Semenoll Review : Does It Really Support Male Fertility?


Fertility problems are so common nowadays that statistics approximately show that one-third of couples experience this issue. The problem may lie in the man, woman, or both parties. In the case of men, many factors contribute to it, such as sexual and sperm dysfunction. Low sperm motility, illnesses, stress, severe health issues, and other mental problems can also affect male sexual health. Male infertility may result from one or a combination of these factors.

It is a very pressuring and frustrating feeling; thus, many seek ways to treat it as soon as they can. There are many treatment options available, including organic testosterone booster  supplements. Reproductive and sexual pills have become common in the health supplement market due to heavy demand. There are also many options to choose from, all claiming top effectiveness.

It is up to the buyer to pick a product that will be safe and effective as advertised. Precaution is essential as supplements generally take a while before you notice their effects. Hence, buying the wrong product is a waste of your time, effort, and money.

Enter Semenoll, a natural supplement that presents your body with essential nutrients and minerals to boost fertility and sexual drive. Here is the overall semenoll review, from ingredients to production to brand to how it functions.

Who Should Use Semenoll?

Men who are 18-years-old and above can take these supplements. Semenoll focuses on boosting testosterone and male fertility. Thus, anyone who experiences sexual health issues or intends to improve their fertility and reproductive function can take it.

It is helpful for males with low sperm count and semen quality that is not up to the ideal. There are many contributing factors to prostate health and low sperm count. Hence, the essential minerals and antioxidative properties of Semenoll can help improve sperm health.

Men who want to experience better sexual performance can use it. If you feel that your partner is not satisfied, you can use these supplements to give you more endurance and stronger erections.

If you follow a special diet, be informed that Semenoll is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and can be used with keto.

Brand Overview Of Semenoll

Looking at the producers is crucial to appropriately rate and gauge a product’s overall quality. Their ethics, vision, and operating standards can inform you of what to expect from them. Semenoll is a product by Wolfson Brands LTD that operates from the United Kingdom.

The brand has been in the supplement niche of the health industry for over a decade. They make supplements that seek to aid health and fitness in all genders. Their production method is clean and safe, and their formula is unique.

We liked the availability of the brand to users. You can contact them fast via mail, onsite, or by placing a phone call, and the response is also swift. The site is easy to go through and features a FAQs section. They also posted an extensive description of the product, its ingredients and effects.

Semenoll is a male performance formula made from natural ingredients backed by clinically proven studies. The herbal nature of this food supplement makes it safe for consumption. Consequently, you can take it without a physician’s prescription. In addition, they are produced in FDA–approved facilities and follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


  • Only natural ingredients
  • Good quality
  • It does not require a prescription
  • The brand is registered and accountable
  • User friendly
  • Relatively fast results
  • Product transparency


  • Have to be taken for three months straight to see results


Semenoll contains many beneficial ingredients that help increase fertility percentage. Further, these compounds are useful for good sexual health and fertility. They are all 100% natural ingredients, a combination of herbal concentrates and body compounds. Further, these ingredients all have proven benefits, and there are no extra additives, preservatives, or synthetics.

Maca Root Extract: This herb extract takes up a big percentage in comparison to other ingredients in Semenoll. There is 900 mg of this extract in each pill, which is higher than other dietary supplements. Its properties are backed clinically as a fertility enhancer, hence the high volume. A recent study shows how it helped increase semen volume and sperm density up to 9 and 21%, respectively. This study was done using only the maca root for 12 weeks. Plus, it also showed increases in the percent of functional sperm per semen released up to 21%.

Pumpkin Seed Extract: Pumpkin seeds contain a high percentage of antioxidants, zinc, magnesium, vitamins, and other minerals. All these compounds contribute to healthy testosterone levels, which help in improving overall sexual health and function. For example, it is an excellent source of zinc which is a considerable contributor to sperm quality. Some studies also suggest that taking pumpkin seeds may help protect your sperm from the effects of autoimmune diseases. The presence of antioxidants works to improve your libido, prostate, and fertility- working as a unique adaptogen.

Tribulus Terrestris Extract: TT is a widely grown herb worldwide and a common traditional medicine constituent. Many also use it in dietary supplements to increase T-levels and male sexual enhancement. Studies show that the extract causes improvement in testosterone levels and sperm count, boosting fertility and improving sexual health.

