Toxin Rid Reviews : Can It Help You To Pass A Drug Test?

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Marijuana dependency is not a common drug addiction as compared to other drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, or any other commonly abused substances.

Nevertheless, it does not make it any better since prolonged or heavy use of marijuana can have adverse side effects.

For heavy users, it can sometimes prove to be an uphill task trying to quit this habit. Thus, THC Detox Plan proves to be beneficial in this scenario. 

In addition to this, you might have realized that most organizations usually conduct frequent drug tests on their employees.

Those who test positive usually have to face certain consequences which could be as simple as a warning or suspension. Or if the organization has a strict zero tolerance to drug use, you might get fired.

It is such a hefty price to pay hence not worth the risk. It is why there are several THC detox plans to help people ace their drug tests.

Therefore, if push comes to shove, and you find yourself in need of a detox plan to eliminate THC traces, make sure you choose the best product based on your needs and preferences. It, therefore, begs the question of which is the best THC detox plan.

Who Should Use Toxin Rid 5-day Detox Plan?

The Toxin Rid 5-day detox program is ideal for any light or heavy smoker who has an impending drug test.

Toxin Rid is a natural detox program that is very effective at removing all traces of THC from the body. It involves a simple three-step procedure that you can complete at home.

Toxin Rid can be used by mild to heavy smokers who would like to test negative for a blood, urine, hair, or saliva drug test.

Toxin Rid 5-day detox program is not ideal for an impromptu drug test. You need to have at least a 5-7 day window before allowing you to complete the detox program for best results. By doing so, you can be guaranteed of passing a drug test.

Since this is an intense detox program, Toxin Rid 5-day detox pills are recommended for anyone who would like a long-term solution such as those who have decided to quit marijuana use altogether.

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Brand Overview: Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox

Detox pills are some of the most potent and highly effective detox programs to help clear out all traces of THC from your system. They are ideal for passing several types of drug tests including blood, saliva, urine, and hair drug test.

These products are very common among marijuana users who frequently need to go in for drug tests in their workplace.

From our research, we can confidently state that these products are legit as there are many positive reviews even on the company’s website and even on credible third-party review sites.

Unlike what most people might think, detox pills are safe for use especially since they are made from natural and organic ingredients – they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Many companies manufacture these detox pills, we have however established that Test Clear products are some of the safest and most effective products on the market.

Test Clear is a USA-based company that has been in the business for over a decade. Over the years they have successfully built a good rapport with their clients.

Today, it is recognized as one of the most reputable names in the business and is known for manufacturing a wide range of high-quality detox programs including Toxin Rid 5-day detox pills.

Toxin Rid detox pills are manufactured in GMP-approved facilities. In addition to this, the company ensures to independent lab test all new batches of their products.

Toxin Rid detox pills have a certification from Cannavale Analytica. The results of the lab test are also uploaded on the company’s website for the public.

The 5-day detox program is ideal for any marijuana user who has a 5-7 day window before their drug test. The role of these pills is to help eliminate all traces of toxins from your body to help you pass a drug test.

The pills work by increasing the body’s rate of metabolism and help to break down the fat cells where THC is stored.

When you purchase Toxin Rid 5-day detox pills, you can expect to find the following in the packaging:

    • 75 pre-rid Tablets – These are enriched with high-quality ingredients that are very potent and effective at eliminating all traces of THC in the system.
    • Dietary Fiber – It is enriched with herbs, vitamins, and minerals that are essential in the body. The purpose of this is to help replenish essential nutrients that might be lost during the detox process.
    • Detox Liquid – Helps to eliminate any traces of THC residues that might be present in the body after the detox process. It also helps to replenish the body with essential nutrients.

Toxin Rid detox pills are made from natural ingredients and are also enriched with various herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

These pills do not contain any fillers, animal products, or synthetics. You can therefore trust the product to be 100% safe and pure for human consumption.


    • Toxin Rid is a product of Test Clear – a highly reputable company in the industry
    • Toxin Rid Detox pills are made from FDA-approved, all-natural, and organic ingredients that are highly potent.
    • All new batches of the product are lab tested for safety and purity for human consumption.
    • It involves a unique three-step process that ensures the quick and complete removal of toxins from your system.
    • The product can be used to prepare for several types of drug tests including; blood, saliva, urine, and hair follicle drug tests.
    • Toxin Rid is fast acting – the effects of eliminating toxins start within an hour of use.
    • Can also be used to pass an alcohol drug test.
    • The product is ideal for light or heavy marijuana users.
    • Test Clear manufactures all its products in GMP-approved facilities.
    • The product has a high rating among consumers even on third-party review sites.
    • Toxin Rid detox pills are ideal for vegans; they are Non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and free from fillers and artificial flavors or colors.
    • The company offers a money-back refund guarantee to clients who will not be satisfied with the results of the product.
    • The pills are highly-potent and hence very effective at their intended use.


