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Many hard-hitting strains that are favorites today are hybrids of well-acclaimed strains. These hybrids turned out to be just as good as their parents, and an example is the Sour Apple Strain, a hybrid strain also popularly known as ‘Sour Apple Diesel.’ It is an indica-dominant marijuana strain that is as relaxing as one would expect an indica strain to be.

It has an 80:20 indica/sativa ratio, and as its name implies, it has a distinctly sour taste similar to one of its parents. Many love its intense potency, and more so because it is a creeper. As a creeper, its high slowly builds up to an intense, heady feeling.

Sour Apple Strain Is A Hybrid Weed? 

Lets first determine what is hybrid weed? Hybrid weeds are made through cross-breeding two plants including sativa and indica to produce a hybrid weed. Sour Apple is a hybrid weed of two popular strains – Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99. Top Shelf seeds initially created Sour Apple before it became popular and proliferated. As the name implies, it has a signature sour aroma that borders on being pungent.

As an indica dominant strain, it has insanely calming effects that may suit a winding down situation. However, you can control the effect you want it to have with the dose you take. It is also worth noting that this weed strain takes a while to kick in, so it is deceptive at first.

The way it works is that it climbs up slowly until it reaches the climax of its effect, then has a slow fade. This slow fade calms the body insanely and may make you completely unproductive but relaxed. The Sour Apple strain is very effective for a strain with only moderate levels of THC.

However, it is for this reason that some are wary of it. It is easy to overdose on and can lead to intense feelings that some may not like. Sour Apples also manifest some sativa effects, unlike most indica dominant hybrid strains. However, in most cases, one would only experience this when they take the flower in moderation.

Sour Apple buds are a go-to for many people suffering from one medical condition or the other. However, it is generally advised that one seek professional medical advice before using it to treat any symptoms.

Typical Effects

Controlling your dosage is the secret to getting your desired effect from this CBD strain. Of course, you will also have to consider your tolerance level for weed. However, whether you are an experienced user or a first-time user, it is always recommended that you start from a small dose to work your way up and fine-tune its effects on your mind and body.

If there is one thing most users of this strain can agree on- it is not for productive days. This strain is for the days you want to explore your mind and forget your worries for a second. It is perfect for a lonely rainy day with movies and snuggling in your blanket.

You can also take it with friends at a chill social gathering in your house with movies and lounging. The buds will start slowly by making you feel relaxed and at peace, and their effects on your mood will calm you. Suddenly, you begin to see whatever is troubling you as not such a big deal. You may even find your usual depressed self in a laughing fit as you start finding everything more amusing and vibrant.

Also, it loosens you up, and you suddenly feel more social and friendly. Unlike sativa dominant strains, however, it will not make you a chatterbox. It will only make you more comfortable to be yourself and loosen up around friends. In this regard, it could make a social gathering less awkward.

Psychoactive Effects Of Sour Apple

Sour Apple is also an ideal strain for unlocking your creative juices. Its psychedelic effects may kick in, and you may go on a trip inside your head. As long as you don’t take too much to knock yourself out completely, its mind-altering effects could inspire you and help you gain clarity concerning some issues. 

You may also experience intense euphoria and happiness. It is a great strain for its effects on the mind, but you may also find yourself in an overwhelming couch lock when you take it.

At this point, you’ll need to be careful not to freak out, and it might also knock you out completely and have you in a dream state full of hallucinations. You’ll need to control the dosage, so you do not get to this stage. However, if you take it for its sleep-inducing properties, you can easily achieve this with measured doses.

THC Content And Other Compounds

Sour Apple does not contain so much THC content for a highly effective strain. Compared to some other strains, its THC content is moderate to low. However, it also contains lingering but significant levels of other cannabinoids like CBN (Cannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) to enhance its effects on the body.

Those other cannabinoids are not mind-altering but well researched for their health benefits. They work together to give an entourage effect that is intense and hard-hitting. Fortunately, the strain has not been modified a lot. As a result, no matter where you get it from, you are likely to get similar products containing close THC content and other compounds.

Sour Apple buds usually contain anywhere between 15% and 17% THC. However, you may find the occasional Sour Apple strain that contains THC levels above 20%. Despite its relatively low levels of THC, users of this bud report its remarkable ability to leave them completely couch-locked.

Its CBD content sits somewhere above 0.25%. Some studies point to the fact that this compound could help with ADHD symptoms, although Sour Apple buds are not the best for productivity and focus.


The appearance of the buds is reminiscent of sour green apples waiting to be added to a delicious meal. It has every shade of green in its buds, from very dark green to forest green, all the way to light mint green. It also has hints of yellow in its buds, elegant looking, long, and fluffy with varying shades.

