Readers Write: Cilluffo criticism unfair, misses key facts

The Island Now

In a recent letter, Great Neck resident  Ms. Nina Gorden, referring to my letter in support of Commissioner Frank Cilluffo’s re-election, wrongly and unfairly alleges that his participation in a local pop-rock band is somehow improper when the band occasionally plays in a modest supporting role at a park district special event.

Commissioner Cilluffo does not select, or arrange for, particular entertainers to perform at any park events.

As I noted in my letter, Frank voluntarily participates in many park district recreational activities and the pop band is just another one. When the band is invited by the park district administration to play at an event, he does not seek any remuneration for playing in the park nor does he receive any such benefit. I hope these comments set the record straight. 

I think It is unfortunate that Ms. Gordon feels she has to disparage our splendid Park Board in order to support her candidate. 

Also, I would note that Ms. Gordon’s comments very weakly address the basic issue of my letter.

That issue is that her opposing candidate would be a novice when we need knowledgeable and experienced public officials to promote and protect the public’s interest in our priceless park system.

Leon Korobow 

Great  Neck                                  

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