    • Toxin Rid 5-day detox pills are relatively more expensive than other similar products on the market.

List Of Ingredients Used

Test Clear is a highly reputable company in the industry known for producing a wide range of THC detox products including these Toxin Rid 5-day detox pills.

What we like most about this product is that it is made from 100% all-natural and organic ingredients enriched with minerals, vitamins, and natural herbs hence considered safe for use by most people even though the pills are not FDA-approved.

The main ingredients of Toxin Rid detox pills are kelp, boron, and alfalfa. These are the most potent ingredients which are very effective at flushing out toxins from the body.

The ingredients do a clean job in that even a drug screen test cannot pick up any traces of THC from the body after a THC detox plan.

Highlighted below is a list of all the ingredients used to make these detox pills. They include:

    • Calcium
    • Potassium
    • Alfalfa leaf extract
    • Boron
    • Kelp
    • Magnesium
    • Sodium
    • Iron
    • Chloride

The Liquid Detox contains:

    • Lithium
    • Magnesium
    • Potassium
    • Sulfate
    • Boron
    • Chloride

The Dietary Fiber contains:

    • Psyllium husk powder is a natural laxative thus it helps to improve excretion
    • Dietary fiber: Helps the liver in the breakdown of drug metabolites and detox enzymes

How Does Toxin Rid Detox Work?

Our bodies, through organs such as the kidney, liver, and digestive system can naturally detox from THC on their own. It is possible to remove all traces of THC naturally by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, drinking a lot of water, and refraining from using cannabis-based products.

Once this is done, no lab test can detect the presence of THC. The process is however very slow – it takes a lot of time to complete, sometimes more than a month, hence why it is sometimes necessary to use a detox product such as Toxin Rid Detox Pills.

Toxin Rid Detox pills are some of the most popular detox pills on the market. They are mostly preferred since they are made from all-natural ingredients that are highly potent and very effective at detoxing from THC present in saliva, blood, and urine.

Because of how fast it works, it is the most reliable method of THC detox, especially if you have an impending drug test.

The mechanism of how Toxin Rid Detox Pills work is very simple. It helps the body to eliminate traces of THC naturally through urine and feces faster.

The catch however is that you have to refrain from using cannabis-based products while on the detox. Toxin Rid pills are made from a combination of highly effective elements which are responsible for increasing the detox speed safely.

The ingredients responsible for this function include:

    • Alfalfa leaves: These are natural diuretics. They work by catalyzing urine and in the process, it flushes out toxins from the body.
    • Psyllium Husk powder: During the detox process, the body loses essential nutrients which might result in a myriad of health problems such as constipation. Psyllium husk powder, therefore, comes in handy since it works as a natural laxative. It helps to facilitate the easy excretion of stool by softening it.
    • Kelp Alkalizes: It helps to lower the acidity level in your body. Kelp alkalizes and helps to break down drug metabolites present in your system.
    • Dietary Fiber and iron: Helps with liver functions by helping the organ to break down drug metabolites and detox enzymes.
    • Potassium, Chloride, Sodium, And Magnesium: These are present in the detox pills and come in handy at replenishing all nutrients that might be lost during the detoxification process.

Toxin Rid detox pills help the body to break down the cannabis metabolites found in blood, urine, and saliva by increasing the body’s rate of metabolism.

These are then excreted mostly through the bladder. Because of how fast this works, you can be clean From THC in a week or less.

Contents Of The 5-Day Detox Program

    • 75 pre-rid tablets
    • 1 ounce of dietary fiber
    • 1 fluid ounce of detox liquid

Step-By-Step Directions On How To Use Your Detox Program

Step 1: The Pre-Rid Tablets

You are required to take three tablets after every hour for five hours daily and within five days. For best results, it is advised you take the tablets simultaneously every day, drink at least half a gallon of water daily, and eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.

PS: Do not exceed 15 pills per day.

Step 2: Detox Liquid

The detox liquid is taken at least two hours after you have taken the last set of pills.

You will need to take the detox drink two hours after your last set of pills on the final day of the detox plan. You need to fast during those two hours.

No eating of breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the next two hours. You take half of the detoxifying liquid with 8 to 16 ounces of distilled water (or orange juice, which cuts the salt-like flavor), then no eating or drinking for two hours.

Step 3: Dietary Fiber

This step is optional. Use this step IF you have a drug test scheduled between day one and day four after you finish your detox plan. Also, if you have a flush drink for test day, you do not need to do step 3.

