Readers Write: Barbara Berkowitz is the right person for the school board

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Having held the position of Great Neck newspapers’ editor for 30 years, I attended numerous village, town, and county meetings, as well as regular meetings of the library, park district, and school board, among so many others.

School board meetings presented timely topics in organized and informative manners. Each board member participated, each adding varying perspectives to those timely topics.

Great Neck Public Schools Board of Education members always carefully vetted information as they considered the merits of each presentation. Time and again, it was the prominent job of the president of the board to be sure each member studied each aspect of every decision.

No one was ever better than Barbara Berkowitz at doing her job. She always knew every single aspect of each and every topic and decision facing the Great Neck Public Schools and the Great Neck community at large.

Barbara always had the confidence of village, town, and county public officials. When anyone, even those as high up as mayors, congressmen, and senators, required any details or information regarding the Great Neck public schools, Barbara Berkowitz was the one to turn to — the one with the details, the one with the information, the one who could help, always putting the schools and the children first.

Mrs. Berkowitz has been leading the schools with love and with pride and with years and years of experience and work.

She started at the local school level as her first child entered elementary school. And she kept working her way up — not for glory or for the larger audiences, but to work her way up because she was working hard and learning more.

Barbara Berkowitz is the epitome of a local community leader.

In order to put oneself out as a candidate for any job, and particularly a position as far-reaching as a school board member, experience must come first. You can’t run a government or an organization without having first worked your way up and learned the ropes the hard way.

Please keep Barbara Berkowitz as school board trustee. She knows our schools, she knows our community! Barbara Berkowitz can do the job — this we know because she has so aptly kept our school district at the top of all lists.

Barbara Berkowitz has helped keep the “great” in Great Neck.

Wendy Karpel Kreitzman
Great Neck

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