Zinc Oxide: This compound works well with L-Lysine to aid sexual health and the production of male sex hormones. Together, this promotes semen and sperm production and its quality. It is an essential mineral for good fertility levels. Controlled studies have shown that as many as 50% of men with infertility issues have a zinc deficiency. It has antioxidant properties that may help protect sperm from cell damage. As a very abundant constituent of the semen, studies show that its presence in optimal amounts is necessary for volume and sperm movement.

Muira Pauma: Brands mostly add this into their supplements as a sexual performance and stimulation drug. It contains sterol compounds, a base build of human sex hormones like testosterone. The herb is from Brazil and functions as a nerve stimulant to improve reactions to sexual stimuli. Thus, its addition into Semenoll’s formula may help enhance reproductive organs, resulting in increased libido and stronger erections.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine: NAC is a compound with antioxidizing and antifibrotic properties. These effects may be beneficial in dealing with erectile dysfunction and other male fertility issues. It helps increase the number of good sperms in semen by fostering a perfect environment for their development.

L-Arginine HCL: This compound is an amino acid present in many health supplements. It is naturally occurring, and humans get in when we eat foods rich in protein. It is an essential protein that converts to nitric oxide. Its function is to aid blood circulation in the body by clearing and improving blood flow. It allows more blood into target areas, in this case, the genitals and muscles. Semenoll adds L-Arginine to its formula to improve erectile functions. A better blood supply can boost sexual desire and satisfaction and give a more robust and lasting erection. The improved path may also improve semen’s ability to move and intensity when finishing.

L-Lysine HCL: This compound is known for its ability to reduce the stress hormone in the body. Studies show that when L-Lysine HCL was given to men with anxiety and stress, there were noticeable reductions in cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone, and an increased presence in the body can  negatively affect it. It decreases testosterone levels considerably, which affects sexual and semen health. High levels of stress are sometimes unavoidable. Hence, L-Lysine, in addition to the compounds, may help to mitigate its effects.

How Does Semenoll Work?

Semenoll is a remarkable formula with a unique combination of natural ingredients that result in a triple-action effect. With proper intake, you may see a total turnaround of your reproductive health. It is unlike any other supplement that relies on traditional methods to target one specific function. Instead, it works in three ways simultaneously to produce the desired results. It targets three core constituents of a man’s sexual health, which makes it an excellent way to tackle your problem.

The contributing factors in infertility result from various processes in the body. Moreover, many body functions contribute to sperm development and sexual performance. First, the sperm you produce must be healthy. Second, enough sperm has to be transported in the semen, and it needs to be functioning well and able to move freely. These pills seek to provide the nudge necessary to boost these body functions naturally. The brand refers to these three functions together as the triple Semenoll effect.

The eight ingredients of this supplement work to support sexual, reproductive, and sperm health in the following ways:

Enhance Your Fertility: The primary function of the supplement is enhancing fertility, and it does this by naturally aping your testosterone levels. In males, testosterone is an influential determining factor of reproductive and sexual function. Combining maca extract, pumpkin seed extract, zinc oxide, and others helps improve its natural production. This increased T-level, in turn, enhances the sperm count.

Protect Your Sperm And Improve Quality: Many supplements fail to work effectively because the focus mainly lies in increasing the amount of sperm per semen ejaculation. Most do not take into account its quality.

Having a high sperm count of poor quality is not very helpful. To increase the chance of your sperm fertilizing, its state, like how functional and active it is, is essential. Thus, Semenoll focuses on protecting and improving the sperm’s strength via ingredients like NAC and lysine. For example, sperm as an organism is very fragile, and stress affects it negatively. In this case, oxidative stress, which is the accumulation of toxins in the body, can affect the sperm. It is usually a result of prior years of unhealthy diet and lifestyle. It affects your body’s health negatively and affects your sexual performance. Also, it may reduce your semen volume and reduce the number of functional sperms it contains. Semenoll contains ingredients with potent antioxidant properties, which protect the sperm from oxidative stress and dysfunction.

Improve Sexual Performance: A common cause of erectile dysfunction is inadequate blood flow to the penile area. Using Semenoll may help boost your sexual performance by improving your blood circulation. Ingredients like arginine and maca seed extract work to increase your arousal, strength, and intensity of erection and, consequently, ejaculation. Better circulation ensures that there is adequate blood flow to the sexual areas. Thus, there are higher chances of better performance and good sex.

