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It has become necessary for me to respond to Alvin Goldberg’s comments about my letter that appeared in the Williston Times last week.

He begins by criticizing my discussion of history and slavery in my initial paragraphs and apparently does not realize that it was in response to comments in your Viewpoint column of two weeks ago that stated that Critical Race Theory is being attacked because it teaches history and its critics do not want the history of this country to be taught. On the contrary, parents want true history to be taught. 

I, therefore, gave a synopsis of what I learned in school about our racial history, both good and
bad.  Everything I stated was 100 percent correct and can be verified by Mr. Goldberg by opening a book or going on the internet. He then calls Mark Levin, whom I quoted, an extreme rightest which is a complete and utter falsehood.  He is a constitutional lawyer and an expert on constitutional law.  Not right law, not left law, law.  His book “American Marxism” just sold over 600,000 copies in
two weeks.  That is the road we are now traveling on, the road to Marxism. Wake up, Goldberg.

His letters always start out the same.  He lists all of the opinions and facts that I have written about and then disputes none of them and accuses me of discussing them because I am trying to divert the reader’s focus from the main problems of the day. It never enters his mind that I am responding to an article written by one of your columnists and her subject matter. 

He then berates me , personally, by intimating that I would fail in a debate with the author of the column I  was addressing. I would say that he switches the focus about my comments to another subject because he is unable to challenge my statements with intelligent debate of his own.

So let’s discuss the three problems that I was” ignoring.”

First, there is the Covid-19 pandemic, which I have addressed in previous letters. “Biden, A president who will watch our backs” is the title of his article.  Oh really? Biden who said he did not trust Trump when it came to vaccines and said the American people should not either. (Sept 16 Speech in Delaware) Kamala Harris, the vice president, who said she would not take a vaccine that Trump produced unless the CDC vouched for its reliability.  Misinformation for the past 18 months from experts and you wonder why there is a problem.  Biden, not allowing people to come here unless they have been vaccinated but he  called Trump Xenophobic when he closed the borders. 

Biden, who blamed Trump for all the deaths last year. How many on your plate now, Joe?  Biden., opening the border to over a million people, so far, sending them all over America, the Covid-19 rate is up 900 percent in the illegal alien population.  1,500 migrants were positive for Covid-19 in the last seven days, requiring new camps to be built in McAllen, Texas, to house the hordes of sick people.

Alejandro Mayorkas, head of Homeland Security ,is lying to the American people and telling them that the borders are closed.  Biden is  preaching about masks and vaccinations, and possible shutdowns while he lets thousands in here who are sick with the virus. He really has our back, doesn’t he?

Jan. 6 should never have happened, but it is no insurrection.  No one has been charged with insurrection.  You do not destroy democracy with no army, no guns and wearing helmets with horns on top.  It was a riot and much needs to be revealed like why are there videos of Capitol Police letting people walk right in?  What did House speaker Nancy Pelosi know and why are they hiding hours of video from the public?

For your information a bomb exploded in a Capitol bathroom on March 1, 1971, Puerto Rican Nationalists fired on the House of Representatives from the Women’s Gallery, wounding five on March 1, 1954, and in 1983 Far Left extremists bombed a Senate Chamber on Nov. 7. The one person shot in this riot was Ashley Babbitt, by whom and why?

I watched riots all last summer and this was nothing compared to the damage and death done by BLM and Antifa.  Democracy was never in danger, that whole statement is ludicrous. This does not compare to Pearl Harbor or 9/11, those comparisons were idiotic.

Voter Suppression, the biggest bunch of tripe to ever be pushed out there by the left.  Restoring rules from before the pandemic, voter ID wanted by blacks and whites, more days to vote and ways than ever before, Jim Crow, my foot.  Nothing but propaganda and the act of cheating will be much more difficult, but I am sure that someone will do their best to try. 

When I was younger, voting happened on one day, you got that, one day.  You cannot remove all safety measures put in place and then expect people to trust the results.  Do your homework, many states have stricter rules than those that changed theirs.  Don’t make me do it for you.

Goldberg says that Biden is as close to Superman as we can get.  Superman could talk without cue cards, Superman knew where he was, Superman did not lie, Superman wanted to save America and not destroy it,  Superman would have gone after criminalseven if they were relatives.  Heaven help us and send us a real Superman to save our part of the Planet.

Gayle Palmer

Williston Park

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