The 4 Best Tumble Dryers In 2022 For Home Appliance

Nikhil Goswami

Are you looking for the best tumble dryer and can’t pick the right one? Indeed, the confusion is understandable, and it is difficult to pick the right tumble dryer. A wide range of tumble dryers is available in the market, seemingly offering the best-automated programs.

Picking the best one among the lot is challenging. Our team has done comprehensive research on the available tumble dryers in the market.

And after examining the highlighting features of these tumble dryers, we have enlisted the top four best tumble dryers here. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Our Top Picks For The Best Tumble Dryers In 2022

  1. Sharp KD-HHH8S7GW2-EN- Overall Best Tumble Dryer– Overall Best Tumble Dryer, Editor’s Choice
  2. AEG 9000 3D FIBERPRO– Most Popular Tumble Dryer Brand
  3. BOSCH WTWH7660GB Series 6 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer– Highly Efficient Tumble Dryer With Low Running Cost
  4. BEKO Freestanding 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer B3T4811D– Best Affordable Condenser Tumble Dryer

#1. Sharp KD-HHH8S7GW2-EN– Overall Best Tumble Dryer, Editor’s Choice


Sharp Corporation started its journey in 1912 and, since then, never looked back. This company has made an irreplaceable mark in the market by providing cutting-edge innovative technology in any era.

Sharp’s loyal customer base prefers nothing but the premium and technologically advanced Sharp products only. This heat pump model KD-HHH8S7GW2 by Sharp is one of the best heat pump dryers on the market right now.


Heat Pump Technology: This tumble dryer has highly advanced heat pump technology, making it the most energy efficient. Thus, this tumble dryer helps in reducing your bills. Heat pump technology also lowers the drying temperature, which is great for drying delicate and soft garments. Therefore, the heat pump dryers cost higher for providing high-end technology.

Freshen Up Settings: This heat pump tumble dryer has a unique and exciting “Freshen Up” feature in its settings. Choosing this setting will quickly refresh your clothes that have long been sitting in the closet and seem a little musty. This feature of the KD-HHH8S7GW2 heat pump tumble dryer will remove the foul odor from your garment and be fresh as new.

Availability of Delay Timer: This “delay timer” feature allows users to set a delayed time for the drying cycle when convenient for them. Hence, the tumble dryer will not remain switched on in your absence.

Inclusion of Special Programs: Sharp heat pump tumble dryer offers a range of special program settings to dry different fabric types at a specific temperature. There is a total 15 number of programs to set according to the garment’s care instructions.


  • Comparatively low running cost
  • Lower heating temperatures ensure gentle drying
  • Large dryer door help in the easy loading of the clothes
  • Spacious drum enough for a medium household
  • The water tank is on the top, making draining mess-free and hassle-free
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty
  • Affordable price range


  • Does not offers mobile connectivity app

=> Click here to visit the official website of Sharp Corporation

#2. AEG 9000 3D FIBERPRO– Most Popular Tumble Dryer Brand


AEG is one of the most prestigious and reliable brands for home appliances. AEG is your go-to brand if you purchase kitchen appliances, washing machines, tumble dryers, washer dryers, vacuum cleaners, or air purifiers. This brand prioritizes quality and offers hi-tech equipment to its customers.

The top highlighting feature of this brand is that it has introduced the latest technology within all its products. These technologically advanced appliances promise feasibility and comfort, thus attracting a vast customer base.

This 9000 series 3D FIBERPRO heat pump tumble dryer is an exceptional product by AEG that showcases the company’s commitment to quality and customer convenience.

AEG has offered a bunch of the latest technologies in this tumble dryer, including the AbsoluteCare system, 3D Scan technology, humidity sensor, FiberPro system, interior light, and several others. These settings make tumble drying convenient and hassle-free.


SensiDry Technology: This heat pump tumble dryer has a sensor technology that controls the drying power, drying duration, and energy level of the operation. With this humidity sensor, the garments remain safe from overheating; and it also saves energy. Thus, This humidity sensor helps save energy and prolong the garments’ newness.

