Readers Write: Care more, now

The Island Now

We all do our best to care about ourselves, our family and our friends. But this is not enough in the world we live in today.

We need to care more about the world outside of our own lives. Issues such as childhood hunger, violence in our schools, homes, and on the streets, catastrophic weather events as a result of climate change, are not going to change if we don’t all change on a larger scale, sustained manner.

We need to take action on issues we know in our hearts need to change. Whatever that issue is for each of us, it is our moral responsibility to help make a positive change now. We can’t let the thought that our small acts won’t move the needle anyway, so why bother?

Our small, sustained acts of kindness have the ability to change the lives of others and will also inspire others to act, creating a ripple effect.
If you have old clothes, books, household and baby items, food that are laying idle in your home, donate it to those in need in your community. Approximately 182,000 people will go hungry on Long Island tonight, and 72,980 of those will be children ( Recycle everything you can – if you see trash on the sidewalk, pick it up and throw it out.

Pack a small bag of granola bars, money, clean socks, toothbrush/toothpaste/floss, and bring it into the city on your next trip to give to someone who is homeless. Offer to walk a sick or elderly neighbor’s dog, rake or snowblow their yard, or even just ask them how they are doing. Invite your children to help out too.
We all have unique and special gifts – it’s time to put them to use for good. This is our job here on Earth – to love all and spread kindness to all, no matter what.
Marci Quinn


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