The Best THCh THjd Cartridge – Top 3 Brands In 2022

Nikhil Goswami

Since the legalization of cannabis in different states, tons of hemp brands have emerged in the cannabis market. Thus, there are numerous clean hemp cannabinoid products offering uplifting properties. While millions of consumers are vouching for the best THC  cartridges or vape pens that are available with novel cannabinoids.

You must have heard of it by now if you are a pro vaper. For others, let us inform you about the best THCh THCjd cartridge on the market today.

Using vape carts filled with pure THC oil is a thing of the past. Presently, as the technology expands, scientists are discovering the therapeutic effects of potential cannabinoids.

The discovery of tetrahydrocannabinol (THCh) is closely related to the unearthing of tetrahydrocannabinol (THCP), another minor cannabinoid. The scientists who discovered THCh are the Italian researchers who incidentally detected and isolated THCP.

Apparently, potency is the reason for these cannabinoids being in the spotlight today. Since many brands are trying to produce vape carts containing THCh and THCjd, we have picked the top-rated products for you to witness the effects.

The Three Best  Brands For THCh THCjd Cartridges: 

Take a few minutes to compare our ratings and reviews, making your shopping experience more focused and fruitful. We have done the hard work, so you don’t have to. Select the right cartridge for your needs, choose how many you need, and get the best price delivered to your door within a couple of days.

  1. Delta Extrax Tangie Sunrise – Premium Live Resin Brand That Offers High Quality Vapes 
  2. Delta Extrax Banana Runtz – Most Recomended Brand For Potent Hybrid Essence
  3. Delta Extrax Double Bubble OG– High Rated Brand Famous For Perfect Indica Hybrid Feel Vapes

#1. Delta Extrax Tangie Sunrise – Premium Live Resin Brand That Offers High-Quality Vapes 

Delta Extrax has found a strong grip on the cannabis market with extensive lines of very potent products in different cannabinoids. It is one of the most reputable and high esteemed brands that are famous among cannabis consumers.

While the brand solely focuses on manufacturing quality products, it has recently launched its new line of THCh THCjd cartridges. Delta Extrax already had multiple varieties of gummies, carts, disposable pens, blunts, and resins.

On their eye-catching website, you can easily shop by cannabinoid choice. Delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, delta-10 THC, HHC, THC-O, THCh + THCjd, THCP, THCV, and live resins are their famous categories.

Delta Extrax offers a “Lights Out” line of vape cartridges or best vape pens. Each product is available in sativa, indica, or hybrid strains.


Zesty Citrus Flavor: Tangie Sunrise cart by Delta Extrax is a strain-like glass of freshly squeezed OJ. If you are curious about the aroma, you will surely enjoy these carts as they produce notes of zesty citrus. Besides, you will also notice natural elements of woody and diesel undertones.

Lab Testing and Potency: According to the brand, the product contains a proprietary blend of multiple cannabinoids. Since the company does not mention the concentration of these cannabinoids, it is hard to get a hold of the cart’s potency. However, Delta Extrax attaches the third-party lab testing results to the product description. The reports show the concentration of all the elements in the blend, which indicates the cart’s strength and purity.

Ingredients: Tangie Sunrise cartridge features a 2-gram cartridge containing high-quality live Resin. The cart is a proprietary blend of cannabinoids, including THCh, THCjd, THCP, delta-8 THC, and delta-10 THC. All of these ingredients are clinically proven for their effects. Therefore, this strain offers many therapeutic benefits in addition to recreational joy.

Uplifting Effects: The unique blend produces the benefits of a sativa strain. Thanks to its hybrid essence, you will feel the mood and energy uplifting benefits of Tangie Sunrise. You can take one to two puffs of this cartridge to build tolerance. Since the cart is disposable, you will not have to worry about refilling it. Just purchase it, connect it with a battery, and discard it after finishing the quality vape juice.


