Renew Reviews 2022: Negative Side Effects or Real Benefits?

Nikhil Goswami

“Are you doing fine? Why do you look so tired today?” Does this question hit close to home? No matter how empathetically they ask or how much they try to tone it down, it never sounds concerning – it sounds condescending instead. Because every time this question is asked, the person asking is more often than not referring to how your eyes look and how blotchy your cheeks are.  Olive Green said and we quote: “No wonder Sleeping Beauty looked so good… she took long naps, never got old, and didn’t have to do anything but snore to get her Prince Charming”. Indeed, the man has a point. 

Snoozing does get you a lot and we’re not going to let you miss out on it.  But in pursuit of this desired deep sleep, you will have to follow a simple ritual before bed that will help you revitalize your health, boost your metabolism, bring back your days of youth, helps you lose weight safely, all without any nutritive restrictions. Have you guessed it yet? (Drumroll, please.)

Yes, Renew Dietary Supplement by Yoga Burn Challenge is the newly launched groundbreaking formula that does it all. It is an oral nutrition support supplement that contains eight unique sleep-promoting nutrients that together strive to attain one goal – deep sleep – which brings with it improved metabolism, slowed signs of aging, elevated moods, and overall enhanced quality of life. 

Just take Renew with water before you hit the sack and let it work its magic while you’re transported to deep slumber.

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Renew Review: Brand Overview

The Yoga Burn Renew is a sleep-promoting supplement ingeniously designed to boost deep sleep, which in return showers you with a myriad of health benefits. Sleep is an essential biological necessity that we have trivialized. It is as important to sleep as it is to eat, drink and breathe; sleep deprivation leads to an array of deleterious health concerns. Sleeping not only determines if you are tired or attentive, but your entire life kind of depends on it; precisely, you need sleep to function everything in your mind and body. 

According to the Sleep Association Organization, an average adult’s mean sleep time varies due to genetics, but most adults require 6-7 hours while others need 9-10 hours of sleep. However, not everyone manages to complete these sleeping periods because of their professional and private life’s daily stressors. Most importantly, these aggravators drastically curtail the number of hours you get in your most crucial sleeping stage: The Deep Sleep or Slow Wave Sleep. The scientist agreed that while full hours of sleep is vital for human health, deep sleep is the most crucial period of all; lack of deep sleep will contribute to the dysfunction of many systems in our body.

Ingredients of Renew Deep Sleep:

Renew believes in being honest to its consumers – for this reason, it has made information on its ingredients, with their respective amounts, public.

You can look at it yourself since it’s on their packaging as well as fully listed on Feel free to check it out here. 

Pro-tip: Always read supplement labels to make sure you are using the product properly and to decide if the product is right for your needs. 

Below is an in-depth evaluation of all the beneficial ingredients Renew’s rejuvenating formula contains, so you can look forward to the benefits you will reap after its consumption.

  • (10 mg) Melatonin

The 10g organically sourced melatonin is an adequate amount for optimal efficiency. This hormone is already secreted in our bodies every day because it helps adjust our internal clock. People struggling with sleep apnea, insomnia, jet lag, find this dose of melatonin highly beneficial. Therefore, high-quality melatonin has been added to Renew’s formula, making it the ideal enabler of long hours of uninterrupted shut-eye and its benefits. 

  • (150 mg) Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha is a sought-after, ancient herb that has been used for centuries in Ayurveda. This traditional Indian herb is known to contain numerous health benefits. According to some studies, ashwagandha aids in deterring cortisol levels, anxiety and helps provide complete tranquility at night.  It is known to be as effective as generic antidepressants, without any adverse effects, thereby serving as the perfect mood stabilizer. 

  • (100 mg) Hydroxytryptophan

Hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP, is a naturally occurring amino acid in our body. This chemical is used by our body to produce Serotonin, also known as the “feel-good hormone.” Serotonin sends signals to your nerve cells that help enhance mood and control stress levels, ultimately helping you sleep. This acid also helps regulate melatonin in your body that improves the sleep-wake cycle too. Renew contains this essential ingredient to help you fall asleep quicker and improve your resting time quality.