Mix the dietary fiber in 8 ounces of distilled or filtered tap water one hour before your test. Drink within two minutes. Wait 15 minutes and drink 16 ounces of water.

Do not drink more orange juice or water. Urinate two or three times in the next hour and then go take your test.

Benefits Of Using Toxin Rid Detox 

The main purpose of using Toxin Rid detox pills is to help you detox and eliminate all traces of toxins from your body.

There are several different types of detox pills available on the market, but we recommend Toxin Rid 5-day detox pills from Test Clear.

We have done comprehensive research on the product and have established there are many more benefits of using this product than just what meets the eye.

They include:

    • Fast Acting

Toxin Rid detox pills start to work in as little as an hour when you start using the product. It however does not mean that the results are immediate.

You will need to go through the complete three-step procedure for the product to be effective.

Unlike other products, these detox pills start the detox process faster hence you will be clear from THC within no time.

    • Made From Natural Products

Toxin Rid detox pills are some of the best pills on the market. These pills are considered safe for use since they are made from all-natural and organic ingredients.

They are also enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs which help to replenish nutrients that might be lost during the detox process.

    • Easy Detox Process

Many times, people who detox from marijuana usually experience some undesirable side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Especially if you are a heavy smoker, the effects tend to be more adverse.

Some common side effects of THC detox include headache, nausea, hallucinations, dizziness, and insomnia among several others.

When using Toxin Rid detox pills, you are less likely to experience such undesirable side effects since the pills are enriched with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that will help you cope with the detox process.

    • Easy To Use

The Toxin Rid 5-day detox program involves an easy three-step process that is easy to complete. You can find the instructions for using the product on the company’s website.

Also, they usually include a user guide with the package with clear instructions on how to use this product for maximum benefits.

    • Variety Of Options

Unlike other detox products that are specific to urine, blood, saliva, or hair test, Toxin Rid 5-day detox pills come in handy in helping you pass all the above-mentioned drug tests. The product works by eliminating all traces of toxins from your body.

The pills work by breaking down the fat cells where THC traces are usually stored. Once the detox program is complete, you can be sure to pass any drug test that will be suggested whether blood, synthetic urine, saliva, or hair drug test.

Side Effects Of Toxin Rid Detox Pills

You are bound to experience some adverse negative side effects when detoxing from THC – especially if you do not get the best counter treatment.

Marijuana users on a detox program usually start to experience the adverse side effects of THC detox almost immediately after treatment.

Most often than not, these effects are usually mild, they can last for about 3 to 5 days after which they will die down if you are on proper counter treatment.

Some of the commonly reported side effects of using Toxin Rid detox pills to eliminate traces of THC include:

    • Mild to severe headache
    • Fatigue or restlessness
    • Insomnia
    • Nausea
    • Increased bowel movement
    • Increased urination
    • Hallucinations and paranoia
    • Loss of appetite
    • Irritability
    • High blood pressure
    • Irregular heartbeat
    • Severe muscle cramping

These side effects are usually mild and will die down after you finish the detox program. But if symptoms persist, we recommend you seek immediate medical care to help you cope with the withdrawal process.

Who Should Refrain From Using Toxin Rid 5-Day Detox Pills?

Toxin Rid Detox Pills are generally considered very safe by most people. Nevertheless, certain categories of people should refrain from using this product to detox from THC.

They include:

    • Pregnant or nursing mothers.
    • Children below the age of 18 years.
    • Anyone with an allergy to any of the products mentioned on the list of ingredients.
    • People with underlying, life-threatening medical conditions.
    • If you have ever experienced an allergic reaction or adverse side effects from using this or similar products before.
    • If you have any health concerns – we recommend you seek advice from your healthcare provider before you start using this product.

Dosage And Tips To Start Toxin Rid Detox

Here’s Exactly How to Use Toxin Rid Detox Pills to Get Clean

Instructions on how to use Toxin Rid are very simple and pretty straightforward. You will usually find a user manual on the product package to guide you on the appropriate dosage of the product.

Make sure you follow the instructions in the letter if you want to get the most out of this product.

Dosage Requirement

The recommended dose of Toxin Rid 5-day detox pills is 12 tablets per day. Under no circumstances should you exceed 15 tablets per day as it will result in adverse side effects.

According to manufacturers, they recommend you take three tablets after every hour for five hours. Make sure you down these pills with enough water and supplement your diet with fruits and vegetables to help with the detox process.

As soon as you are down with the last set of pills, wait for about two hours before you drink the detox liquid. At first, only drink half the contents of the bottle then finish off the rest after another two hours.