  • Insane potency
  • Produce zesty citrus flavor
  • Contains THCh, THCjd, THCP, delta-8 THC, and delta-10 THC
  • 2 ml of a proprietary blend
  • Competitive prices
  • Solid brand reputation
  • Lab-tested vape carts


  • No refunds, exchanges, or returns are available

=> Click here to visit the official website of Delta Extrax Tangie Sunrise

#2. Delta Extrax Banana Runtz – Most Recomended Brand For Potent Hybrid Essence

Delta Extrax Lights Out collection features another disposable vape cart in the form of Banana Runtz. The company uses high-quality standards to manufacture this line’s vape cartridges.

The company says its R&D team has designed its Lights Out collection by turning off the lights and blending famous and novel cannabinoids. All the products in this collection contain different cannabinoids, and we bet you will find no other vape carts like Delta Extrax. Just turn off the lights, take one to two puffs of this strain, and enjoy your ride to nostalgic tastes.


Ripe Banana Flavor: Banana Runtz features a touch of ripe banana flavors. Since Banana Runtz is a hybrid strain, it has tingly properties. The pungent strain offers a sweet and sugary candy taste to your palates. When you buy this cart, you can expect to encounter a tropical and fruity sharpness that will smack your full body.

Ingredients: Banana Runtz disposable vape cartridge contains 2 ml of a proprietary blend. Delta Extrax has immense experience with different cannabinoids. Therefore, the company has used all the potent cannabinoids in this product to offer you a high kick. The cart is infused with Live Resin and a secret mixture of THCh, THCjd, THCP, delta-8 THC, and delta-10 THC.

Energetic Effects: Since Banana Runtz is a hybrid strain of Zkittlez and Gelato, get ready to experience calming and energetic benefits. In addition to soothing benefits, this strain also improves the focus of your mind, enhancing your creativity level.

Customer Reviews: This product has received 14 customer reviews on the official website of Delta Extrax. The customers are happy about the great potency of Banana Runtz. Furthermore, they say that only two drags are enough for a soothing high. Others appreciate the delicious flavor, strong and chill feeling, packaging size, affordable price, and fast shipping time.


  • Allow order cancellation
  • Full refund on unshipped orders
  • Pay through Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express
  • 2 ml of a proprietary blend
  • Highly potent
  • Disposable vape pens
  • Lab tested strains
  • Sweet and sugary candy taste
  • Hybrid strain


  •  Sales are final

=> Click here to visit the official website of Delta Extrax Banana Runtz

#3. Delta Extrax Double Bubble OG –  High Rated Brand Famous For Perfect Indica Hybrid Feel Vapes

Delta Extrax has designed Double Bubble OG with great care like other vape cartridges in the Lights Out collection. The company ensures to employ quality ingredients and follows a strict manufacturing process.

On the website, Delta Extrax shares that the team uses the Live Resin method to extract cannabinoids. The process involves the extraction of cannabinoids from frozen hemp plants. Since this extraction method produces more potent cannabis chemicals, the taste is much better and closer to the original extract.


Bubblegum Flavor: This distinctive strain provides a sweet, sour, earthy, fuel, and citrus aromatic smell. When you vape this strain, you will absolutely savor its sensational pink bubblegum smell and taste. While the strain is pretty flavorful, it offers a strong kick thanks to its potency.

Ingredients: Double Bubble OG is an indica dominant strain with parents OG Kush and Bubblegum. Like other vape cartridges, Double Bubble OG contains THCh, THCjd, THCP, delta-8 THC, and delta-10 THC. Moreover, the CBD content of this strain is low, but it has high levels of other cannabinoids.

Body-Buzz and Happy Effects: Relaxation is one of the usual effects of this strain. This indica strain will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, accompanied by a sense of immense happiness. In addition, feeling a deep-body melt feeling and calm is linked to this quality strain.

Customer Reviews: Customers mention that this vape cart produces a massive body high with a giggly head high. However, the potency is decently tolerable. Some have even stated that it packs a punch of flavors, adding to the highly potent experience.


  • Transparent about lab results
  • Offer product-specific certificate of analysis
  • Use natural ingredients
  • Contains THCh, THCjd, THCP, delta-8 THC, and delta-10 THC
  • Uses Live Resin
  • Indica essence
  • Sensational pink bubblegum aroma
  • Sweeter taste
  • Soothing strains


  •  Products are not cruelty-free
  • No information about the company’s background

=> Click here to visit the official website of Delta Extrax Double Bubble OG

How Did We Choose the Best THCh and THCjd Cartridges On the Market?