Quiet Operation: Many people complain about their noisy dryers. But, this heat pump tumble dryer by AEG functions quietly at only 63 dB, which is hardly audible to the human ear. This heat pump machine’s working efficiency is as amazing as its quiet operation.

AbsoluteCare System: AbsoluteCare system ensures that each fabric gets customized drying heat. Every material requires a different level of care and protection against the drying heat. The AbsoluteCare system of this heat pump dryer preserves the fabric’s quality, appearance, and feel by providing the correct temperature and rotating motion. For instance, outdoor garments require more heat and rotation than woolen fabric. Thus, via this hi-tech system, the outdoor garments get high-temperature drying, whereas the woolen clothes get flat drying.

Exceptional Customer Care Policy: AEG strives to provide excellent customer care to its customers. First, the company has worked hard in the research and development to manufacture a magnificent tumble dryer equipped with the latest technology. Furthermore, AEG helps its customers at every step of the way, starting from the purchase, then delivery of the product, and till offering outstanding repair services. For instance, customers can use one of the several AEG’s acceptable payment mediums. These payment mediums include American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, Diners Club International, dpd, and Klarna. Moreover, AEG offers free home delivery. Customers can also book a repair from the company’s official website.


  • 3D scan technology
  • Availability of FiberPro System for protection of delicate fabrics
  • Noise level 63 dB
  • SensiDry technology adjusts the heating power and duration
  • Operates at low, low temperature
  • 8 kg capacity, perfect for medium household
  • Digital and easy-to-use display of settings
  • 2-year warranty
  • Free home delivery


  • May be challenging to understand the correct settings for your clothes initially

=> Click here to visit the official website of AEG

#3. BOSCH WTWH7660GB Series 6– Highly Efficient Tumble Dryer With Low Running Cost


BOSCH is a member of the 100-year club as the company has been providing home appliances for over a century. With time, the company has embodied new technological developments without leaving behind its commitment to quality and authenticity. In 1989, BOSCH introduced 0° refrigeration technology to keep the produce fresh for long periods.

In the early 1990s, when the world was cheering for adopting a sustainable approach, BOSCH converted its refrigerators line to be completely CFC and FC-free. BOSCH introduced its Home Connect application back in 2015, which allows users to operate and stay connected with different home appliances from the touch of their fingertip.

In short, BOSCH kept moving forward while taking its customers on a ride-along. BOSCH has earned a loyal customer base with the provision of premium products reflecting the ease and feasibility of the customers.

A long list of high-quality home appliances is available at the BOSCH. The series 6 heat pump dryer truly depicts the fantastic qualities of the company. This WTWH7660GB heat pump dryer is a powerful dryer and offers numerous user-friendly technologies that make the tumble-drying process simple and hassle-free.

Furthermore, technological advancements ensure fabric protection, energy-efficient operation, and lengthening of the tumble dryer’s life.

The machinery, design, and technology used in the manufacturing of this tumble dryer are nothing but the best. Such an exceptional primary feature of any heat pump tumble dryer promises long life of the tumble dryer.

Hence, if you properly maintain the tumble dryer and quickly fix any shortcomings, it can stay with you for a longer time. This dryer is one of the best heat pump dryers in the market


AllergyPlus Program: This BOSCH heat pump dryer performs its primary function at its best and removes allergens from the fabric. This feature is particularly lucrative for sensitive people who get allergic reactions quite easily. BOSCH has developed this AllergyPlus program that removes the allergens such as dust, dust mites, hair, and animal hair from the garments during tumble drying.

SelfCleaning Condenser: The SelfCleaning condenser of a heat pump tumble dryer ensures high energy efficiency and protection of your clothes. With this SelfCleaning condenser technology, the tumble dryer automatically removes the lint and the dust from the condenser. The tumble dryer performs this function about four times during the drying process, and this process maintains the A++ energy efficiency of the tumble dryer.

