Small Decor Changes That Will Spice up Your Bedroom

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Sometimes, the bedroom can get bland or boring after a while. Maybe it is because of the comfort level, or maybe because of the way it looks. Whatever it is, you need to find a solution fast that will help bring the bedroom back to life.

Even the smallest changes can help improve the quality of life that your bedroom represents. So getting that spice or that spark back in your life is of the highest priority. Check out these small decor changes to add that newfound flair.

Replace the TV With a Bookshelf 

Electronics in the bedroom are convenient, and everyone loves a good show before sleep, but did you know they could actually be making your sleep worse? It has been shown that having electronics in the bedroom is bad for sleep and other things. If you browse your phone or watch TV even 15 minutes before bed, it could be harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. It also has a negative effect on a couple’s intimacy in the bedroom because there is a distraction. Consider ditching the TV and replacing it with a classy bookshelf, so you have some entertainment and informative material, without the harmful effects to your sleep or love life.

Ditch the Old Bedding

The biggest culprit for the quality of your bedroom might be the most obvious suspect – your bed, but more specifically, the bedding. Finding more appropriate bedding for your needs, whether it is softer or warmer, can help with sleep and design of the room, and even customized options at could be helpful for some new life in your sleep sanctuary. Making sure that your bedroom is not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing will definitely spice up the bedroom so that you can fully enjoy this space once again.

Use More Mood Lighting

Depending on the lighting situation, you may want to opt for something a little more appropriate for the bedroom. This room is not meant for entertaining guests, so you do not need blinding lights. Going with more mood lighting options like faux wall-hung candelabras or dimmer switches can help regulate the vibe. Another good option is going old school with candles to really add some fragrance and make the room feel much more alive. Not only is mood lighting going to save you money by using less energy, but the use of it could really set the mood for couples too. Otherwise, mood lighting is a much less direct way of keeping the room nice and cozy.

Opt For Comfier Accessories

Your bedding was just the start of the process of reclaiming the comfortability of the bedroom. IT does not end with sheets and comforters, but it can be improved by focusing on the accessories as well. Foam pillows are an excellent way to reap the benefits of a quality sleep apparatus, and adding more pillows can help you switch up your choices through the night. The biggest piece of bed furniture of them all, the mattress, should be aligned to your specific needs. 

Firmer if you like to feel secure, or softer if you want to sleep on a cloud, and even an adjustable comfort mattress if you or your partner prefer different levels of firmness or softness. The number one feeling you should get out of your bedroom is a good night’s sleep, so prioritize this as much as possible, even if it is as small as a pillow.

Go Minimalist

If you want to pull a complete 180 degrees, you can always simplify your bedroom lifestyle and go the minimalist route. Minimalism is a style that, by its own namesake, means a minimal approach to materialistic goods. So with that design style, you could remove nearly everything except the bed frame, mattress, pillows, and most of the furniture. Minimalism is definitely not the smallest of decor changes ironically, but it could declutter the bedroom and reduce your stress when you walk into or think about where you sleep. The importance of having a clean bedroom is not something to take for granted, so maybe the decor change you need is to remove the decor entirely.

The bedroom is where you spend a good majority of your time in the home. You spend an extraordinary amount of your life sleeping, so it is a priority that this place feels like your safe place. Comfort is one aspect, the other is design, but it should all allow you to actually enjoy the space. These decor tips can help you make small but significant changes to help improve this room.

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