As cannabis enthusiasts, we can confirm that restraining from trying novel cannabinoids is not an easy task. We are trying our best to offer our readers the latest information, happenings, and discoveries in the cannabis market. Therefore, we could not stop testing the recently discovered cannabis chemicals – THCh and THCjd.

Because we wanted to confirm the hype of these novel cannabinoids ourselves, we preferred opting for the best brands. Deciding to pick novel products for the recreational cannabis experience was thrilling because we aimed at new information.

While too many vape cartridges exist, not many of them fall under the THCh or TCHjd vape carts. Soon we expect the top-notch brands in the hemp space to produce THCh and THCjd product lines.

Our team made a research strategy to review the existing ones to cover all the essential aspects of these newly launched products. For this purpose, we searched for THCh and TCHjd vape carts on the internet using different search engines.

While it was a bit disappointing to see only a handful of brands in the search results, we managed to pick and compare them all. We put all those brands on our initial list of the best companies; then, our team did independent research on each of their products.

Our team of editors brainstormed to conveniently tailor the information so that our readers could easily comprehend our efforts. With hours of research and digging into the brands, we managed to pick their best THCh and THCjd vape cartridges.

The findings of our team did not end there. After that, we compared those products with each other to understand which one stands out. While the research on THCh and THCjd is lacking, we relied on the brand’s information.

Doing so enabled us to learn the ins and outs of each brand and its THCh and THCjd cartridge line. To our surprise, few products could outdo a single brand’s potential benefits and features.

Since it was the only brand that passed through all our screenings, we checked and tested all its THCh and THCjd cartridges. The complete reviews of our favorite ones must have shown you how these vape carts are incomparable due to their potency.

What We Looked For When Purchasing Best THCH THJD Cartridge? 

While we struggled to find the best THCh and THCjd vape cartridges, we followed criteria containing several assessment factors. The following are some of the benchmarks that we used to evaluate the ranking of different vape carts on our initial list.

  • Ingredients: Hemp products are all about the quality of ingredients that they contain. As the vape market is congested, not all of them feature high-quality ingredients. When we were probing vape carts from different brands, we aimed to discover the brand’s commitment to quality. Like other weed vape carts, our goal was to feature those products containing extracts of premium grade hemp. Furthermore, we ensured that the products we are picking are free from all synthetic chemicals, including preservatives and additives. The synthetic ingredients can deter the quality of vape oil in the cartridges. Therefore, our list’s THCh and THCjd carts contain the highest quality ingredients, offering great benefits.
  • Manufacturing Method: Since one cannot evaluate the purity and potency of vape carts from their ingredients alone, we checked the brand’s manufacturing process. That’s why our team conducted in-depth research on the hemp source of each brand. It is because the quality of extracts is directly linked to the quality of hemp. Later, we learned about the extraction techniques that the brand uses to withdraw THCh and THCjd from hemp. We ensured that the brands we picked use sustainable extraction and manufacturing methods. Apart from that, we carefully evaluated each brand’s cartridge packaging method. Hence, the companies that satisfied us with their dedication to manufacturing high-quality THCh and THCjd vapes made it to our list.
  • Customer Service and Experience: Our research for the finest products led us to pick the brands with customer-friendly store policies. Undoubtedly, a brand’s customer service is paramount when shopping for weed products. We dropped it from our list if a company did not offer outstanding customer service. Hemp brands should be in the good books of their customers if they want to excel in the long run. Since customer service is the pointer to the company’s satisfaction rate, we checked it meticulously. We picked the brands offering money-back guarantees, generous return policies, first-order discounts, and free shipping.
  • Brand Reputation: Although THCh and THCjd are new cannabinoids, there was a factor that we used for its quality reference – brand reputation. We used the reputation of a hemp company in the cannabis space to learn what their novel vape carts will deliver. We focused on picking the brands already offering extensive ranges of the most famous cannabinoids, THC and CBD. Moreover, we intended to avoid the brands that had issues with their THC and CBD products. How could the new products stand out if the customer did not like their previous product lines? Therefore, the vape carts on our list come from a brand that has garnered a positive reputation.
  • Customer Ratings: We did our due diligence in ranking the vape carts from different brands according to their reviews. For this purpose, we visited the official websites of each company to go through their customer review section. Since THCh and THCjd vapes are new to the market, there were not many customer reviews that we could spot. However, we compensated for the situation by checking the customer testimonials of other vape carts of the brands. Overall, we ensured that the products had received a positive response regarding quality, potency, and efficacy.
  • Third-Party Lab Testing: It was difficult to search for the brands that had their vape carts lab tested. Because THCh and THCjd are still new in the cannabis industry, few lab tests are designed for their quality assurance. However, we managed to pick the brands offering lab-tested vape carts.