Innovative AntiVibration Design: Not only the sound but this innovative AntiVibration technology is there to mask the sound of vibration as well. The sidewalls of this heat pump tumble dryer have a unique, innovative AntiVibration technology that reduces the vibration and keeps the machine stable and optimally silent during the drying process. This enhanced level of noise regulation makes these BOSCH tumble dryers the best heat pump tumble dryers for keeping quiet.

Availability of Smart Connectivity: The Home Connect app is one of the most distinguishing features of BOSCH home appliances. All the BOSCH home appliances at your place stay connected with this application, and you can control their functions. You can monitor all your machinery remotely, thus making your life simple and hassle-free.

Presence of AutoDry Technology: This heat pump tumble dryer features AutoDry technology. The machine measures the temperature and moisture level of the clothes using this AutoDry system. As soon as the clothes achieve the specific dryness level, it switches off, thus enhancing the energy efficiency and guarding the originality of the garments.


  • SelfCleaning technology ensures premium care of garments and machinery
  • AutoDry system protects the garments from over-drying
  • Energy efficient functioning
  • Noiseless operation
  • Quickly dries the garments
  • Ease of operating the tumble dryer from your mobile via smart home connect


  • Does not offer a buzzer sound at the end of the drying session

=> Click here to visit the official website of Bosch

#4. BEKO Freestanding 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer– Best Affordable Condenser Tumble Dryer


BEKO is the UK’s best brand to buy premium large home appliances from. This brand started doing business in 1990 and is flourishing with each passing day.

In the last three decades, BEKO has provided countless customers with high-quality, long-lasting, technologically advanced home appliances.

You can check out a fantastic range of refrigerators, freezers, washer dryers, condenser dryers, vented tumble dryers, washing machines, ovens, hobs, cookers, coffee machines, kettles, and so much more.

In addition to enjoying the long market experience, BEKO has also moved ahead with the time. All the home appliances available at BEKO are technologically well-equipped and offer ease and convenience to the customers. More than 90% of BEKO customers have recommended buying its appliances.

BEKO has excelled in designing tumble dryers. A wide selection of heat pump machines, condensers, and vented tumble dryers is available online and offline in stores.

The Freestanding 8 kg condenser tumble Dryer B3T4811D is one of the best condenser tumble dryers available on the market.

This condenser dryer has an 8 kg capacity that is enough to cater to the needs of most families. Furthermore, these tumble dryers offer various drying settings for different fabrics to protect the original shape and feel of the garment.

Another highlighting feature of buying a tumble dryer from BEKO is its charity partners. BEKO proudly supports the “Believe in Children Barnardo’s.” The company has been working with this charity since 2014. Since 2014, BEKO has donated more than £200,000 to disadvantaged families and communities in the UK. Furthermore, BEKO has provided over 800 home appliances to deserving homes.

Let’s check out the highlighting features of this condenser tumble dryer.


Sensor Drying Programs: Sensor drying technology is one of the best features of this condenser dryer. The tumble dryer uses the humidity sensor to detect the moisture level in the clothing. Once the clothes get dried to the desired dryness level, the machine automatically switches off. This feature prevents the garments from overdrying and also saves energy. There are 15 different program settings available in this condenser tumble dryer for different types of clothing.

Automatic Anti-Creating Technology: This automatic anti-creasing function is excellent for times when you cannot immediately unload the clothes from the dryer. The dryer’s drum rotates for about two hours at a rhythmic pace to untangle and then to anti-crease all the clothes.

End-of-Cycle Buzzer: Another highlighting feature of this condenser dryer is the availability of a buzzer. You will hear a buzzer at the end of every drying cycle, thus reminding you to empty the drum. There is a setting of “time delay,” which offers you to set a delayed time for drying per your comfort. Furthermore, this tumble dryer also features warming lights. These lights lit up as a reminder to empty the fluff filter and the water tank. Moreover, you can also use the hose pipe to drain all the water collected during the drying process; instead of doing it manually.


