Alpha Brain Review: Does This Nootropic Really Work?

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A healthy life and activities depend on a healthy cognitive function or performance. This is because; the human brain controls the whole body functions such as sleep, walking, workout, eating, and other activities, and it is the central processing unit of the human body.

Cognitive functions of the brain are the psychological processes that allow the brain to recover, transform, receive, store, select, develop, and store information from external impulses. This process improves our understanding and relationship with the world.

With that effect, this is where Onnit Alpha Brain comes in. If you are looking for a nootropic supplement that enhances cognitive function, drives creativity, motivation, memory boost, overall cognitive function, and alertness, Onnit Alpha Brain will do the magic.

Are you ready to find out what Alpha Brain can do, Its benefits, side effects, dosage, and where you can buy it? Let’s discuss this further.

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What Is Onnit Alpha Brain? 

Onnit, a reputable brand that came into existence in 2011 and is known for manufacturing fitness and supplements products, has Aubrey Marcus, a renowned athlete, as the founder. The brand states that its mission is to help many individuals completely understand spiritual, mental, and physical wellness. According to their statement, they believe that when people are knowledgeable with the right tools and have access to them, it will lead to a universal movement for everyone’s well-being.

This brand manufactures quality supplements; just like their Alpha Brain product, they help those with the thought of improving their overall well-being to attain the fitness goals they have set out using workout supplements. They also have gyming equipment and in-demand workouts, making them a complete wellness and fitness brand.

Alpha Brain is their leading supplement product, a nootropic created to improve cognitive function. It contains natural ingredients that enhance the brain’s functions, promoting neurotransmitter and alpha wave production and boosting brain function. While there are many nootropics sold in the market, Alpha Brain stands out as a distinguished product. It has the endorsement of renowned celebrities and athletes like Joe Rogan.

Onnit has extensive product portfolios. One we have not encountered in a nutrition and fitness company. They sell anything from cognitive enhancers and power meals to exercise equipment and clothing. Here’s a comprehensive summary of all they offer:

Supplements for Health

  • Mood (sleep)
  • Focus (brain)
  • Support (vitality)
  • Digestive Health
  • Performance
  • Essential nutrients

Supplements for Nutrition

  • Fats and oils
  • Snacking
  • Kettlebells
  • Protein
  • Power foods
  • Coffee and Tea

Gym & Fitness Equipment

  • Clubs
  • Maces
  • Bags
  • Balls
  • Ropes
  • Training

Onnit has successfully sold Alpha Brain supplements, selling over a million bottles. For over 15 years, Onnit has successfully manufactured over 250 nutritional products, supplements, and more.

This cognitive enhancement supplement comes in capsule form. The manufacturer recommends taking it twice daily. It contains three super blends of ingredients which are amino-acid, vitamins, and herbs designed to enhance your brain performance and increase your “flow states” level.

The flow state is the moment when you are at the peak of being productive without putting your mental health in danger.

It is worthy of note that Alpha Brain does not contain any country-ban ingredients, nor did it come in contact with harmful ingredients during the production process.

When you purchase on the Onnit website, you can keep track of your order by entering the email address you used to place the order as well as the destination zip code, then click on the “get tracking” button.

Also, you stand a chance to try out any of the Onnit products for 14 days free. At the end of the free trial, you will get a refund; if you don’t like the product, there is no need to return it. While this is so, multiple bottles, gear, apparel, and foods do not fall in the free trial category.

You will get free shipping, excluding digital and fitness items, when you place an order between $150 and above. It is only available for people living in the United States.

Alpha Brain Ingredients

The Onnit Alpha Brain is blended with three primary ingredients to help produce neurotransmitters and alpha waves in the brain. While there is a limited study to back this up, there is research to endorse it as a cognitive enhancer.

Alpha Brain contains naturally grown ingredients. In addition, the manufacturer tested it at third-party labs, and is stimulant, and gluten-free. These ingredients can help to build a perfect environment for the best cognitive function, thereby reducing cognitive impairment and fostering mental clarity.