  • (200 mg) L-theanine

You might have come across this component in green and black teas before since it’s known to reduce stress and affect anxiety effectively. L-theanine is an amino acid that helps elevate “the happy-hormones,” namely serotonin and dopamine in your body that work together to help you concentrate better in your daily tasks during the day, and ease your restless brain for better sleep at night.

  • (50 mg) Magnesium and (15 mg) Zinc

Zinc and Magnesium are known to be some of the most efficient combinations that improve your sleep quality. Together, they stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System in your body, which helps you feel calm and stress-free.

  • (1200 mg Each) Arginine and Lysine 

Lysine is an essential amino acid that our body cannot produce; hence needs to be taken externally through dietary products or safe amounts of medicated dosage. Arginine is a semi-amino acid that helps in the release of HGH in our bodies. Lysine is also known to help restore collagen and speed up the repair process of any wounds. Both acids possess regenerative properties that reverse damage caused by years of insufficient sleep. Click here to learn more about the Ingredients of Renew

What is Deep Sleep?

To apprehend why an adequate amount of sleep is crucial, it helps first understand how sleep works. A healthy shut-eye has four stages, and in a proper night’s sleep, we get to experience an average of 60-90 minutes of three to four cycles each. 

Somnologists have categorized these phases according to the characteristics of the body and brain during sleep. Our brain starts to disengage with the world around us as we sleep through stage 1 and 2 until we reach the most wanted stage 3 of the magical deep sleep. Here, the brain’s blood diverts to the muscle and the brain and body descend to their lowest stage of the cycle.

The last stage is REM, also known as The Rapid Eye Movement, where dreaming occurs, and the brain is activated. 

Do we actually need optimal Deep Sleep?

There are a thousand and one sayings and claims about how sleep is secondary. The beauty sleep being a myth believing sleep debt as an actual practice, claiming adults only need to sleep for five hours a day or fewer if they’re strong – sleep is for the weak to ring a bell?  Fortunately, enlightened people like Arianna Huffington have published well-researched content backed by science that has helped deflate such myths. Co-Founder of The Huffington has also gone on-record to say: “Sleep is profoundly intertwined with virtually every aspect of brain health. Lack of sleep overtime can lead to an irreversible loss of brain cells — yet another debunking of the myth that sleep debt can be made up.” While uninterrupted peaceful hours of sleep are crucial, it is proven that the essential phase of sleep is the deep sleep stage – if staying well-rested and enjoying superior life quality is what you’re into.  An average healthy adult manages to acquire roughly a few hours of deep sleep per seven to eight hours of nightly slumber.

During the deep sleep phase, our body releases hormones like HGH, which are vital for the restoration of tissues, in repairing muscles after a heavy workout session, and when it comes to improving the distresses caused by other wear and tear our body experiences daily.  Moreover, deep sleep promotes the production of hormones that help boost your slothful metabolism and ultimately help you lose weight without following those yo-yo diets or never-ending workout sessions.  Beauty sleep isn’t a myth; when we hit the pillow to get our desired beauty sleep, our whole body goes into a rejuvenating mode, including our skin, and that’s when the magic happens, the hormones secreted during the deep sleep phase bring back your age of glory and diminish signs of aging. 

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What does reduced Deep Sleep lead to?

Deep sleep is vital for bodily regeneration, growth, regulation of hormones, active metabolism, and stable moods throughout the day. If you miss this sleeping stage consecutively, then over the years, you may face undesirable consequences. The detrimental consequences below, backed with evidence and research, will help you realize how important it is to attain deep sleep for the maintenance of good physical, emotional, and mental health.