At first glance, the buds look like typical indica buds in terms of length and growth pattern. They feel sponge-like to the tough and are very light. They are also very shiny and covered in milky white trichomes and sweet resin.

Its odd spongy appearance may resemble green mold growing on something or a strange-looking and smelling fruit rather than an actual marijuana strain. The buds are shaped narrowly reminiscent of a green pepper if not for the fluffy appearance. This appearance, though, is a foreshadowing of the effect of the buds since it makes one feel light, cozy, and want to snuggle in a fluffy blanket.

Aroma And Flavor

There are few things more distinct about this strain as its flavor and aroma. It is rightly named in these aspects because it delivers on both the apple and diesel tastes. One of its parents, the Cinderella 99, has a fruity taste that is sweet and unmistakable.

On the other hand, its Sour Diesel parent aptly tastes like Diesel Fuel. It has a sour odor and taste that is almost foul but somehow has pine-lemon undertones. Sour Apple aptly encompasses the aroma and taste of its parents. It is similar to a caramel apple taste that retains the foulness of the diesel, although to a lesser degree than its parent.

Many describe the aroma as a rotting apple that got too sweet and went bad. When smoking it, it tastes rather pungent and sour. However, on exhaling it, its sweet taste becomes more pronounced and becomes much more palatable. In two words, the Sour Apple strain smells and tastes both skunky and sweet.


Growing cannabis can be a stressful business, depending on the strain. Some are notoriously harder to grow than others, contributing to the strains’ availability. Some others only grow well outside, so most people leave it to licensed large-scale farmers to plant these strains.

Fortunately, Sour Apple is a stressless strain to grow indoors and outdoors. It does not require much maintenance to grow well and has a very reasonable yield. It grows quite well, and without being tamed, it might grow beyond your indoor capacity. You will have to trim it frequently or make sure you have the space for it to grow very well.

One could employ the popular Sea of Green method of planting to maximize yield and manage space. With this method, you have many smaller plants in your limited space that you routinely trim and maintain rather than a few bigger plants that are harder to manage and yield less.

Sour Apple should be the go-to for novice growers since it will stress them the least. It yields relatively fast results in as little as 70 days. Also, since it has few modifications, as mentioned earlier, it is much easier to predict what one can expect from the flowers.

It is also important to note that the Sour Apple plant thrives in warm weather. Therefore if you experience such a climate and grow it outside, it will likely be very obvious. You may want to consider this before you grow it since you may not want your neighbors and other people to know that you are raising the plant.

Indoors, however, the plant will stay much more tamed and may stay within 3 feet to 5 feet tall. The exact height will depend on your available space and how often you trim your plants.

Common Symptoms That Sour Apple Can Treat

Sour Apple is a natural way to help several people suffering from different medical conditions. This is one of the many reasons why some people take it and is a good reason to. When trying to use it for a condition, you should use it in the right dosage. Some of the common symptoms it treats are:

  • Sleep Disorders

Many people suffer from various sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, and many more. Sour Apple helps greatly with things like this. It can ensure you get a good and relaxing sleep and is considered as a natural sleep aid. This way, you would be fully rested and be able to perform at your maximum capacity upon waking up. 

  • Mild Pain

Sour Apple helps to relieve those suffering from mild pain and relaxes them. This way, they can go on with their activities without feeling uncomfortable while the weed has an effect on them. Although some people take it for chronic pain, it is more suitable for mild pains. It may not be able to help with more serious conditions, probably partly due to its low CBD content.

  • Appetite

Just like many other strains, Sour Apple helps to boost your appetite. It’ll be very useful for those with a low appetite because it will help cure the eating disorder, and therefore, they will be able to maintain a balanced diet and healthy eating habits.

  • Mood Disorders

A large number of people are suffering from one mood disorder or another. These include depression, bipolar disorder, and ADHD, which can cause boredom and hyperactivity. Sour Apple helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which could cause those various disorders. This would put you in a positive mood throughout your day. 

  • Social Tendencies

A moderate dose could give you this euphoric effect, making you less antisocial and able to unwind better. It could help with other social behaviors like stage fright and shyness. However, it is unsuitable for a serious social gathering where you are supposed to stay alert and focused.

Adverse Effects Of Sour Apple

As with all marijuana strains, taking the Sour Apple strain can have possible side effects. Most times, they are insignificant, and you can easily cope with them. Some of these side effects you may face also have ways to counter them, ensuring it’s not a cause for alarm. Some of these side effects include:

  • Dry Mouth

This is the most common side effect that occurs. You might also experience this with most of the other strains available. Some users describe this feeling as one where their mouths feel like they are filled with cotton balls. However, this side effect can be lowered considerably by fringing enough water regularly. 

