5 Best THCV Gummies Of July 2024

Shefali Sinha
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Introducing THCV, the latest sensation in the cannabis world. While THC and CBD have dominated the headlines, THCV has emerged as the newest member of the cannabinoid family. 


With the increasing legalization of hemp-derived products, brands are in a race to meet the growing demand. Enter THCV edibles, including the irresistible THCV gummies, which have quickly gained popularity alongside THC and CBD treats. 


Why not indulge in the exciting world of THCV gummies and give your taste buds (and possibly your well-being) a delightful experience?

The Top 5 THCv Gummies To Try In 2023

Exhale Wellness

Best Overall THCv Gummies, Editor's Pick

Cheef Botanicals

Strongest THCv Edibles

Best Overall THCv Gummies, Editor's Pick

Exhale Wellness THCv gummies will keep you motivated through the day with a boost of energy and focus. These THCv gummies help you relax, and unlike THC, they don’t give you the munchies or a dizzy high.


Exhale’s THCv gummies have the combined potency of delta 9THCv, making them great for daytime wellbeing and relieving stress. Many consumers report an energized euphoric feeling, reduced appetite, build of focus and lowered stress levels.


Exhale Wellness recommends taking these best THCv gummies in the morning as they’re great for daytime use. They have unique benefits and don’t make you feel stoned and drowsy.


These gummies are not only vegan friendly but also cruelty free. They are made with premium quality hemp extract and are non-GMO and gluten-free. These gummies are also lab tested, so you can have these worry free knowing they are checked for quality.


The main ingredients include light corn syrup, natural flavors, cane sugar, citric acid, water, organic apple pectin, MCT oil and fruit and vegetable extract for color. The ideal dose will vary; however, Exhale Wellness suggests one gummies if you are already into hemp products or half a gummy if you are just a beginner, increasing the dosage later as you need them.


If you subscribe to Exhale Wellness, you’ll get a 25% discount on a purchase. You get free shipping all around and the return policy is equally enticing.


A bottle of Exhale Wellness THCv gummies contains 30 pieces of gummies that are multi-flavored and delicious.

Strongest THCv Edibles

Cheef Botanicals delta 9 THCv gummies taste amazing and have long-lasting effects. It takes some time for their effects to kick in. Once they do, you can enjoy it for up to six hours.


As a brand which takes organic and natural ingredients seriously, you can rest assured that Cheef Botanicals knows precisely what you need. They provide you with delta 9 THCv gummies that are Farm Bill compliant and safe to consume.


These gummies have undergone third-party testing for quality and effectiveness. The tests ensure that your gummies don’t contain any metals, impurities, or residual chemicals from the extraction process. 


Cheef Botanicals uses organic hemp oil extracted from hemp grown on US farms. Other ingredients in this product are light corn syrup (corn syrup, salt, vanilla), cane sugar, organic apple pectin, water, citric acid, natural flavors, fruit and vegetable extract (for color), MCT oil.


Cheef Botanicals produces a good potency of gummies of 300mg and 750mg. These gummies deliver powerful and unique sensations throughout your body.


Your previous experience with THC gummies determines the dose. If you’re a regular user, start with one gummy per serving or half a gummy if you’re a newbie.

When you store your delta 9 THCv gummies properly, they can retain their potency for weeks. The best place to store them in your home is in a cool and dark place like the fridge.


Cheef Botanicals delta 9 THCv gummies come in glass bottles that have childproof lids. They contain 30 gummies with a variety of flavors that don’t have any hemp taste.


Cheef Botanicals only sells their gummies to people over 21. You shouldn’t use these gummies if you have been diagnosed with a health condition or are pregnant or nursing.


Their shipping policies allow you to order everything and anything, as it is free for their entire site.

#3. Kush Queen

Best THCv Gummies For Beginners

Kush Queen gummies RX Focus CBD + THCv chews will keep you motivated through the day with a boost of smooth energy. These THCv chews help you focus, and unlike THC, they don’t give you the munchies or a dizzy high.


