Snow Teeth Whitening Review 2021: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Nikhil Goswami

First impressions are important.

How many times has it been now, that you went on a date and your date found you rude or self-conscious – who wants that, right? Whether you like it or not, it’s a well-known fact that when someone sees us for the very first time, they make assumptions about us based on our looks alone.

If you want to boost your confidence and maximize your appeal to others, it is time you gave Snow Teeth Whitening a shot!

When you avoid smiling your brightest smile to hide your yellowing teeth, you may come off as shy and unfriendly.

So, would you rather go on your first date with shiny white teeth, ready to smile as you mean it, or would you rather be that person who covers up their mouth for photographs?

Snow Teeth Whitening is an all-in-one teeth whitening kit, which is specifically designed to help you whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home.

Next time you are lying on your couch binge watching your comfort show on Netflix, you can use this Snow teeth whitening kit to make the most of your time.

In just 9 minutes, the Snow Teeth Whitening system promises to polish your oral care future!

Seems too good to be true, right? We understand your skepticism. Let’s unmask the credibility of this product together, shall we?

In this review, we discuss everything you have to know about Snow Teeth Whitening to judge its efficacy and feasibility.

But, let us first address the elephant in the room – can a whiter smile actually help you look more attractive?

How White Teeth Might Make People Like You Better?

Everyone knows that a smile can go a long way in making you look happier, friendlier and more approachable. Whiter teeth can have a huge impact on your dating and social life. It can make you more attractive, more confident, and you might even land a couple of more second dates than usual.

Let’s look at the facts and research: in a 2012 survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, it was found that nearly half of Americans agree that a smile is the most attractive feature a person can have.

Another study reported that 59% of the participants seemed more outgoing and attractive after whitening their teeth.

So, what does it all mean? It means your smile plays a significant role in making you more likeable.

A bright smile with pearly white teeth could be the biggest trait for you to sail through your dates and come out the other side happier and more optimistic than ever before.

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SNOW Teeth Whitening Reviews: Brand Overview

Snow Teeth Whitening is a patent-pending, award-winning teeth whitening system founded by Josh Snow.

Marketed by Snow Cosmetics LLC, based in Arizona, USA, Snow claims to have spent millions of dollars on research to bring you a product that works every single time, as advertised.

The Snow Teeth Whitening team claims that they have spent several years formulating and perfecting this easy-to-use teeth whitening system safe for sensitive teeth.

The main goal of Snow Teeth Whitening products is to boost people’s confidence and give them a reason to smile wider by providing quality cosmetic dental care.

Snow Teeth Whitening products use a well-researched proprietary formula that aims to get you whiter teeth without causing any sensitivity.

In these times of pandemic and lockdown, if you are looking to whiten your teeth without having to go to the dentist, Snow Teeth Whitening is one of the best at-home whitening systems.

Snow Teeth Whitening claims to provide professional-level whitening products at home for a brighter smile, and it even works great for sensitive teeth.

If you wish to avoid time-consuming, painful, and inconvenient doctor appointments we suggest you give this article a thorough read.


  • Snow Teeth Whitening comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Completely gluten-free, vegan-friendly and chemical-free
  • Snow Teeth Whitening kits are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, if returned within 45 days from purchase
  • Over 50,000 positive customer reviews on the official website
  • Free and fast shipping available with every order
  • Enamel-safe and does not lead to sensitivity
  • No dentist or doctor prescription required
  • Easy to use right out of the package


  • Some people may find it tough to retain the mouthpiece if their mouths are small
  • May increase saliva production
  • The cheapest kit is not cordless; you have to plug it into your smartphone while you put on the mouthpiece

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SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit Overview: What Does the Kit Contain?

Snow Teeth Whitening is available in two different kits:

  1. SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit (All-in-one kit)
  2. SNOW Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit (Dual-light, smart, wireless)

Let’s take a look at both products in detail.

SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit (All-In-One Kit) Review:

When we smile, we can clearly see the difference it makes. A smile can not only help you look more beautiful physically but when you smile your brain releases neuropeptides, which are helpful in fighting off stress and anxiety.

But if you are embarrassed by your yellowing teeth, chances are you are not smiling enough.

And it’s not just yellow; some teeth stains are also brown, green, or grey in color. These stubborn stains are not easy to get rid of – believe us. In fact, before the era of home teeth whitening systems, only dentists were able to remove these unattractive stains.