  • Dry Eyes

One of the side effects which people often experience is dry eyes. You might get worried about this one, but you ought not to be. This is because it doesn’t last long, doesn’t cause any damage to your eyes, and can be reduced greatly. All you need to do if you experience this is also to drink enough water to stay hydrated. If it becomes something you can’t bear, you can see your doctor for eye drops that can help.

  • Paranoia

It is advised that you should avoid Sour Apples if you suffer from paranoia. Most users of Sour Apple who claim to suffer from paranoia are usually long-term users who use larger doses. This side effect isn’t something that happens to everybody so before you use Sour Apple, be aware of your mental state.

  • Headache And Dizziness

Headache and dizziness don’t occur except when it is taken in large amounts. It does not have any effect that can last for long, so you do not need to worry much. It could last for a short amount of time, and after that, you are back to normal.

Who Should Consider Sour Apple Strain?

Technically, Sour Apple is beginner friendly if taken with caution. Beginners and experienced weed takers will enjoy using this strain. As an indica dominant strain, it has more full-body effects than the typical sativa heady feeling. This is why being couch locked is usually a common consequence of taking the buds.

This full-body effect is a great way to experience weed for the first time for a newbie. It provides a more immersive experience that does not just focus on the head-high THC is known for. For experienced users, it is a reliable go-to for calm nights or their downtime when they just want to chill.

Most able-bodied, healthy people should be able to use Sour Apples. Also, if you are experiencing symptoms like euphoria, anxiety, and depression, the effect of Sour Apple buds is likely to take all that away. However, consulting medical personnel first is always the safest.

Who Should Not Take Sour Apple Strain? 

People with other underlying illnesses may not be the most eligible people to take these buds. People with health conditions like lung issues may want to consider consuming the bud as edibles rather than smoking or vaping it.

Another group of people that should definitely avoid this marijuana strain are pregnant and breastfeeding women. Where there may not be too much research into its effects on the fetus, it is better to be safe than sorry. Most things the women take in affect the child in one way or the other.

Lastly, there are laws surrounding the distribution and use of weed in every state. Therefore, this strain or any other one should not be consumed or even possessed by a minor. In some states, the age requirement is 18 years, while in some, it is 21 years.

Other Similar Strains

If you are looking for some other strains that can give you similar effects or have similar genetics to the Sour Apple, look no further. The two similar strains in terms of genetics are its parents, Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99.

It is particularly more similar to the Sour Diesel strain as it is the hybrid’s dominant strain. Some other marijuana strains that could produce similar indica effects ranging from calmness to drowsiness, euphoria, and relaxation include the following strains:

  • Triple Chocolate Chip – Relaxing with a herbal aroma
  • Captain Crunch – Similar THC level and pungent smell
  • Goji OG – Euphoric high
  • Cherry Pie – Sweet taste with a relaxing effect
  • Green Ribbon – Uplifting in a calm manner
  • Pandora – Sedating effect

Where To Purchase Sour Apple Strain? 

There are many places one can purchase the Sour Apple strain from. Since it is easy to grow and well-acclaimed, it is fairly common. One can get it from their local dealer or dispensary. You can also decide to grow yours so that you have an endless supply.

Also, there are many online stores one can get it from. However, one would need to be careful to ensure they are getting it from legal and trustworthy dealers. Consuming modified cannabis or unethically grown flowers can be very dangerous for one’s health.

Some websites have features that allow you to find a store near you that sells the particular strain you are looking for.

Conclusion: Why Sour Apple Is The Most Preferred Strain? 

The Sour Apple strain is an interesting one that stands out in so many ways. From its unique aroma and flavor to its look affirming that it is rightly named, it remains undefeated. It is a favorite for many, and after reading this article, you can understand why. You may be motivated to try the strain if you are a newbie. As long as you do not fall into the group of people who should not use it mentioned above, you are welcome to try it.

However, you should be careful to take necessary considerations. For example, it may be helpful to have someone else with you if you are a beginner. One should also keep in mind that it hits slowly but surely. If you are not looking to be too free and talkative with certain people, you should beware of taking it with them then.

Most importantly, the intensely overwhelming couch lock could make you freak out. It is helpful to lay down or have a couch nearby so that you don’t find yourself on the floor completely carried into another mental dimension. As long as you can regulate your dosage, you will be able to manage its cerebral effects.

With all this information, all you need is to contact your local dealer or purchase online and try it. If you are unsure about this strain, you can also try the similar strains suggested above. Some have less intense or more intense effects, so you can choose depending on what you are going for.


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