Therefore, if you are on the look for a premium nootropic, pick Alpha Brain.

The older people are the focus of most of the strong studies supporting consuming most of the ingredients in Alpha Brain. We are not sure whether there is a sufficient amount of ingredients to produce effects compared to those examined because the ingredient quantities aren’t displayed.

The BSCG has run a test and certified Alpha Brain to be free from pesticides. However, they have not displayed the test results on their site for the public to see.

That being said, let us look at the major ingredients inside the bottle.

  • Onnit Focus Blend

This blend is made to attain optimal acetylcholine levels. It is also a neurotransmitter that controls the hormonal glands, nerves, and muscle cells. The ingredients in this blend boost the production of acetylcholine in the body, maintain healthy levels, and push nerve cells to absorb it.

Vitamin B6 has been demonstrated to play a vital role in the formation of neurotransmitters added to this formula.

Here is what it contains.

Bacopa: This is a perennial herb. Bacopa is a herb used for ages in Ayurvedic medicine, also known as Brahmi. Certain neurochemicals involved in learning, memory, and thinking may be increased by bacopa, and it may also preserve brain cells against the toxins linked to Alzheimer’s disease.


aids the activity of acetylcholine, a critical neurotransmitter. It’s widely used to boost cognitive processes, such as mental function and focus. While there are continuing studies to back up the use of Alpha-GPC in non-responsive psychosis patients, more studies are required to demonstrate its efficacy in healthy persons.

  • Huperzia Serrata

Toothed clubmoss, also known as Huperzia Serrata, is a Chinese herbal medicine that improves brain function.

The ability of Huperzia Serrata to increase cognitive performance has been demonstrated in numerous animal experiments.

While some study suggests that supplementing with Huperzia Serrata can enhance cognitive function in people, additional research is needed.

  • Onnit Fuel Blend

The Onnit Fuel Blend was created to promote a healthy cognitive environment and enhance neuronal transmission. The key function of this blend is to improve optimal nervous system communication.

Its ingredients are;

  • L-Leucine

This type of amino acid is essential for muscle growth and repair. Leucine is famous amongst bodybuilders because it can aid in recovery and improve muscle protein biosynthesis, although there are conflicting studies on this.

In terms of brain activity, one study discovered that leucine contained supplements and other amino acids increased cognitive flexibility and focus. Although this is encouraging, many studies haven’t been done on the subject.

  • Vitamin B6

The evidence for the use of vitamin B6 for mental well-being is conflicting. In fact, a study discovered that it didn’t affect brain function or mood.

The body does not retain this vitamin. So, while taking a supplement containing vitamin B6 is unlikely to be harmful, don’t assume it will significantly improve your concentration or memory.

  • Pterostilbene

According to animal research, pterostilbene may improve cognitive performance by lowering the body’s oxidative stress.

According to certain research, the efficacy in enhancing cognitive abilities is also achievable in people. However, the study is insufficient to back up these assertions.

  • Onnit Flow Blend

This blend is intended to improve cell function and alpha brain signal production. It includes oat straw extract, phosphatidylserine, l-tyrosine, cat’s claw extract, and l-theanine. Let’s look at each of them and see how they can aid brain function and focus.

Oat straw extract: The Avena sativa shrub, native to North Africa, Asia, and Europe, is used to make oat straw extract.

It contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, as well as other biological properties that may help human well-being.

A randomized controlled trial demonstrated that oat straw extract improved memory and brain function in healthy individuals aged between 40 to 65. The outcome of the findings was done again in a subsequent investigation of adults aged 35 to 65.

While the findings are encouraging, researchers should do further research to verify the efficacy of this extract.

  • L-Tyrosine

This amino acid is produced naturally by the body and is present in meals containing high protein, such as fish, dairy, and meat.

L-tyrosine may improve cognitive and memory capacity in healthy individuals and older adults when taken as a supplement, so it’s fantastic to find it in a supplement designed to achieve that alone.

  • Phosphatidylserine

This form of phosphatide acts as a fatty coating that protects the brain cells.