  • Premature Aging

It’s not a hidden fact that our body goes through various changes as we age; some changes are evident in our faces and physique, while others occur inside our brains and bodies. As you get older, the macro and micro level structure of your nightly resting period together changes, including alterations in the amount of sleep you get, the phases of sleep, the time you hit the pillow and the quality of your sleep. 

If you thought losing your sleep for your favorite show was worth it, let us remind you that it is an awful decision in the long run.  It’s a known fact that skin is the largest organ of the body that acts as a barrier against the surroundings; not getting enough Zzz through the night can deter the function of water, safeguarding your skin against excessive water loss, resulting in dry and dull skin for the rest of your life. 

Have you been zooming into the mirror finding new wrinkles on your face every day? Then we are sad to break it to you: these fine lines too are caused by lack of required nightly rest. As confirmed by a doctor, sleep withdrawal can drastically drop the production of HGH in your body, which results in the thinning of the skin.

This breakdown of collagen and elastic tissue, together, cause premature wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin that are possibly reversible only through cosmetic procedures.  In 2015, an examination was made to determine the correspondence between sleep quality and 60 basic aging women.

The inspection concluded that women who get ample amounts of good quality sleep; for seven to nine hours had nadir levels of aging points compared to women who managed to attain fewer hours or poor quality of sleep.  On deeper inspection, they also revealed that prolonged periods of rough sack time disrupt the skin barrier, leading to inflamed and dry skin. Deprivation of sleep causes interference with the restoration of wounds.

Inflammation foremost shows on your face and neck in the form of the crimson sclera, the reason being that our face is very much vascularized. When your body becomes sleep deprived, that’s when the nervous system starts to cut down on the blood regulation to the vessels. When you miss your peaceful sleep at night, you end up with red, swollen, puffy eyes and pale skin, and yes, the dark circles still show up after the layers of concealer you apply.

A basic study was performed back in 2013 where forty participants were photographed based on facial indicators, weariness, and gloom. It was concluded that sleep-deprived people appeared to look sadder and dejected due to prominent characteristics like red eyes, deep under-eye bags, saggy eyelids, and wishy-washy skin color. The unsightly dark under-eye bags you get are also owed to the inflammation that occurs due to interruption of blood flow because of lack of sleep.

  • Weight gain

As discussed earlier, regenerative functions take place during stages 3 and 4. The National Sleep Foundation arranged a Sleep in America Poll in 2008 where they concluded people who slept for eight or more hours on workdays were in better shape than the obese, which hardly slept for six hours each night.  Another study showed High BMI levels were related to short REM sleep time but not other sleep stages. It further showed that during REM, the rate of sleeping metabolism is higher, and so is glucose consumption, compared to the other sleep stages. Moreover, it was speculated that shortened REM sleep alters the secretion of hunger hormones. Fat cells in our body produce Leptin hormone, which deters your appetite, while the Ghrelin hormones increase your appetite. Reduced deep sleep results in decreased Leptin levels and the increased Ghrelin levels, which results in increased appetite and nutrition consumption and hence binge-eating, late-night snacking, ultimately promoting excessive weight gain.

  • Wider Waist-line

A research was conducted in England with more than 2500 adults in the age ranges of 54 and older. Scientists inquired how obstinate obesity relates to the production of cortisol levels. Cortisol levels were then further compared to the weight, BMI, and perimeter of the waist. Results showed that adult partakers with a broader perimeter of the waist, above 40 inches in men and above 35 inches in women, had higher cortisol levels and greater BMI and body fat percentage. 

But the question remains: how do these stress hormones link sleep cycles with weight gain? Well, here’s how: The HPA axis is a pathway followed both by our sleep and stress. When HPA axis tasks are interrupted, your cycles of sleep may get interrupted too. Our body follows a circadian cycle; this natural sleep-wake cycle is an internal synchronized process that your body follows by entering a sleeping and waking period.

