Readers Write: Trump, Russia, Turkey and his businesses

The Island Now

For all the people who agree with what Trump did in Syria, abandoning our Kurd allies and turning control of the land they called home over to the Turks and, in effect, the Russians, there is only one conclusion to reach; as Trump, you are supporters of Putin and Russia. Trump’s decision forced hundreds of thousands of Kurds to either flee from their homes immediately, to where who knows, or, to stay, get captured and die.

We all know that the most important things to Trump are Trump himself and his money, his very own money.

But did you know that Trump has properties in Turkey including Trump Towers in Istanbul? And did you know that Trump has pursued business dealings with Russia since 1987?

Did you also know that following Trump bankruptcies in the 1990s, he borrowed money from Russian sources? It is also a well-known fact that Russia was an important source of money for the Trump businesses.

Why did such an astute businessman as Trump need money from the Russians? What was wrong with borrowing from American banks?

Perhaps it was Trump’s history of bankruptcies that led him to borrow from the Russians. Is it possible that Trump still owed the Russians a great deal of money, possibly in the billions, and only a deal with Putin and the Russians would balance out his account?

Trump and bankruptcies? You must be kidding. Where’s the proof?

You dare me to name companies! Let’s see if I can find some of them. In November 2004, a number of his companies declared bankruptcy and they all seemed to have similar names as you can see by the following: Trump Plaza Associates, Trump Plaza Holding Associates, Trump Plaza Holding Inc. and Trump Plaza Funding Inc.

How about his Atlantic City companies like; Trump Atlantic City Associates, Trump Atlantic City Funding, Inc., Trump Atlantic City Holding Inc., Trump Atlantic City Funding II Inc., Trump Atlantic City Funding III Inc. and Trump Atlantic City Corporation Inc., to name a few. In 2004, 26 Trump companies filed for bankruptcy. Twenty-two were closed by 2008 and four more followed in 2009.

How about the names of some of the other bankrupt companies that are probably more familiar to you? Do you remember; Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Castle Hotel & Casino, Trump Plaza Casino, Trump Plaza Hotel, Trump Entertainment Resorts and the Trump Tower Tampa?

Other Trump companies in different types of business included Trump Airlines, Trump Beverages, Trump: The Game, Trump Magazine, Trump Mortgage, Trump Steaks, Trump University and Russia’s favorite, Trump Vodka.

Over the years, Trump has fleeced or cheated so many out of money. His bankruptcies have also hit his own pockets.

As we all know, Trump loves to make deals. Could he have made a deal with the Russians to settle his own debts? Could he have made a deal with Turkish President Erdogan that allowed the Turks to take over Kurdish land and benefit Russia without getting input from his own military commanders, most of whom condemned the deal?

But I guess these are fake facts because as I’m sure Trump will say, “like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie.” That’s really true. A lie? One lie? That can’t be.

Trump does things in a big way. 14,000 lies! That’s more like it and the possibility, God forbid, that Trump sold out America for money to benefit himself. By legal definition, that would make him a TRAITOR. This is what should be investigated.

Alvin H. Goldberg,

Great Neck


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