RX Focus CBD + THCv gummies have the combined potency of delta 9THCv and CBD, making them great for daytime wellbeing and relieving stress. This combo comes in a ratio of 7:1 CBD (35 mg) to THCv (5 mg). Many consumers report an energized euphoric feeling, reduced appetite, and lowered stress levels.


Kush Queen recommends taking these best THCv gummies in the morning as they’re great for daytime use. They have unique benefits and don’t make you feel stoned and drowsy.


RX Focus CBD + THCv are 100% vegan friendly. They are made with premium quality hemp extract and are non-GMO and gluten-free. These gummies are also hypoallergenic, so there is no need to be concerned if you have any allergies.


The main ingredients include sugar, natural flavors, potassium sorbate, citric acid, glucose syrup, pectin, and FD&C color. The ideal dose will vary; however, KQ suggests one or two gummies during the day as you need them.


If you subscribe to Kush Queen, you’ll get a 30% discount on a purchase. However, at least you need to buy products worth over $100 to get free shipping.


A bottle of RX Focus CBD + THCv gummies contains 30 pieces of hempy melon flavored gummies.

#4. Koi

High-Quality THCv Edible

If you’re looking for the best THCv gummies to help jumpstart your day, these Koi THCv + ACV gummies will give you high energy, focus, and great concentration. They won’t give you a quick boost and then leave you crashing in the middle of the day to make things better.


This combo of THCv and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) will give you a gradual dose of energy that will last you the whole day. The ACV contains amino acids that help your body relieve fatigue by counteracting lactic acid buildup. Also, it has enzymes and potassium that act as an electrolyte solution.


Koi has mixed these two ingredients to develop the best THCv gummies for concentration, energy, and focus. The gummies contain 30 mg of ACV and 10 mg of THCv.


To manufacture these energy powerhouses, Koi uses safe and healthy ingredients. These include organic tapioca syrup, acai powder, and pectin. There are also sodium citrate, sugar, apple cider vinegar, water, and vitamin B12. Other ingredients are natural and artificial coloring, sunflower oil, citric acid, folic acid, and sodium acid sulfate.


Koi THCv + ACV gummies come packaged in bottles that contain 20 gummies. The recommended dosage is one thcv gummy per serving.


Pregnant or nursing women should not take these gummies. If you’re on medication, you should first consult your doctor before you start using the Koi THCv + ACV gummies.


To preserve the effectiveness of these gummies, you need to store them away from excessive humidity and heat. Keep them in a light and cool, dry place. Koi ships them to all 50 states, and they ship all orders over $75 for free.

#5. CannaAid

Most Popular Brand For Organic THCv Gummies

CannaAid THCv gummies come in a delicious Blue Razz flavor and contain 10 mg of THCv. This flavor is strong enough to keep away any taste of THCV. These best THCv gummies in the market are 100% vegan and don’t melt. With proper storage, these gummies will remain intact and are pretty chewable.


To make the best Blue Razz THCv gummies, CannaAid uses organic ingredients, including full-spectrum hemp extract and natural coloring and flavoring. Also, there are tapioca syrup, pectin, plus citric acid, sugar, and water.


If you’re watching your weight or are highly health-conscious, you should know that these gummies contain 15 calories, no fat, and 2 grams of sodium carbohydrates. There is no protein and only 1 gm of sugar. Not a bad treat to kick-start your weekend.


These THCv gummies are an excellent replacement for other stimulants like coffee. They will give you great motivation, euphoria, and creativity.


By subjecting them to independent third-party testing, CannaAid ensures that their THCv gummies are highly effective and safe for consumption. 


To get the results of these tests, you just scan the QR code provided on their site. Every batch of D8 products contains this code.


They also offer complete transparency regarding their growth and extraction measures. CaanaAid only uses the best and organically grown hemp for its THCv extract.


They rate a proper dose of these treats at two gummies. You first take one gummy and wait for about an hour for the effects to kick in. Then you take your second gummy to gauge your tolerance. Many consumers claim that this dose is enough to start your day on a great note.


The CannaAid THCv gummies package contains eight gummies. When you purchase it, you get 40 points as an award.

