Readers Write; Important primary vote: Suozzi must be re-elected

The Island Now

I am voting to reelect Tom Suozzi for Congress. There are so many reasons I am supporting Tom, but I will focus on two areas in which I have worked with him as a New York State Assembly member and continue to work with him, gun violence prevention and the quality of our drinking water.

I have been involved in the gun violence prevention movement for over 27 years. Tom stood with me in those early years before many politicians were “comfortable” expressing a voice on the issue.

Nassau County Executive Suozzi and I hosted several GVP forums to educate legislators and law enforcement on the newest ballistic technology to help catch criminals who used firearms. He stood with me against the NRA in their continuous battle to stop these efforts. Tom continues this most important work to help stop gun violence by supporting virtual education efforts in real time to help our most vulnerable youth during this pandemic.

Tom’s focus on the quality of Long Island’s water was a signature issue as county executive through his establishing a groundwater protection program. That focus has not dimmed during his tenure in Congress, securing tens of millions of dollars for the remediation of the Navy/Grumman plume, as well as increasing funding 500 percent to protect the Long Island Sound.

He has always served for me as a source for information, funding, and support on the existential issue of Long Island surface and groundwater.

One more thing, as a Long Island homeowner I am grateful for Tom’s efforts to lead the charge as prime sponsor in legislation to reinstate the SALT deduction.

Tom’s experience in local, county and federal governments ensure that he will have a place at the table in Congress to bring critical resources back to New York and Long Island.

Michelle Schimel
Port Washington

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