  • Humidity sensors keep garments safe from over-drying
  • 32 cm large porthole door
  • The reversible door design offers the feasibility of maintaining the dryer in any direction
  • Availability of automatic anti-creasing function
  • Presence of a full tank and filter cleaning indicator light
  • Availability of 15 different programs for different fabric types
  • 10-year BEKO parts guarantee


  • It does not offer a mobile app for smart connectivity
  • Causes noise during operation

=> Click here to visit the official website of BEKO

How We Made This List Of The Best Tumble Dryers?

The market is overloaded with an impressive range of tumble dryers, and picking the best from such an overwhelming collection can be quite confusing. Our team has researched the market and has listed the best tumble dryers available to extract the best ones.

Firstly, we made a list of all the brands offering tumble dryers. We considered all three types of tumble dryers: heat pumps, vented dryers, and condenser dryers. Then we scrutinized these tumble dryers on various factors.

Some of these factors include the reliability of the brands, range of program settings, drum size, use of technology, and affordability.

What We Looked For?

We looked at the different tumble dryers from several authentic and reliable brands. Later, we shortened the list to the top four best tumble dryers, which proved to be the best in every department.

We scrutinized the brands on the following essential factors:

  • The Authenticity of the Brand: It is essential always to choose a reliable and authentic brand that stands behind the quality of the products. We only chose the brands that offered authentic results for quality tests to check the quality of the design, machinery, and working efficiency.
  • Drum Capacity: There is a wide range of drum sizes available. Some tumble dryers have as low as 4 kg drum capacity, whereas others have as large as 9 to 10 kg drum size. Generally, the heat pump drum capacity of about 8 to 9 kg is enough for an average household. An 8 kg drum can dry 1 queen duvet or 40 t-shirts, and a 9 kg drum has the capacity of drying 1 summer king duvet or 45 shirts. We excluded the tumble drums with low drum capacity.
  • Use of Technology: All the brands we have enlisted here offer dry sensor technology and program settings. These settings are crucial for the efficient functioning of the tumble dryer and ease of use for the consumer.

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Tumble Dryer

Buying any home appliance is a big decision you don’t take daily. Among these home appliances, you may purchase kitchen appliances after a while, but buying a tumble dryer is not a trivial task.

Here we have enlisted a few of the most important factors to consider to buy the best tumble dryer.

  • Know Your Options

First, there is no denying that tumble dryers, washer dryers, and washing machines are expensive. There is no cheap tumble dryer available on the market. Indeed, you cannot expect them to come within a hundred dollars budget.

Furthermore, technology has touched every industry and, more so, these electronics. Hence, knowing your options against your preferences is crucial before starting shopping.

  • Reliable Home Appliance Brand

The notable brands have a high price range but offer credibility and authenticity. The higher price tag indicates the use of innovative technology that promises convenience and a long-lasting life span.

  • Testing Certifications

Moreover, reliable brands also back their product and show testing certifications. These testing certifications depict the premium quality of the energy-efficient best tumble dryer’s design, machinery, and technology.

  • Sensor Technology

Technology has overcome all home appliances; anything less than the best seems outdated. Therefore, always look for the best tumble dryer or washer dryer with the latest and innovative technology.

A tumble dryer must have sensor technology. The tumble dryer senses the desired dryness of the clothes using this technology and then turns off the drying process. This technology makes the tumble dryers energy efficient and keeps the garments safe.

  • Program Settings

There are different types of program settings available in different tumble dryers. Generally, these program settings set specific heating or drying temperatures for the specific type of garment.

Programing your tumble dryer according to these settings before loading your garments will help keep their original form and softness intact.

FAQs Related To Best Tumble Dryers

What’s the difference between a heat pump, condenser, and vented tumble dryer?

