Readers Write: How to be thankful this year

The Island Now

This year’s Thanksgiving will be most troubling in America. To begin with our nation has been faced with the COVID-19 pandemic in which over 244,000 people have died from the virus and more are dying. There have been many shutdowns of schools, businesses and sports for awhile. Added to all this, millions of hardworking Americans are put out of work.

The question is what has the American people to be thankful for this yea, which is ending with suffering and pain? There will not be a Thanksgiving parade because it would draw a large gathering of people. And yet there is hope on the horizon for a vaccine that will save many lives in the spring. I believe this is where there is cause for hope and prayers that we can survive and be thankful.

Thanksgiving is not about what we don’t have but what we have and that is family and the need to help others in need. Therefore, I ask all those who can to give to local churches, community organizations that help those in need and also food pantries. Let me also point out the last part of the word Thanksgiving is giving. So please help our neighbors in need. Remember this : When things have been the worst for Americans, we have found we have been at our best.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.


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