It is demonstrated to improve cognitive health by improving long- and short-term memory, focus, language skills, and problem-solving abilities.

A short study discovered phosphatidylserine made people feel more comfortable and less worried. This may be useful if you are the type that is consumed by the quantity of work that lies ahead of you.

Phosphatidylserine supplementation has also been shown in studies to improve memory and general cognitive function.

  • Cat’s Claw Extract

An Amazonian woody vine is the cat’s claw extract source.

It is believed to help avert some chronic illnesses, including Alzheimer’s disease and certain cancers. This extract is shown in animal experiments to avert plaque formation in the brain, which could help to prevent Alzheimer’s and mental impairment.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any strong data or studies on humans to back up these assertions at the moment.

  • L-Theanine

Green tea naturally contains theanine, another type of amino acid, and its supplementation can help older persons increase their focus.

It can also help boost mental well-being in healthy people by reducing anxiety symptoms, though further study, particularly bigger clinical studies, is needed.

When taken in the prescribed quantities, these substances are safe. Alpha Brain is formulated with the finest versions of these ingredients to achieve optimum bioavailability. These substances combine to increase cognition, energy and focus.


  • 10% off for the first purchase
  • Promotes focus
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Money back guarantee
  • Paleo-friendly
  • Supports memory
  • Gluten-free
  • Improves brain processing speed
  • BSCG Certified
  • Caffeine-free
  • Keto-friendly
  • Dairy-free


  • May interfere with other drugs
  • Limited studies available
  • Not cost-effective

Does It Really Work?

Suppose you desire a better performance for your brain. In that case, there are two things you should focus on: encouraging the synthesis of neurotransmitters and increasing alpha waves, which are molecules that send signals in and out of the brain. Alpha Brain was created with both objectives in mind.

Alpha Brain works with its proprietary ingredient blends to create a healthy brain environment where the brain can work freely, supporting long-term mental clarity.

Health Benefits Of Alpha Brain

According to the Alpha Brain website, it may help you focus daily. They claim that the product gives hyper concentration and sharp clarity, and it can also assist you in having:

  • Increased Memories 

Alpha Brain is the right supplement for anyone who finds it difficult to remember things. It also helps you remember things you have studied, and it can help improve your work performance.

  • Improved Focus

There may be a bunch of work to do, and you may feel too lazy to focus on your work. Maybe you love multitasking. However, you cannot do the work if you lack focus. When you take Onnit Alpha Brain, the natural ingredients in this formula give you a laser focus as you tear down the works on your desk.

  • Faster Response Speeds

This is more suitable for athletes and gamers. Responding fast, mentally, and physically to your environment is invaluable. A boxer taking Alpha Brain helps them respond faster to opponents’ attacks.

  • Think Straight Under Duress

No matter the nature of the job, people are bound to experience pressure and stress. The only thing that sets you aside from others is how you respond to the pressure. Alpha Brain will definitely help you think clearly while working under pressure.

According to Onnit, it may take some time for customers to get the full advantages of the supplement.

However, it is vital to highlight that further study should be conducted to validate the health claims linked with using Alpha Brain.

Side Effects Of Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain supplement is a safe, natural nootropic we’ve tried, although it may have some adverse effects. It’s true, especially if you want to take Alpha Brain daily for an extended period, as the dangers of adverse effects rise with the frequency of usage.

You should contact a doctor before using Alpha Brain, particularly when you are breastfeeding, pregnant, have a health condition, or are taking any medication.

What Should You Expect As A Healthy Individual?

Alpha Brain is a dietary supplement, not a medicine. The ingredients in Alpha Brain are among the most powerful cognitive enhancers available. When consumed at the recommended amounts, they are both non-toxic and safe.

However, how people respond to them will be determined by a variety of factors, including their health, age, genetic factors, pre-existing problems, and whether they are already taking any drugs or not.

The suggested daily dose of Alpha Brian is two capsules or a sachet combined with any beverage or water. We don’t need to remind you that raising your daily Alpha Brain consumption is not advised, and this can have unintended consequences. Other supplements, such as energy drinks or caffeine, might also have side effects.

