Readers Write: Muscarella now accountable for campaign promises

The Island Now

The election results are in and the people who voted have spoken. Thomas E. Muscarella will continue to serve as councilman for the second district. The western Nassau communities within the second district have been represented by Republican board members for over one hundred years, so I am proud that over 10,000 of my fellow citizens voted for me, making it the closest election in the history of the district.

Councilman Thomas E. Muscarella made many promises to ensure that he continued to stay in the seat vacated by Edward Ambrosino, all of which he and the other successful candidates will now be held accountable to fulfill.

Councilman Muscarella said he never has and never will raise our taxes, a pledge he must now fulfill. Councilman Muscarella also said that he is completely against and wants to stop the proposed development at Belmont Park, so his constituents can rightfully hold him to that pledge.

While I fought the proposed overdevelopment of Belmont Park, let’s see if Muscarella will actually derail it altogether. I never could make some of the promises he has made to get elected, but now that he is our elected public official, he has the next four years to keep them all, not just some.

I truly enjoyed and was privileged to work with a diverse group of talented and honorable citizens in the Democratic Party.

As mayor of Floral Park, with its 16,000 residents, I had some exposure to our neighboring communities, but as a candidate for one of the six seats on the Town Board, over these past many months I have gotten to interact with many of the over 100,000 constituents in the district as well as the over 750,000 town residents.

It has been an absolute honor and privilege to do so.  To those who may have been upset with my audacity to upset the status quo, just like the much improved LIRR Third Track project, I hope my active participation and contributions to our civic life will continue to result in a better community for us all.

Finally, I want to thank my family and friends who have bolstered me both emotionally and spiritually.  I have never experienced more slings and arrows directed at me or at them.  The ones directed at me never hurt, but the ones directed at them concerned me deeply. My faith has never been stronger or more challenged – something that should have no place in our public debate.

I will pray for them, as well as our newly elected public officials, and most of all for God to bless these United States of America.

The elections are now over, I salute both the victors as well as their worthy opponents, and now we must come together to make our community a great place to live, work and raise a family.

Tom Tweedy

Floral Park

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