Roslyn Water District encourages residents to ‘Adopt a Hydrant’ this winter

The Island Now

Winter is here, which means that Long Island could be hit with heavy snowfall at any time. With this in mind, the Roslyn Water District would like to encourage residents to adopt a fire hydrant this season by taking up the responsibility of keeping hydrants near their homes free of snow and ice, making it easier for firefighters to access them in case of a fire.

It is a simple yet effective action through which residents can help their community while also potentially saving lives.

“Snow can present a number of challenges to homeowners, but removing snow piles from fire hydrants can be one of the most important to tackle,” said RWD Chairman Michael Kosinski. “Every second counts for emergency responders when tackling an emergency situation, especially a fire. By digging hydrants out of the snow, residents are helping them save valuable time when firefighters need to hook up their hoses. It’s a quick and simple way to help save a life.”

Roslyn Water District officials know that their neighbors are among the most responsible and community-minded groups of people on Long Island and they are excited to see residents adopt hydrants around the District.

Residents can take a photo of the hydrant they have adopted and post to Facebook using the hashtag #AdoptahydrantRWD and tag the District’s page, @RoslynWaterDistrict. Taking to social media will go a long way toward spreading the word about this potentially lifesaving activity that anyone can do.

The District also asks that residents consider assisting any friends, family or neighbors who are not able to clear their hydrants on their own. Residents who leave their homes during the winter season are asked to notify neighbors who can make sure that hydrants are still clear of snow and ice while they are out of the area.

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