On the day of the test, mix up the dietary fiber with about 8 ounces of distilled water and drink all the contents of the bottle. Wait for about 15 minutes then drink about 16 ounces of water.

Lastly, make sure you go to the washroom to pass urine at least two times before you submit your sample urine. It helps to ensure the urine sample you provide is not too diluted. If it is, you will be asked to provide another urine sample.

Useful Tips For Toxin Rid 5-Day Detox Pills

A lot has already been said about the Toxin Rid 5-day Detox Pills. Their usage and effects are pretty much straightforward as highlighted in this review article. So far, we know they are very effective at removing traces of THC in the body to adequately prepare you for your next drug tests.

There are, however, a few precautionary measures you should take to ensure the detox pills work as effectively as they should. In this section, we will pinpoint a few useful tips to help you get the most from the 5-day detox plan.

They include:

Frequency of consumption: Most often than not, your frequency of consumption will be the major determinant of what detox plan to choose.

The 5-day detox plan is ideal for mild or occasional users. If you are a frequent or heavy user, you could opt for a higher detox program such as the 10-day detox plan.

Lastly, make sure you refrain from using cannabis or getting into close contact with a person using cannabis while still on the detox plan.

Body Mass Index: THC traces are usually stored in the fat cells of our bodies. Hence why it takes longer for people with more weight to detox than it is for slender people.

We would therefore recommend the 5-day detox plan for people with an average BMI as it will be more effective than for people with a high BMI.

Rate of Metabolism: The 5-day detox plan is short hence why it is ideal for people with a high rate of metabolism. A fast metabolism allows the body to quickly process the detox pills hence clearing all THC traces within no time.

Exercising: While this might be good to help you keep fit, it is not recommended for one to engage in heavy or strenuous exercises such as weight lifting, aerobics, spin cycling, etc., while on the detox plan. You should avoid any exercise that will make you sweat excessively.

Additional Tips include:

    • Follow the instructions of use to the letter for best results.
    • Before you start using Toxin Rid detox pills, we highly suggest you stop smoking marijuana. Also, do not expose yourself to these toxins by being around people who are smoking marijuana. Refrain from using it all through the detox program until after your drug test.
    • One package of the detox program is enough to help you get rid of all traces of toxins from the body. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose of about 12-15 pills per day.
    • Take your time to go through the detox program. Set reminders if needed to make sure you do not skip any dose. By doing so, you are increasing the chances of ensuring the product is effective at its intended purpose.
    • Toxin Rid is an effective detox plan for the long term. Therefore, if you have been meaning to quit using marijuana, you can use this chance, after the detox to make sure you do not expose yourself to the drug.
    • If correctly stored, the product has a longer life span. Once you open the pills make sure you keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure the container is always closed and air-tight to make sure the product does not lose its efficiency.

Where To Buy The Detox Pills?

Toxin Rid 5-day detox pills are a product from Test Clear – a highly reputable company known for manufacturing a wide range of detox products.

Therefore, to purchase a legit product, we recommend you buy from Test Clear’s official website. The advantage of this is that you are guaranteed of buying an authentic detox plan and at a cheaper price, you will be eligible for several benefits such as offers and discounts especially when you bulk purchase.

Lastly, you will also be eligible for a refund if you are unsatisfied with the product or in case you receive a wrong or faulty package.

Toxin Rid 5-day detox plan is relatively more expensive than other similar products on the market. But we can assure you the results are worth every coin you spend. If you purchase the product from Test Clear’s website, you can get the 5-day detox pills at about $109.95.

The package comes containing 75 detox tablets, 1 detox liquid, and 1 dietary fiber. Also be on the lookout for coupons, discounts, and offers which will come in handy at helping you save money.


Test Clear is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. As such, they have a team of professional and efficient customer care service personnel who are ready to offer assistance whenever needed.

You can also visit their official website or opt for their live chat support system to directly speak to a customer care representative.

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Conclusion: Toxin Rid 5 Day Detox 

If you are looking for a highly effective detox plan, look no further than Toxin Rid 5-day detox pills. It is a detox program that is very popular among cannabis users since many have proved it to be effective.

We have also done due diligence when researching this product and can guarantee you that it is worth the money.

Toxin Rid 5-day detox pills are the best when it comes to eliminating all traces of toxins from the body thus helping you pass a drug test.

Therefore, if you have an impending drug test with a 5–7-day window, you can try out this product, you will not be disappointed.

If you have prior experience using the product before, we would love to hear your input on the same. So, please do not hesitate to leave your feedback down below in the comment section.

If it will be your first time using the product, we wish you all the best in your drug test. Follow the guideline on how to use the product religiously and you will have no regrets.

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