Readers Write: Another supermarket closes doors

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The shelves are not being restocked at the Stop & Shop Supermarket on Northern Boulevard in Little Neck. Many Great Neck residents, especially those of us living in either in the unincorporated neighborhood next to the Lakeville Elementary School, Terrace Circle Apartments, Russell Gardens and other adjacent villages, are sad that it will be closing on Oct. 14. The same is true for Great Neck Plaza residents who lost their supermarket earlier this year. The adjacent Capital One Bank branch to the supermarket has been closed for almost one year. The site remains vacant. There are several empty storefronts on Northern Boulevard in Little Neck between Marathon Parkway and Glenwood Street at the city Line.

I still remember the original Bohack’s supermarket that was located on the current site of the Douglaston Little Neck Library on Northern Boulevard. In 1964, it was relocated across the street to a new more modern, larger building. In 1977, Bohacks went out of business.

Subsequently, Grand Union opened at the same site. In the fall of 2000, Grand Union closed. The site became vacant. In January 2003 Stop & Shop completed renovations with a slight expansion and opened. We will now go full circle for a third time with the closing of Stop & Shop.

How disappointing for neighborhood residents, especially seniors who depend upon our supermarket for essentials. Let’s hope we will not have to wait many months for a new owner to open.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

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