Readers Write: Here we go again – visual clutter

The Island Now

Once again, campaign signs are being affixed to utility poles, traffic signs and other government property around Manhasset (Is the candidate being endorsed by the Town of North Hempstead?).

This time the assault is because of the local fire and water district election to be held in December. What’s next, a candidate sticking a campaign sign on a Christmas tree or Hanukkah menorah on Plandome Road?

Freedom of speech is not absolute.
Unfortunately, sometimes even local Manhasset residents are responsible for the sign pollution, safety concerns, etc. – There are still campaign signs along the bay from previous elections waiting for a storm to move them along, maybe all the way to Port Washington.
Residents and merchants are entitled to display campaign signs on their property, but maybe it is time to vote against the candidate(s) that don’t show respect for Manhasset – the community they want to lead, spend its tax dollars and collect a salary and benefits from.

John Minogue


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