Readers Write: ‘Last Night’s Moon’

The Island Now
Photo by Dr. James Haklar

I read soon we’ll not be able to distinguish the stars
Because of the thousands of satellites Musk sends up.
Well, we often can’t really see them now because of
An excess of light pollution falling across the night sky.

You’ll find me wishing for a little more than clear skies
Though. In our harried, nervous lives, necessity
Makes the world go round, also greed and love,
But you won’t find me going the long journey
Between one to the other.

We’re sitting side by side, leaning into each other.
The kids are asleep. I brush a lock of silver hair
Back from your cheek. We’re not able to see the stars
Because of the light, but we look up able to see the moon
Spread its wonder on each other’s face.

We spend content hours like this, talking and wondering
About the future. It’s a vital part of completeness,
Our small romance and deserved sweetness
Is the optimism of happiness.

The moon has no ulterior motives, it just is.
Its wonder is blemished like love.
I’m sorry if some don’t understand,
Simple is exactly how I always wanted to be.

Stephen Cipot
Garden City Park

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