Are you one of those people who covers their mouth when they smile? Fortunately, you may not have to anymore.

Snow Teeth Whitening claims to be the #1 wished-for gift in 2020. Voted as the “best teeth whitening kit” by many popular websites and magazines, the Snow Teeth Whitening system might help you get rid of your stains faster than ever before.

Snow Cosmetics LLC claims that this kit is simple, easy-to-use and safe. It comes with:

  1. 3 wands of Snow proprietary whitening serum
  2. 1 original LED whitening accelerating technology mouthpiece
  3. 1 wand of extra-strength whitening serum
  4. 1 charging cord
  5. 1 user manual
  6. 1 shade guide

Features of SNOW Teeth Whitening Kit 

  • Designed using a well-researched formula that claims to work every single time
  • Mouthpiece cord has 4 power supply options for easy use – USB, Micro USB and charging ports for Apple and Android phones
  • The user manual contains detailed instructions on how to use the product in the best way possible
  • The charging cord is long enough to ensure that you can easily plug it in your smartphone while you wear the mouthpiece.
  • Standard wand contains a whitening serum of 6-10% strength, which is ideal for removing easy teeth stains like tea and coffee
  • Extra strength wand contains a whitening serum of 12-18% strength to help get rid of more stubborn teeth stains and discolorations
  • SNOW wand contains hydrogen peroxide, glycol, sodium bicarbonate, potassium citrate, peppermint oil, and many other ingredients that may help keep your teeth sparkling white
  • Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, chemical-free and toxin-free

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SNOW Wireless Whitening Kit (Dual-light, Smart, Wireless Kit) Review:

A clean, healthy mouth and white teeth are the first steps towards better oral care. But even after taking care of your teeth religiously, you may find them getting discolored.

This usually happens because of the foods you eat. Any food item that can stain a white cotton cloth can also stain your teeth – coffee, wine, and tea are the most common examples.

Certain types of acidic foods also promote teeth staining like cola and tomato sauce. This is because they contain acid, which corrodes tooth enamel and softens it, making our teeth easy to stain.

Tobacco is also known to stain teeth badly and for a much longer period of time than other food items. Nicotine in tobacco combines with oxygen to form yellow stains on teeth – this is very common among smokers and tobacco chewers.

If you are someone who only recently decided to quit tobacco and wants to get rid of their discoloration and yellowing as soon as possible, SNOW Wireless Teeth Whitening Kit might be the perfect solution.

The major difference between wireless and wired is in the name itself. The wireless Snow teeth whitening Kit does not require a charging cord. The wireless kit contains:

  1. 1 Limited Edition Whitening Mouthpiece
  2. 1 Limited Edition Charging Dock
  3. 3 Full-Size Whitening Wands
  4. A User Manual
  5. A Shade Guide

Features of SNOW Teeth Whitening Dual-light, Smart, Wireless Whitening Kit

  • Completely waterproof, which limits the number of bacterial pathogens that may latch onto the device.
  • Wireless so you don’t need a long charging cord to operate it.
  • Self-sanitizing, so you don’t need to clean it that often.
  • Easy to use and portable. You can carry it with you anywhere you like. This feature comes in handy if you are a person who travels a lot.
  • Dual LED lights
  • Launched in 2012. It is completely new and more advanced than the original.
  • The wireless kit is also free from toxins, chemicals and is completely vegan friendly.
  • Has a UV light that automatically cleanses and sanitizes the mouthpiece while it is charging.
  • The cordless system lets you whiten your teeth anytime you want.

SNOW Teeth Whitening Serum Review:

Snow Teeth Whitening kit claims to offer a painless way to whiten teeth using its LED mouthpiece and teeth whitening serum.

The serum is like a whitening gel that you apply to your teeth after brushing.

Snow claims that the serum is formulated without any harmful chemicals, making it safe for sensitive teeth, which are often found in many other teeth whitening kits.

The main ingredients used to create this serum for sensitive teeth are:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide – hydrogen peroxide diluted to about 3-5% can actually help with whitening your teeth
  2. Carbamide peroxide – breaks down to release hydrogen peroxide after it comes in contact with water
  3. Glycol – contains antibacterial properties
  4. Deionized water – water that contains no iron, chlorides, sodium or any other minerals. It is often used in dental clinics and teeth whitening kits because it leaves no salts or minerals behind. (However, be warned that you should never drink deionized water daily, as regular tap water contains essential minerals that your body actually needs on a daily basis).
  5. Sodium bicarbonate – forms an alkaline solution when it is combined with water and helps whiten your teeth using free radicals
  6. Carbomer – has an oxidizing effect on the teeth and helps whiten them
  7. Potassium nitrate – widely used to treat sensitive teeth
  8. Peppermint oil – helps keep the teeth and gums clean and removes plaque and germs

How Does the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Work?