The emission of cortisol follows this rhythm. Around midnight, the level of cortisol production falls to its lowest point, and it starts to go up nearly an hour before you are up. On top of the circadian cycle, our body produces around 15 to 18 tinier pulses of cortisol during the day and night. Some of these additional spurts of cortisol may also be due to shifts in your sleeping cycle.

As mentioned earlier, sleep is not a still state; our body and mind go through various stages throughout shut-eye. According to research, an overly active HPA can disturb your sleep cycles and cause sleep deprivation. This process leads to a boost in cortisol production and an overload of glucocorticoids, which can damage the body and put you at a higher risk of developing conditions such as Type II Diabetes, inflammation, and obesity.

  • Slowed Secretion of Growth Hormones

The pituitary gland in our body produces HGH, also known as Human Growth Hormone – a hormone that is not produced continuously by your body; instead, it is released in pulses in intervals of three to five hours.

But we bet you didn’t know that your body produces more amounts of this hormone when you’re in deep sleep, undergoing stress, working out, or have low glucose levels in the bloodstream. HGH also hugely contributes to your growth, bodily structure, metabolism, and cell restoration. 

In adult men, these hormones are secreted just after the starting stage of phases 3 and 4 – in fact, about 70% of the growth hormone pulse links with the parallel amount of deep sleep. Research has also shown that the number of growth hormones secreted during SWS in an adult drastically decreases over time and plays a detrimental role in ‘Hyposomatotropism of Senescence,’ which means pituitary glands scarcely secrete growth hormones with increased age. 

This crash in hormone secretion leads to various unwanted complications: there’s no more stimulation for the breakdown of triglycerides and fat utilization, metabolism slows down, and protein anabolism is rendered ineffective; all of which causes weight gain. 

  • Deteriorating Mental health

How many times have you woken up on the wrong side of the bed, not wanting any human interaction? Or have you had trouble following your boss’ orders at work?  Well, these are just short-term consequences of missing a few hours of sleep.

Accumulation of all these missed sleeping hours over the years can cause some serious irreversible damage to your brain. Or exacerbate pre-existing mental conditions like anxiety, depression, or mood disorder.  Lack of sleep can lower your societal and cognitive processing ability and turn daily, minor irritations difficult to cope with and handle.

Compromising on deep sleep affects not only your vanity but also your mental health.  Alzheimer’s disease is accelerated due to the collection of beta-amyloid plaques in the tissues of the brain.

According to recent research, it was found that withdrawal of deep sleep causes an interruption in cleansing these proteins in the brain, leading to gradual but concrete memory impairment. Click here to get the latest deals on Renew

How does Renew help in achieving optimal deep sleep?

Renew contains all the essential components that help you acquire maximum hours of peaceful deep sleep; Renew also helps restore the damage caused by having lost all those precious hours of sleep over the years. 

Renew contains natural acids that boost the production of the much sought-after growth hormone, known as “Fountain of Youth”.  Production of which is known to decrease as we age. Hence, this product is designed keeping in mind middle-aged women who struggle with the onset of pre-menopausal symptoms. Since HGH is secreted at night during a certain phase of sleep, it is essential to remain in that stage for long hours, which is where Renew comes in – it also helps you feel renewed after a good stretch of deep sleep. 

Once this hormone is secreted, it burns excess fat in your body, restores tired muscles, and speeds up your inactive metabolism, thereby leading to a healthy BMI and a toned physique. And the best part is all of this happens without any crash diets or faux remedies. Aging is inevitable, but slowing down signs of premature aging or desiring a youthful glow is no sin. With HGH, collagen synthesis in our body gets stimulated, which minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, bringing back facial structure, tighter skin, and a youthful glow. 

Turning back the clock and bringing back your days of glory was never this easy, but fortunately, with Renew, it’s just a matter of a simple intake of the supplement before bed. Ingestion of melatonin, in an adequate amount, can help our circadian rhythm stay synchronized; this is essential for the maintenance of cortisol levels. Renew contains the perfect amount of melatonin, which guarantees optimum performance. The ultimate goal of Renew pills is to provide you with top-notch sleep quality since all the magic occurs at night when we are fully adrift. 

