding the kind of hardship loans may help you pick the best alternative that aligns well with your requirements. The classifications are – bad credit loans, coronavirus hardship loans, and secured personal loans.

Financial hardship occurs when paying your bills, paying your loans, and managing your basic requirements is difficult. You can always apply for a loan when experiencing financial hardship; however, availability will depend on your credit score, income, employment status, etc.

Different lenders have different documentation criteria. Typically, your lender may ask you for proof of medical care expenses, how much you have spent on your principal residence, a warranty of your educational fees, funeral expenses, etc. So, it depends on the purpose you mentioned while applying for the loan. In addition, proof of income (salary or other) is also required to withdraw hardship loans.

Yes, online lenders like Money Mutual and Bad Credit Loans provide the best hardship loans unemployed. They offer competitively low-interest rates and short-term repayment plans and have a 5-minute application process. They also have flexible eligibility criteria, so you can easily apply for a hardship loan without many problems.

The best hardship loans for unemployed need documentation like identification, proof of hardship, expense bills or details, your credit history, and the loan application. If you are considering applying for a hardship loan, make sure you have these documents handy with legible proofs for a better chance at loan approval.

Conclusion: What is considered a hardship for a loan?

Selecting a reputable lender is crucial to maximizing their benefits when it comes to hardship loans. It is essential to avoid lenders who impose exorbitant fees and interest rates that could worsen your financial situation.

By borrowing responsibly and using the funds wisely, you can ensure that your financial well-being remains intact. Additionally, prioritizing timely repayments is vital to avoid further complications. 

With these precautions, you can confidently navigate through financial hardships, knowing that you have made informed decisions to secure a brighter future. Remember, financial wellness is attainable with careful consideration and responsible borrowing.

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