Sewanhaka Science National Honor Society visits Covert Avenue

The Island Now
Photo courtesy of the Sewanhaka Central High School District

Sewanhaka High School’s Science National Honor Society’s goal is to spread science throughout our community. On March 20, the group prepared a multimedia presentation on the science behind rockets and presented it to fourth-grade students at Covert Avenue Elementary School.

The Science National Honor Society students were able to engage in insightful conversations with fourth-grade students on the topics of forces and energy. Each member then helped a team of fourth-graders to create their own paper stomp rocket. The students discussed the best way to engineer the rocket so it would fly the furthest. They also decided between different nose cones and fins to reduce drag and optimize flight. The students were then able to launch the rockets outside and watch them soar to as high as the third floor. The elementary students as well as the Science National Honor Society students were inspired and excited by the science of rockets. The Science National Honor Society plans to work with the elementary school to collaborate on future science projects.

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