Although Alpha Brain side effects are infrequent, here are common adverse side effects you should take note of:

  • Brain frog
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Jitters
  • Irritability
  • Cramps in the stomach

Each capsule’s massive quantities of plant extracts are responsible for most of Alpha Brain’s side effects. A long-term combination of Alpha-GPC and Huperzine A is the cause of some of these adverse effects, which can result in excessive acetylcholine accumulation.

Alpha Brain has relatively few side effects. If you follow the suggested amount of two capsules daily, you shouldn’t have any major adverse side effects. Stop using Alpha Brain if you suffer any adverse effects, and seek medical assistance.

Will Alpha Brain Work For You?

Generally, this product is safe. However, there is no proof to support that, just like other supplements, and the FDA hasn’t regulated it.

Nevertheless, Onnit Alpha Brain does have a verified third-party clinical study, which indicates that you can trust its quality and that it contains all the ingredients you see on the bottle label.

So far, if you are an adult, a weightlifter, a boxer, or engage in any kind of sporting activity and have sound health (with no underlying health problem), you can use this supplement. This is not mandatory but ideal. Before you take this supplement, make sure you send it to your doctor for a proper check, and most importantly, if you are under medication.

Who Should Avoid Alpha Brain?

Sadly, Alpha Brain has some possible adverse effects, although it may not be so for everyone.

Headaches, anxiety, nausea, a faster heartbeat, and sleeplessness are all possible adverse effects. If you notice any of the following side effects, discontinue using the product.

If you wish to use this supplement but are concerned about the side effects, start with a half dose or 1 capsule to observe your experience before increasing the dosage.

The manufacturer designed this product exclusively for grownups. Therefore, it is not for anyone below 18 years of age. In addition, it is best to avoid this product if you or any of your family members are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How To Take Alpha Brain?

Generally, you must focus on your lifestyle before consuming any brain-boosting supplement, no matter the goals you want for your health.

In other words, first, consider your daily habits before diving into any supplement. Ask yourself questions like; what areas do I need to improve in my lifestyle? If so, we suggest you create goals to improve and change those aspects of your life.

With this, you will successfully build a good foundation before you start experimenting with supplements such as Alpha Brain.

When brain function and nutrition is concerned, handpicked nutrients are essential to have in mind. You should add them to your meal; when you do, you will understand a perfect brain function. Let us look at these nutrients:


While some supplements may be beneficial in some situations, most healthy individuals do not require tablets to keep alert. Choosing a diet high in berries, vegetables, fish, and whole grains can help you maintain brain function as you grow old.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is vital for healthy brain function. Eating animal products will help you acquire much of it through your diet. But, if you are not a fan of animal products, you should consider using a supplement, but don’t forget to ask your doctor before using it.

Vitamin E

This antioxidant fights free radicals, which can harm brain cells. However, extensive research to determine if vitamin E-based supplements help protect and prevent dementia has not shown promising findings. In contrast, one research suggested that they may delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in persons who have it already. For the time being, specialists advise most healthy individuals to stick to foods like vegetable oils, seeds, and nuts.

Iron: lack of iron can cause several health conditions like anemia, and there is also a decreased brain function that may cause social and behavioral changes. Make sure you consume meat, seeds, spinach, and beans frequently.

 Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Diets that are rich in fish, such as albacore tuna and salmon, are high carriers of omega-3 fatty acids. If you can’t buy those, you can alternatively use supplements. This fatty acid is vital for brain function, according to research.


Magnesium also could aid in the prevention of cognitive disorders. Spinach, soy products, beans, almonds, and seeds contain magnesium.


Zinc may aid in the prevention of some cognitive illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Include beans, nuts, meat, or enriched breakfast cereal daily.

Vitamin C

This is a vitamin that could mitigate brain diseases. Include potatoes, tomatoes, and citrus fruits in your meals to ensure you receive enough.

This is by no means a complete list. A portion of healthy food and lifestyle will benefit all elements of health, especially your brain.