Here Is The Benefits Of Using Semenoll, Check It Out

The intended purpose of this product is to support and boost male fertility. This result, of course, differs from person to person. However, in all of the cases reviewed so far, there have been excellent results on average. These results significantly lend voice to its claims. Some of the benefits include assisting your fertility and reproductive processes and improving your semen quality and volume. Furthermore, it aids your performance sexually. These work overall to increase your chance of satisfying your partner or impregnating them if that is your goal.

Along with the above benefits, the supplement also has some effects on the side. For example, an improved sexual performance makes the act more enjoyable and pleasurable for you and your partner. Better blood flow to the penis equals stronger, more lasting, and intense erections.

It also works for overall bodily health. The ingredients are natural and are things the body needs in appropriate amounts to function optimally. So, while reproductive and sexual health enable accessibility for visually benefitting, your overall body functioning may also see an improvement at the same time.

It is important to note that these benefits take time to be noticed. It requires the use of the product for a specific time stated to gauge its effects. Nonetheless, results should already be noticeable during this duration.

With Benefits Semenoll Has Some Side Effects Too, Have A Look 

Before trying any product, you should consider the potential side effects. All substances we take can potentially cause negative effects regardless. However, good quality and natural products should present as little as possible. Semenoll uses only natural ingredients that are part of the body’s active compounds; thus, there are no expected unwanted reactions. Nonetheless, always be mindful, especially in the first few weeks. To be safe, checking the ingredient section for anything you may be allergic to before buying is essential.

Discontinue use if your body reacts differently from the expected results. For example, if you experience constant headaches, unexplained weight gain, bloating, and abdominal pain, stop using it and call a doctor. Other potential side effects that are not life-threatening include hair loss, acne, and gynecomastia (enlargement of breasts). Others can be more severe such as prostate enlargement, infertility, and liver problems.

Who Should Refrain From Semenoll? Know Why

Semenoll is explicitly created for the male population and only for men above 18 years. If you do not meet these criteria, please refrain from using them. It also does not require any prescription since it is a natural herbal product. However, if you are on any heavy medication or have existing medical problems, always get a confirmation from a licensed health professional before use.

Though you should start seeing the effects in a few weeks, it is not an instant or miracle formula. It will require consistency in sticking with the dosage to see results, which take up to three months generally. Thus, if the time frame is too much for you, consider skipping it.

The official site states that the supplement is not for diagnosing, treating, preventing, or curing any disease or medical condition. Suppose this is your intended purpose; the product may prove ineffective. You should also not use it as a replacement for other medications. Further, skip it if you see anything you are allergic or sensitive to in the ingredients list.

Dosage And Tips For Intake Of Semenoll

The product sells in bottles containing 90 pills each. Semenoll, in their dosing guide, instructs that users are to take the pills three times a day. One in the morning, afternoon, and evening each. You can take it alongside meals or simply with water. We do not advise taking it with carbonated drinks, other herbal drinks, supplements, or alcohol. It is a daily supplement; therefore, one must use it consistently every day for maximum results. One bottle should therefore last for a month. From what we observed from current users’ experiences, we have not seen any complications from long-term use. With the appropriate dosing, you should start seeing some results in a few weeks. However, keeping at it for the recommended three months will ensure the best and most lasting results.

The product benefits are fantastic, and the associated effects are attractive. Nonetheless, it would be best if you should not rush its dosing as that will pose more of a risk than a benefit to you. The action will not speed up the result but may cause unwanted issues. An excellent way to ramp up the effects of these pills is to take them in addition to an improved diet and regular exercise. This step helps amp up your body’s overall disposition, helping the supplement work better and faster.

From Where To Buy Semenoll And Product Guarantees

An advantage of this product is that it is not limited to US purchases only. It ships internationally, so you can purchase it on a global scale. We recommend only buying from the official site to avoid counterfeits and take advantage of the perks.

