Sharing the history of the Lunar New Year

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Members of The Wheatley School Intercultural Unity Club shared their knowledge about the Lunar New Year with third-grade students at North Side Elementary School. (Photo courtesy of the East Williston School District)

On Feb. 2, members of The Wheatley School Intercultural Unity Club, in the East Williston School District, visited the North Side Elementary School to share their knowledge about the Lunar New Year with the school’s third-grade students. As the students arrived at North Side, they were warmly greeted by the third-grade teachers who marveled at how the students had grown and matured. They were equally impressed with the students’ desire to give back to their community and their willingness to share their knowledge with the younger students.

The Wheatley School students spoke about the history of the Lunar New Year, its significance in many cultures across the world, and the celebratory traditions shared as part of the Lunar New Year celebration. As a culminating event to these 40-minute presentations, they worked with the third graders to complete arts and crafts activities related to this year’s Lunar New Year celebrating the Year of the Tiger.

“The students did a terrific job presenting to these younger students. I was impressed by their knowledge and proud of their work,” stated The Wheatley School teacher and Intercultural Unity Club Advisor Mr. Fitzko.

The North Side Elementary School would like to express their appreciation to the following students who participated in the presentation: Audrey Chen, Joyce Chen, Ophelia Ching, Morgan Doan, Aribeth Gu, Charlotte Iannone, JT Iannone, Anika Kaur, Ritika Kaur, Azelle Kim, Hitasha Kasliwal, Emma Liu, Nike Oshodi, Lauren Shin, Jessica Tu, Kristin Zachariah, Charles Zhang, Alex Zhao, and Ella Zhong.

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