Using the Snow Teeth Whitening Kit is easy and straightforward.

Step 1: Brush Your Teeth 

Snow Cosmetics LLC suggests you brush your teeth to clean all the food particles from your mouth before moving on to the Snow Kit. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes. Rinse thoroughly after. Floss your teeth and rinse again.

Step 2: Apply the Whitener Serum 

After brushing, apply the Snow Whitening serum all over your teeth from top to bottom. You can easily do this using the applicator pen available in the kit.

Step 3: Whiten Your Teeth

Once you have applied the serum thoroughly, plug the LED light into your device and fit the mouthpiece in your mouth. Plug the mouthpiece to your smartphone if you are using the wired kit. If not, then leave it for about 10 minutes and just relax.

Step 4: Rinse Thoroughly

After using the mouthpiece to whiten your teeth for the desired amount of time, unplug and remove the mouthpiece from your mouth. Wash the device, rinse your mouth, and you are all done.

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Benefits of Using Snow Teeth Whitening Kit 

Snow Kit promises to offer the following benefits to its users:

  1. Keep sensitive teeth safe and comfortable – Sometimes teeth whitening kits may cause sensitivity, be it at the doctor’s or at your own home. But Snow Teeth Whitening assures its users that it will not cause any sensations or sensitivity and can easily be used by people who have sensitivity.
  2. Pocket Friendly-In comparison to other such teeth whitening kits, Snow might be the most affordable of them all. For a single teeth whitening appointment at a dentist, you might be charged with a hefty sum of $500-1000. But Snow costs less than $2 per whitening.
  3. Enamel Safe – Snow Teeth Whitening kit is safe for your tooth enamel. Hydrogen peroxide used in the serum has been sufficiently diluted so that it should not cause any damage to your enamel.
  4. Easy to Use – Anybody can use Snow. All you have to do is brush your teeth, apply the serum, put the mouthpiece in your mouth, and let it work its magic for about 10 minutes.
  5. Immediate Results – Snow claims to show faster tooth whitening results than any other such kit. It claims that 97% of users might see definite results after just a single-use.

Does Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Actually Work?

Customers who have used Snow Teeth Whitening Kit have left testimonials and reviews on the site’s comment section.

We thoroughly went through the entire section, only to find out that, overall, Snow has garnered positive reviews. The customers seem happy with the efficacy, workability, durability, and ease of use after their decision to buy the Snow Teeth Whitening system.

People could see results just after one whitening session. Even users with sensitive teeth were able to use the device effectively to whiten their teeth.

The only downside we found is that Snow is not a one-size-fits-all device; it might be less forgiving for users with smaller mouths. However, with a little adjustment and wiggling around, users were able to make it work.

Also, the fact that Snow Cosmetics LLC offers a 100% money-back guarantee on all its products shows the confidence they have in their products.

How Much Does Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Cost and Where Can You Buy It?

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit can be purchased through its official website – click here.

Currently, the website is offering a 25% discount on the All-In-One home teeth whitening kit.

The Snow All-In-One Teeth Whitening kit is available at a discounted rate of $149.00, while the Snow Wireless Teeth Whitening System is priced at $299.00 only.

You have the option to pay for the product upfront or pay in four installments.

If you are not convinced with the product, you can always return it and get your money back within 45 days of purchase.

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In Conclusion: Should You Invest in Snow Teeth Whitening Kit?

Your smile is the first thing any stranger will notice about you. If you want to invest in any one part of your appearance, it’s best to invest in your smile!

Teeth whitening can be an expensive, painful, and complicated process, even while using a home kit. This is because most home kits may cause sensitivity or do more harm than good to your enamel layer.

Snow Teeth Whitening promises to be gentle, painless, and quite effective in whitening your teeth.

There is no arguing that people like white teeth. Perhaps this might be because whiter teeth look healthier, cleaner, and reflect better overall hygiene.

White teeth may not only help you look good but may also help you succeed in your love and social life. Nice, white beaming teeth are a must-have in the dating world, so let’s make sure we give ourselves those pearly whites we all desire.

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