Readers Write: Time for new blood in Great Neck Plaza

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Great Neck Plaza received a large grant last spring to resurface and pave local roads. I noticed that our current mayor paved her own street, Overlook Avenue, which was not in need of repair; but the administration completely “overlooked” the residential part of Welwyn Road between the post office and Gilchrest, and Barstow Road between Middle Neck Road and the roundabout—both of which are in a dismal state of disrepair and put drivers in daily jeopardy of losing the suspensions on their cars.

I did not feel that my street was in immediate need of repair, especially compared to the terrible state of Welwyn and Gilchrest roads. I was very upset that the present administration didn’t even have the forethought or courtesy to inform us of our street closure until the evening before they planned to close my street and resurface my road. Because of this, many residents became prisoners in our apartments for several days because we were unable to leave or enter our street with our cars.

The candidates of the present administration have been inconsiderate and unconcerned about the needs of their residents. It’s time for new blood in Great Neck Plaza.

Write in your votes for Leonard Katz for mayor and Marnie Ives and Robert Farajollah for trustees on September 15. They will show care and concern for their constituents.


Judith Greenstein

Great Neck Plaza


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