Roslyn Landmark Society appoints three new board of trustees.

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At the Nov. 1, board meeting of the Roslyn Landmark Society the Board of Trustees unanimously voted to appoint Carol Clarke, Ariel Morabito and Doug Zarkin as trustees.

Carol Clarke is the archivist for the Bryant Library Local History Collection. She has extensive knowledge of Roslyn history based on her work in the Bryant Library Local History Collection in addition to decades of experience as a professional archivist.

Carol looks forward to supporting the work of the Society and increasing collaboration between the community’s two most prominent cultural heritage institutions.

Ariel Morabito is the archives assistant at the Bryant Library Local History Collection working directly under Carol Clarke.

She enjoys focusing on promoting the Collection, designing programs, and creating interesting content for patrons. Native to the North Shore of Long Island, Ariel has a lifelong fascination with the history of the area and anticipates a future of valuable collaborations.

Doug Zarkin has been a Roslyn resident since 2009 and is currently the vice president and chief marketing officer for Pearle Vision where he is currently responsible for their +$600 million/+550 locations global optical franchise business. Doug looks forward to the opportunities where he can assist in shaping future preservation efforts in Roslyn.

John Santos, co-president of the Roslyn Landmark Society, commented “We are excited to have three new trustees with expertise in local history and corporate relations. The passion they all have for history will be an asset to the organization.” Jordan Fensterman, vice president of the Roslyn Landmark Society said “I am thrilled with these new additions to the Board of Trustees. We look forward to working with them in our efforts to preserve the historic structures in and around the Roslyn community.”

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