Buyer’s Guide – What Factors to Look For in a Weed Vape Cartridge?

Not all vape cartridges are created equal. Some contain unpleasantly sticky oils; some are made from cheap build materials that shorten the life of your tank, and others simply do not perform well. Therefore, it can feel like a lottery just trying to find a good vape cartridge that works.

To ensure quality and performance, you should only buy cartridges made with care, genuine oils, and tested. Don’t get caught in the short end because you wanted an affordable price. In addition to these factors, we have outlined several other determiners that should help you buy high-quality weed cartridges.

  • Source Strain

Before you add any vape cartridge to your shopping cart, you should ask the brand about the source strain. Ideally, the brand should provide information about the strain and its lineage on the product’s packaging. You must ensure that the vape carts you have your eye on are from a good and standardized source.

When you know the hemp source of the carts, the next thing is to look for the framing methods, harvesting, curing, and storing techniques. Your priority should be to pick the products whose hemp source was either sun grown or grown organically indoors.

Generally, the growers harvest cannabis. After that, they dry the plant and cure the loads for weeks. Once the hemp is successfully cured, the manufacturers proceed with the next step, which is extraction.

The producers can also freeze the hemp loads after harvesting and curing, making it “fresh frozen.” In this case, they extract the cannabinoids later. While it’s perfectly fine for your budtender to be unaware of this step, the top-notch brands want to share every process with you.

Just like you consume food after knowing how it’s grown, you should be picky with the brands too. If the brand is providing you insights into their manufacturing process, it shows they have a dependable team of picky and scientifically educated people.

  • Pure Hemp Extracts

After learning the source of strains, you should check how the brand extracts the cannabis oil for its vape carts. Notably, the producers extract cannabis oil from hemp in many ways. Out of them, liquid butane and liquid carbon dioxide extraction techniques are the most popular. The extraction methods are named after the chemical using which the manufacturer extracts cannabinoids from hemp.

Other techniques like steam distillation and heat pressing are also used, but they are more exotic. While the purpose of every technique is to withdraw cannabis chemicals, they all come with pros and cons. The main thing that experts recommend looking for is the aroma.

The best carts you purchase should contain pure, full-spectrum cannabis oil. It means such carts will deliver all the plant’s cannabinoids, major and minor, along with the terpenes.

Therefore, you should search for brands employing safe extraction methods to have high-quality, pure, full-spectrum cannabis oil. Some of the leading brands in the market use the steam distillation method to withdraw batch and strain-specific terpenes. Then they add those terpenes to the blend obtained after hemp extraction.

The best methods pull out everything harmful such as fats, waxes, and chlorophyll while leaving cannabinoids and terpenes intact. You should prioritize your health in any case. Therefore, aim for vape carts that do not contain propylene glycol (PG), polyethylene glycol (PEG), random flavorings, or fillers.

  • Brand

Like other companies, the best hemp brands are proud of their formulations. When a trustworthy brand makes a vape cartridge, you will easily spot the brand’s name on the packaging box or cartridge.

Shady companies do not dare to print their names on the vape cartridges. Hence, such counterfeit products remain nameless. For instance, if you find a cartridge with an “exotic cart” printed on it, do not buy it.

