ST. Johnland NUrsing Center receives grant to purchase Accuvein Vein Finders

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St. Johnland Nursing Center has received a grant from The Townwide Fund of Huntington for the purchase of new equipment that will help nursing staff quickly and easily insert intravenous (IV) infusions for residents.

AccuVeinTM projects a map of the peripheral veins directly on the skin, helping to immediately identify the point of needle placement. Although there is no substitute for a trained practitioner’s experience, the AccuVein will allow for quicker IV insertion to provide immediate effect for patients through IV fluids and antibiotic therapy.

“St. Johnland would like to thank The Townwide Fund of Huntington for their generous grant,” said Mary Jean Weber, Chief Executive Officer and Administrator of St. Johnland. “Nursing care plays a vital role to ensure the health and safety of all of those in our care on a daily basis. The AccuVein will be a great asset to our nursing staff to make IV insertion quick and painless to our residents.”

Performing IV infusions are among the most challenging clinical skills that a healthcare professional has to master. Accessing veins in patients with difficult venous access (DVA) can take up to 10 minutes, which can often be the case for elderly patients due to poor hydration and the aging process.

The AccuVein will eliminate having to make multiple insertions with the IV. According to the IV Nurse Association, there is a limit of two sticks per resident. After two attempts, all residents are required to be transferred to the hospital ER for the insertion of the IV.

“A hospital trip is difficult for the elderly. It is an added expense, as well as a burden to the resident’s well-being. The use of the vein finder will eliminate unnecessary delays in treatment by identifying easy access to a vein,” continued Weber. “The decreased risk of infection, and the reduction of pain and discomfort resulting from only one insertion, also make the AccuVein an important and valuable tool in providing quality health care for the elderly.”

About St. Johnland Nursing Center
St. Johnland Nursing Center, Inc., is a community-based, not-for-profit organization serving the elderly, traumatic brain injured and individuals with medical and rehabilitation needs. The Center’s mission is to create a caring and supportive environment committed to the highest standards of quality health care. It seeks to uphold the principles of human dignity and worth, and affirms the right of every individual to maintain the optimum quality of life.
St. Johnland has been caring for the elderly and infirm for over 154 years. Providing the highest quality nursing care with specialties in Alzheimer’s/dementia care, Head Injury Rehabilitation, Subacute Care for Short-Term Rehabilitation and Adult Day Health Care.
St. Johnland is in the process of developing a Medicaid Assisted Living Program.

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