FAQs About THCv Gummies

Yes. Though it’s federally legal, it’s always important to confirm whether it’s the case in your state. THCv gummies are just now gaining popularity in the US. They have been legal for a while in other places worldwide, such as the UK.


It’s not registered as a controlled substance because of its minimal psychoactive effects. THCv can be classified as industrial hemp and is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill.

THCv gummies are gummies induced with hemp-extracted cannabinoid THCv. Gummies contain numerous ingredients and should be checked thoroughly before consumption. If you’re allergic, vegan, or super health-conscious, you should always check the ingredients used.


THCv gummies quickly gain popularity with THC users due to their generous benefits and delicate psychoactive effects. Due to THCv lessened euphoric effects, consumers have dubbed it “diet weed. To avoid that groggy high, you should consume THCv products in moderation.

THCv has numerous potential benefits that scientists are still researching for concrete proof. Currently, it’s undergoing investigations for its potential benefits in treating diabetes and epilepsy. This is made possible by the THCv potential of reducing blood sugar levels.


THCv has received highly positive reviews for weight loss thanks to its appetite-suppressant effects. THCv makes you feel fuller quickly and increases your metabolism when taken in small quantities.

Yes. THCv has minor psychotropic effects and can only get you high when you consume it in high quantities. It’s called “weed lite” thanks to its weak intoxicating effects.


If you’re consuming it for the first time, you should expect to experience similar effects to THC’s, but at lower levels. It also binds to the CB1 receptors in your endocannabinoid system like THC.

Yes. This is mainly because THCv gummies will contain other compounds that pronounce their effects. These may include D9, D8, and D10 hemp products. One study found that for new users who smoked one THCv joint, it remained detectable in their urine for roughly two weeks.


Since failing a drug test will have high implications for you, it’s best not to risk it. Low doses of THCv will remain in your system for up to five days. On the other hand, if you’re a heavy consumer, you’ll need at least six weeks to be on the safe side.

One significant effect of THCv is that using it won’t give you munchies. 


However, it’ll make you feel full, decrease hunger and up-regulate your energy metabolism. These effects make it an excellent supplement for anyone looking to lose weight.


A 2009 study backs this point; researchers found that THCv helped reduce your food intake. Taking THCv for a few minutes will help with the amount you take and hastens the effects.

You can go for THCv for its benefits, including boosting your energy levels, improved alertness, stimulation, enhanced focus, and appetite suppression. If you’re not looking for the potent effects of THC, THCv will make a great replacement.


However, due to their scarcity, the best THCv gummies will contain other ingredients such as delta eight or THC. Others like apple cider vinegar will contribute to the energy boost you get.

The best way of storing THCv gummies is in a cool, dry place and ensure that it’s away from direct light, excessive heat, and humidity. Proper storage will let you enjoy your THCv gummies for a long time, and they’ll still be intact, effective, and chewable.


The best place to keep your stash should be in your fridge. It meets all the required recommendations for proper storage. Though it’s a no-brainer, keeping your gummies away from your kids’ reach is smart. They’re tasty and can easily be mistaken for sweets.

In one study, they found THCv could potentially reduce glucose intolerance in obese mice. Therefore, it helps decrease blood triglyceride levels, plasma insulin levels, and body weight. 


Due to the low doses of THCv used in making THCv gummies, it hasn’t been easy for a scientist to verify these effects on humans.


THCv potential as an appetite suppressant has made their gummies quite popular among people watching their weight or those trying to lose some pounds.

Like most edibles, THCv gummies take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes for the effects to kick in. This duration will depend on the active ingredients present in the gummies.

Final Take: Best Places To Buy THCv Gummies Online

THCV gummies offer an exciting opportunity to boost overall well-being, potentially aiding in weight management, increasing energy, and sharpening focus. To maximize benefits, it’s crucial to choose the right product that suits your needs, just like products from EXHALE WELLNESS.


We advise starting with lower doses for THCV beginners to gauge tolerance and ensure a pleasant experience. As you become familiar with the effects, you can gradually adjust the dosage to achieve your desired outcomes. Embrace the invigorating potential of THCV gummies and take your wellness routine to new heights.

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