This “sleep hormone” helps you sleep faster at night and wakes you up at the right time in the morning, not too late or too early. 

What do people have to say about Renew?

With the addition of Renew in your life and consistent usage over a period of time, you will notice a range of positive changes in yourself.  A few profound benefits, as experienced by our loyal consumers, are as follows:

  • People experienced a higher boost of energy and elevated mood throughout the day. 
  • Women going through menopause started sleeping better and got rid of excess weight.
  • Wearing a mask is essential during the pandemic, which has led to acne; Renew helped clear the skin of many and brought back that natural glow. 
  • Women who adopted the new ritual were very pleased and reported experiencing a sense of self-love and self-care
  • Renew took off the unnecessary stresses of life and helped people doze off to deep restless slumber.
  • A woman was stuck on a weight plateau; with Renew revival supplements, the woman reached her desired weight and a bonus – her hair stopped shedding.  

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How legitimate is Renew?

It is quite normal to have doubts about a new product with such an extensive list of perks; therefore, the manufacturers remain transparent about its inception and anatomy. Read through additional features of the product, that further prove its authenticity, so you can make informed decisions about your health. 

  • It is a natural, harmless product.

Renew sleep-aid supplement consists of natural components, driven from plant-based sources. To ensure the product comes out as naturally as possible, the vendors of these ingredients are entrusted to not add any artificial chemicals during the growth of the crops; hence the extraction from these plants is free from additives or adverse elements.

  • The product is vegetarian

Many supplements contain traces of dairy, animal meat, or nuts, which makes them unsuitable for vegetarian consumption. The ingredients of these supplements are plant-based, and the shell of the capsule is not made out of gelatin either. As a matter of fact, Renew has a clear vegetarian stamp that goes on to cement that this product accommodates people with all dietary patterns.

  • It is a NON-GMO product.

Renew is compliant with the Non-GMO Project Standard and is not produced with genetic engineering; neither are its ingredients derived from Genetically Modified Organisms. This label ensures the pills are ultimately healthy and carry minimum toxins.

  • Renew is FDA approved.

The FDA-approved logo finally marks the stamp of security and authenticity on this product. In layman’s terms, to be FDA-approved is to offer maximum benefits and minimum suspected risk in the proposed dosage of your product. 

  • Renew is backed by reliable individuals. 

Zoe Bray-Cotton is an internationally recognized and certified personal instructor and has been teaching yoga for more than a decade. She has worked behind bestselling fitness organizations to uplift women in achieving a better state of mind and health. She collaborated with an e-business firm and Digital Health Solutions and came up with this game-changing product, known as Renew. The brand is compliant with Clink Bank, which manages all its purchases. 

What’s the best platform to buy Renew?

Renew is easily accessible on Yoga Burn Challenge’s official website. The product has been reasonably priced to fit the bill of everyone who wants to try this revolutionary product.  To help you save some bucks (because we all know how that’s important too for good sleep), Renew is offering some generous, budget-friendly packages.

  • A bottle for a month will cost you $49
  • Three bottles for almost three months will cost you $39 per bottle, saving you $30!
  • While six bottles for half a year will only cost you $34 per bottle, that will save you a whopping $90! Now that’s a deal you cannot miss.

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In Conclusion: Is Renew By Yoga Burn Worth Your Money?

Renew by Yoga Burn is truly an all-rounder supplement that also helps you stick to your budget by eliminating the need to add more supplements to your carts. Renew is manufactured using natural ingredients and induces a good night’s sleep for anyone who needs it. 

Dalai Lama says, “Sleep is the best meditation,” so while you’re at it, you can further work on improving your mental and physical state with the Meditation Package; Renew comes along to let you enjoy the perks of both.

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