Besides, the market is full of low-quality cartridges that come with a company’s name but lack an online presence. However, the legitimacy of a brand is not confirmed even if it has a few social media accounts. Therefore, when researching the brands, you should look for names of professionals that are a part of the cannabis world.

  • Strains and Effects

Vape cartridges contain different marijuana strains. While OG Kush, Northern Lights, and Diesel are famous, there are many behind the curtains. A particular blend of each of the marijuana strains offers different benefits, tastes, and aromas.

You can buy vape cartridges in a single strain, either sativa or indica. Besides, hybrid strains are also in trend and make a potent cartridge. Hybrid strains combine two different plants. So, you can get the benefits of two strains in one cartridge.

To be sure of the strain, you should ask your budtender for the type of strain it contains. The reputable brands are transparent with their customers in this regard. Therefore, you will have no issues spotting the strain type just by inspecting the label or heading online.

You should know about the strains if you want to buy a THCh THCjd or any other vape cartridge for health benefits. For instance, a sativa strain will not be beneficial for insomnia, but an indica strain will be.

  • Hardware

Poor quality casing material of vape cartridges can be detrimental to your health. Purchasing a vape cartridge with substandard casing material is not something a vaper would do. Therefore, when you have confirmed the quality of substance present inside the cartridge, check what type of material encloses it.

Ideally, you should buy weed cartridges with premium quality and sturdy hardware. Because a subpar grade casing material could dissolve in your vaping oil leading to juice contamination, checking the hardware is a must.

It is better to avoid cartridges with plastic casings as plastic will get absorbed into the e-juice over time. Therefore, choosing a vape cart with metal, acrylic, or glass housings will be in your best health.

In addition to the casing, the coil’s quality is another factor you must check. The best vape carts come with stainless steel or patented “CCEL” wickless coils. However, the poor ones containing fiberglass wicks should not be bought as they burn while vaporizing your oil.

  • Oil Quality

The quality of the oil is usually discernible if you consider its aroma, potency, and flavor. A good quality vape oil will have an aromatic odor based on the type of strains it contains. So, even if you cannot open the cart for evaluation, you should be able to detect its aromatic smell from the unopened package.

Also, you should scrutinize the manufacturing date of the product packaging. If the oil smells odd, it has an expired shelf life. Another trick to check the oil quality is to hold the cartridge and turn it upside down. If the bubbles appear on the other end, the oil quality is questionable as it indicates low grade and impure oil. Note that pure cannabis oils are always highly viscous.

  • Calibrated Battery

The reputable brands on the market calibrate battery to atomizer to oil consistency yo preferable aroma and taste. Although the voltage of the vaporizers is not standardized, most brands in the industry use standard “510 thread.”

Just because the cartridge and battery fit together does not mean they go together. Therefore, according to the company’s instructions, you must only buy the vape carts pairing well with a certain type of batteries.

  • Up-to-Date Third-Party Lab Testing

Vape juice may be concentrated with cannabis chemicals, and God knows what else until you check for their testing results. Since the concentrate will interact with your body and mind, you must ensure its safety before consuming it.

One of the most critical ways of telling the potency and safety of a vape cart is third-party lab testing. You should examine and verify that the product and brand you choose order reliable lab testing for every batch of vape carts. Moreover, if the brand provides the certificate of analysis to its customers, it’s a big plus.

Currently, the testing standards for THCh and THCjd are not clear. Most often, the brands will provide you with the mass spectrometer results, interpretation of which is hard. Therefore, the best way to establish a vape cart’s safety and potency are to review the lab reports. Our list of the best THCh and THCjd vape carts comes from the brand that offers a COA.

FAQs About How To Find The Best THCH Cartridge? 

1.  What about the potency of THCh?

THCh is 10x more potent than THC. Apart from THC, its strength is also comparable to THCP. Although THCP is 33x more potent than THC, the THCh has lower strength than THCP.

Delta Extrax mixes this novel cannabinoid with other high potency cannabis chemicals. So, when you vape a cartridge containing a balanced proportion of THCh with other cannabinoids like THCjd, you will surely get a potent high.