Where To Buy Alpha Brain?

Making a purchase should be next if you have already decided to try a dietary supplement like Alpha Brain or add it to your next workout supplement.

Ordering from the company website (Onnit) is one of the greatest options for foreign and US customers to purchase Alpha Brain; they ship items anywhere in the world. You can also purchase Alpha Brain from Amazon online.

Alpha Brain collaborates with several courier providers worldwide to ensure proper and quick delivery of future orders. It is critical to visit the company’s authorized web store to get the most recent news or further information about their products. You get a rebate and free delivery to any part of the world when you purchase from the company’s website.

FAQs On Alpha Brain

What age do you have to be before taking Alpha Brain?

Like all supplements and nootropics, Alpha Brain is inappropriate for children. Therefore, you must be up to 18 years and above before you can take it.

Is Alpha Brain effective?

A critical question, sadly, without a definitive answer. Because cognitive enhancers have a distinct effect on various people, you won’t know exactly if or how much you’ll ever experience Alpha Brain’s advantages until you take it. Researchers conducted a placebo experiment to examine its effectiveness, and the findings were favorable, but there is insufficient data to conclude that it’s generally beneficial.

The wisest choice is to talk with your doctor to see if he will approve you to try out Alpha Brain.

Is it safe to take Alpha Brain?

All the ingredients in Alpha Brain are natural. It has passed through a certified third-party laboratory test to ensure its safety. Though, as previously indicated, some persons may have minor adverse effects. Still, it’s not something that will last after you quit using Alpha Brain.

How long can I continue to use Alpha Brain?

In a study of healthy people 18-35, using Alpha Brain for 45 days significantly enhanced executive function and current verbal memory compared to controls. The findings of this experiment warrant additional investigation into the use of cognitive enhancement substances in sports performance.

Does the Alpha Brain support the Keto diet?

It is completely natural and fits well with keto or vegan diets.

Onnit Alpha Brain is a blend of herbal extracts and amino acids. No hazardous additives, caffeine, or gluten are in it, and it improves your focus and concentration without leaving you with the jittery feeling that coffee does.

Are there other products you can take alongside Alpha Brain?

Yes. There are other solutions you can combine with your Alpha Brain supplement. You can use New MOOD together with Alpha Brain for unwinding after a long work day, and it also helps maintain a healthy regular stress response.

The handy night and day packets include essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and botanicals to assist you in improving your wellness. Total Human, the simple improvement button, comprises a half dosage of Alpha BRAIN.

According to research, the gut microbiota—the mix of bacteria in the intestines—is the bedrock for efficient brain function and a robust immune system. It helps absorb every nutrient needed to be strong, perform better, and transform the body.

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Conclusion: Does Onnit Alpha Brain Really Work?

The Onnit Alpha Brain could be worth a shot if you are looking for a stimulant-free, premium quality, nootropic supplement. This is ideal if you are allergic to caffeine.

Ultimately, Onnit is a fantastic direct-to-consumer health company. They are introducing new, scientifically developed, and verified products to market, filling a critical void in the sporting market. This brand’s performance-enhancer supplements and products can aid both extreme athletes and recreational lifters. Even if you’re not into gym or sports, their nootropics have improved focus and mental clarity, which is useful in many aspects of life.

While there has been a major study of the Alpha Brain ingredients, there is a need for further data to confirm the cognitive advantages of taking it. Researchers have studied most of these components in older individuals with cognitive impairment.

Overall, users will likely have a somewhat different experience while utilizing dietary supplements, including Alpha Brain. The product looks harmless to the public at large; therefore, if you are looking for a dietary nootropic supplement, give Alpha Brain a shot.

Nonetheless, before taking alpha brain supplements, always speak with your doctor. We hope that this Alpha Brain review helps you decide to pick a brain enhancer supplement.

However, whether you want to boost your cognitive performance, locate some innovative gym equipment, or get a tasty, powerful protein, Onnit has a fantastic assortment of top-quality products. We hope you love the Alpha Brain.

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