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Readers Write: Barbara Berkowitz is the right person for the school board

Having held the position of Great Neck newspapers’ editor for 30 years,

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Barbara Berkowitz re-elected to Great Neck Board of Education

Barbara Berkowitz, president of the Great Neck Board of Education, handily defeated

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Readers Write: Reflections on the Great Neck school board election

Now, thankfully, that the Great Neck Board of Education election is behind

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Readers Write: Barbara Berkowitz epitomizes commitment

When I think of Barbara Berkowitz, Great Neck’s Board of Education president,

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Readers Write: My suggestions to improve GN School District

Just the other day, the Great Neck News published an unfortunate piece

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Bloom resigns from Great Neck school board

The Great Neck Board of Education president, Barbara Berkowitz, announced Monday that

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Readers Write: Educator Has Greatest Admiration for Berkowitz

I am so very pleased to write this letter praising Barbara Berkowitz.

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Readers Wriite: Reflections after a victorious election

A few days have passed since the school district budget and trustee

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