Readers Write: Trump poses a clear and present danger

The Island Now

This is in response to two letters in the most recent News that strenuously objected to any comparison between Nazi Adolf Hitler and Republican Donald Trump. I thought both writers shared Trump’s grasp on the truth.

I am currently reading “Hitler,” an exhaustive biography by Brendan Simms.  In it I found a small but interesting fact to add to the Trump/Hitler comparison: “Things were starting to look up for Hitler personally in 1929.  Thanks to the generosity of patrons, the sales of his works and a systematic under-reporting of his actual income to the tax authorities, his finances had stabilized.”

I send this plea to the letter writers:  Please try to recognize the clear and present danger posed by Trump, a pathological liar and the most immoral man to ever darken our democracy.

Robert D. Adams

Great Neck

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