Readers Write: Blank Slate presents unfair picture of GOP response to Jan. 6

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A recent editorial in The Island Now withheld some important context from readers. I’d like to correct the record.

Blank Slate Media stated that they requested comment from me on the anniversary of January 6. What they didn’t tell you is that the reporter openly and plainly stated in his email that the questions were from state Democrat Party Chairman Jay Jacobs.

At best, this was extremely unprofessional. At worst, this was an unethical breach of journalistic integrity. I couldn’t respond, which is rare for me. I think most reporters in our community and in Albany would tell you I’m accessible to them and respectful of their work.

None of this stopped Blank Slate Media from attempting to paint me as “silent” on January 6 and tacitly supportive of conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

It makes me wonder if they read their own paper!

Last year, I told Blank Slate Media that I agreed with Congressional leaders in both parties who stated President Trump incited the horrible violence on January 6.

Another quote reported by Blank Slate Media following the inauguration:

“There is more that unites us than divides as Americans,” Ra tweeted last Wednesday. “Your success will be America’s success and we are rooting for you.”

And one more, for good measure:

“We can debate, discuss and disagree but once the votes are counted whether at the ballot box or in our legislative chambers we must respect one another and move forward as Americans.”

That’s exactly what most of us have been doing- moving forward as best we can during an incredibly difficult time. Instead of amplifying what divides us by writing deeply partisan, misleading editorials, Blank Slate Media should be encouraging Democrats and Republicans to work together to promote public safety, revitalize our economy and finally defeat this pandemic.

It seems like Blank Slate Media assumes the worst of every proud, lifelong Republican in Nassau County. Luckily, I don’t think most people operate that way in real life.

Most of us don’t assume every Republican we meet cheered on Jan. 6. Most of us don’t assume every Democrat we meet has hate in their heart for police officers. Most of us act in good faith. Most of us have an open mind. Most of us want to find common ground, achieve common goals and find new ways to understand each other.

Those people are writing the letters you should run. Maybe take it easy on the editorials for a while.

Assemblyman Ed Ra
Franklin Square

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