The main difference between these three types of tumble dryers is their method of extracting hot air.

Firstly, as the name indicates, the condenser dryers condense the hot air and convert it into water. In the condenser tumble dryers, the consumer has to remove the water himself.

Second, comes the vented tumble dryers. The vented dryers have built-in air vents for the expulsion of hot air. Lastly, the heat pump tumble dryers use hot air and the rotary motor to dry the garments.

When should I replace the dryer?

The replacement time depends upon the condition of your tumble dryer. Generally, tumble dryers can last at least a decade.

However, if the quality of the internal machinery is not up to the mark or if the tumble dryer has experienced irreparable damages, it is best to replace it immediately.

Do the tumble dryers shrink clothes?

The tumble dryers circulate hot air in the drum while the electrical motor rotates the drum containing the wet clothes.

This tumbling action can shrink delicate clothes if the dryer is operated incorrectly. Therefore, always choose the lowest temperature settings when drying soft and delicate fabrics to avoid shrinkage.

You can also avoid shrinkage of your clothes by reducing the load size and changing the settings (for instance, cupboard dry).

What are the basic guidelines for maintaining the tumble dryer?

Regular care and maintenance are the keys to keeping your tumble dryer in an efficient working position. Firstly, whether you have a vented dryer or heat pump dryer, keeping the dryer at a warm and dry location is optimal.

Secondly, avoid overloading the tumble dryer or adding heavy items such as blankets and duvets. Overloading the dryer will restrict air circulation and may overheat the dryer. Hence, read the instructions provided in the manual and check the capacity of the drum.

Thirdly, it is preferable to clean the lint filters after every use. The lint filter catches lint and dust, and the lint accumulation can hinder the dryer’s efficiency.

Furthermore, wipe the drum with stainless-steel cleaner or white vinegar every few months. You should also clean the heat exchanger with running tap water if you have a heat pump dryer. However, first, read the user manual on how to remove it without causing any damage.

Also, clumped clothes take a longer time to tumble dry. So, shake all the clothes before putting them in the machine. Lastly, separate your clothes before drying.

This practice will ensure that each fabric is drying out as instructed on the care label. And it will save energy by reducing the drying time.

Can I dry all types of clothes in the tumble dryer?

Although most fabrics are safe in the tumble dryer, some cannot withstand tumble drying. Therefore, it is wise to read the care instructions on your clothing items before putting them in the tumble dryer.

These fabrics include leather/faux leather, waterproof textiles, latex, silk, nylon tights, suede, metallic items, garments with PVC logos, fur, eco fur, and rubber.

How long does a tumble dryer last?

Typically, a high-quality tumble dryer lasts around ten years, and the lengthening of the lifespan depends on the initial quality of the machine and maintenance of the tumble dryer.

Prestigious and reliable brands perform various external test tumble dryers and obtain certifications. These certifications depict the maintenance of high standards during the development and production of the machine.

Furthermore, regular maintenance and care can add years to the lifespan of a tumble dryer. Hence, it is preferable to keep the tumble dryer clean and call for repair in case of any slight damage.

Final Word: What Is The Most Effective Type Of Tumble Dryers?

Premium and hi-tech tumble dryers that offer immense feasibility and convenience come at a high cost. You can find an exceptional selection of tumble dryers on the market offering numerous lucrative features.

Many prestigious and reputable home appliance brands have introduced the latest technologies in their products. These tech-savvy tumble dryers are thoughtfully designed for the ease and comfort of the user.

Moreover, a tumble dryer is not something you buy every day. Plus, regardless of the brand, the tumble dryers’ cost will not be relatively cheap. Therefore, it is essential to do detailed market research before selecting the best tumble dryer.

We hope that you have found this best tumble dryer review informative and helpful for your shopping spree. All these top four best tumble dryers provide exceptional tumble drying features to make your life easy.

Thus, these are the best tumble dryers to buy without worrying about the design quality, working efficiency, or availability of the latest technology.

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