2.  Is THCh a naturally occurring cannabinoid?

Yes, THCh is a natural cannabinoid. However, it is difficult to withdraw THCh from the hemp plants due to its minute natural concentrations. Therefore, many producers use the synthetic version of this cannabinoid to infuse hemp products.

3.  Are THCjd and THCh cartridges legal?

THCh and THCjd are both legal cannabinoids. According to federal law, these cannabinoids are extracted from hemp plants that carry less than 0.3% of delta-9 THC.

4.  Will THCh and THCjd show on a drug test?

Since THCh and THCjd are the isomers of THC, they will show on a drug test. So, when you want a negative drug test, avoid vaping cartridges with such high potency.

5. Do THCh and THCjd cartridges have diesel and woody undertones?

The flavor, smell, and aroma of THCh THCjd cartridges depend on the type of strains it has. Different strains offer a variety of undertones. If you want the diesel and woody undertones, it would be better to choose the Tangie Surprise vape cartridge from Delta Extrax.

6. What are THCh and THCjd?

THCh is a natural phytocannabinoid in the hemp plant in addition to more than a hundred cannabinoids. Perhaps, you know that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is present in minute quantities in the hemp plants. While CBD and THC are naturally extractable from the cannabis plant, the same is not quite true for THCh.

Although THCh is naturally present in cannabis, extracting it from plants is laborious and time-taking. Therefore, manufacturers produce synthetic versions of this minor cannabinoid to infuse it in different products.

Since THCh is an isomer of THC, it means this cannabinoid shares the same psychoactive and psychotropic properties as THC. Yes, you will feel the mind-altering effects of THCh more than THC because THCh is over ten times more potent than THC. However, THCh still has less potency than THCP, whose potency is 33x more than delta-9 THC.

The other novel cannabinoid is THCjd. THCjd is an acronym for delta-9 THCjd. Back in 2020, THCjd was discovered along with THCh. Its type of effects and extent of potency has compelled scientists to isolate THCjd from the rest of the 113 phytocannabinoids.

The psychoactive potency of THCjd is commendable thanks to its stronger nature than delta-9 THC. While THCP itself is significantly more potent than delta-9 THC, the potency of THCjd falls between THC and THCP. It means when you use this cannabinoid, you will experience the psychoactive effects of THCjd, which is less than THCP but more than regular THC. In fact, the potency of THCjd is projected to be over 18-19 times higher than that of delta-9 THC.

Conclusion: Which One is The Number One THCH Cartridge? 

While smoking nicotine harms your lung health, vaping cannabis oil makes the experience safe for you. Instead of smoking, more and more people are trying to choose healthy alternatives such as vaping due to its potency and effects.

After THC and CBD, thousands of vapers are inclining toward the new cannabinoids that have just hit the market. THCh and THCjd are relatively new to cannabis, both discovered in 2020. Both cannabinoids got their hype about the immense potency they offer on consumption. Moreover, THCh, THCjd, THCP, and delta-9 THC share various benefits with differences in their potency range.

Therefore, we tried and tested all the vape carts containing these cannabis chemicals, although there were not many. The only brand offering everything up to our standards was Delta Extrax. On scrutinizing their vape carts, our team found Tangie Sunrise, Banana Runtz, and Double Bubble to be the most favorite among their customers.

All these vape carts contain high-quality natural elements, due to which they offer incredible flavors. Since these cartridges feature a hybrid blend of different potent strains, you can rest assured of experiencing an amazing encounter.

Besides the perfect proportion of THCh and THCjd in the proprietary blend, every cartridge on our list is packed with pure cannabis terpenes. What’s great is Delta Extrax performs third-party lab testing on all its hemp products. With that said, the company has also tested its new cannabinoid range of vape carts. The lab results of each vape cartridge are available on the website.

You can follow our buying guide if you want to explore more options for high-quality THCh and THCjd vape carts. We have given details on different parameters to help you secure a potent weed cartridge and money simultaneously.

By hook or crook, we wish you only get the best THCh THCjd cartridge with potential health benefits. Choose one now and enjoy different undertones of various hybrid strains discreetly. Happy vaping!

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