The brand boasts 24/7 customer service. So, they are always available for inquiries or queries, either on-call or by mail. If you live in the United States, there is an option to save on shipping costs from free shipping. Choosing from their bundle offers always helps reduce costs. You can select from many amazing deals and capitalize on the multibuy options. Some bundles further sell with global free shipping. They also boast encrypted and secure payment platforms. Furthermore, they understand that we may not always want others to be aware of our personal problems. Thus, Semenoll is packaged and shipped very discreetly.

A huge feature is its 100 days money-back guarantee. This time considers the three months it takes for insured product effect and a 10-day window for returns. So, there is enough time to try it out and decide if it is working for you or not. If you are unsatisfied with it, no matter the reason, you can return with no issues and get back your money. This policy reduces the risk and worries you may have in buying it. However, this return policy only applies to products you are yet to open.

FAQs Related To Semenoll 

  1. Is It Safe To Consume Supplements For A Long Time?

Dietary supplements do not work to change or alter any of the body’s usual functions. Good quality supplements are intended to provide the body with the necessary nutrients to function better. For example, for problems resulting from calcium deficiency, a calcium supplement provides the required calcium your body is lacking in optimal amounts.

Natural supplements are also least likely to interfere with other drugs. If, however, you are on primary long-term medicines, we recommend you consult with a medical authority before starting a new routine. This rule also applies if you have other hormonal-related issues. Quality dietary supplements work over a specified time, and checking on the manufacturer’s specifications is essential. We further advise that after getting the intended results, you discontinue use.

  1. Can I Overdose On Semenoll?

Yes, you can overdose on them. Consequently, this overdose is not without troubling effects. Yes, it is natural and provides what your body needs, it is excellent and safe for intake. Nonetheless, no matter how fast you want the effect, taking more than is necessary is not good. Too much of anything becomes unhealthy and leads to more problems than solutions. The pills have been formulated to contain the optimal dose your body can process effectively at a time. It works based on accumulation, so we advise you to follow the stated dosage instructions for a good result.

Also, do not take more than what is necessary, even if you skipped a dose. Semenoll accumulates in the body, and doubling the dose will not contribute to more effects. Common side effects include hair loss and even loss of libido. Contact poison control or a health professional if you experience headaches, palpitations, or mood changes. More extreme side effects of severe overdose include liver toxicity, aggression, and even heart attacks.

  1. How Can A Man Improve His Fertility Fast?

In addition to the supplements, you can do a few things to aid and make the process faster. Firstly, you have to achieve or maintain a healthy weight and diet. You can also make sure to eradicate any sexual infections from your system. Managing stress levels and being active may also help. Overall, a healthy lifestyle is essential. There are also a few things you can refrain from, like excessive smoking and alcohol intake. Also, avoid tight-fitting clothes that increase your scrotal temperature. When taking the pills, prevent exposure to toxins like pesticides, smoke, fumes and chemicals. If you are on medications that may hinder fertility, speak to your doctor about it. These all contribute in one way or the other to improve your fertility chances.

  1. Can The Product Increase My Sperm Volume Overnight?

No, and any product that claims so is a scam. Wanting a fast and immediate result is understandable but, in this case, not advisable. It is not something that can instantly occur. Thus, any supplement that advertises such an effect is most likely fake to rob you of your money. Be careful as it might contain some very questionable ingredients. While there are formulas that may significantly work faster, it still takes at least weeks before you see substantial results. On your part, you can also take some steps to aid the effect.

Final Verdict : Best For Increasing Fertility And Sexual Performance

Semenoll is an excellent dietary supplement to include in your daily intake to target fertility and sexual performance issues. It may also be beneficial for boosting your sperm quality and volume. The quality of the product is excellent, featuring only natural ingredients that are scientifically proven effective. All the information you need to know about the product is stated on the website. The brand encourages transparency towards its customers. If you are below 18-years-old or do not have any issues with sexual dysfunction, then there is no need to take these supplements. However, if you lack libido, have a low sperm count, and suffer a loss of strength, then these supplements may help improve your overall wellness.

Compared to many sexual supplements, it is pretty impressive. Further, it is from a viable brand with many years of experience, has good customer policies, affordable pricing, and ships worldwide. As seen from the abundance of positive user reviews, its effectiveness rate is also not lacking. Do not settle for less, and do not risk your health buying fake or cheap products with questionable ingredients. We recommend you diligently go through this article, decide if it is for you, and head to the website to purchase yours.

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