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A recent poster stated: “Definition of Insanity-voting for anyone that’s been in Washington for 40+ years and believing they are going to fix things now.”

As an Independent I always try to examine all the views presented at Presidential debates. I listened to the Cleveland debate and was hoping to see clearly Mr. Biden’s agenda for the Presidency.

I was disappointed because I wanted to hear his views on the Green New Deal, the Obama/Biden Affordable Care Act, the expansion of the Supreme Court and the future of the filibuster in Congress.

Mr. Biden did state that the Green New Deal is not his plan but his campaign page states otherwise that it is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges. Which view is it?  Mr. Biden espouses bringing jobs back to

the U.S. while he voted for the NAFTA trade deal that decimated our jobs.  A major concern for Americans is the future of the Affordable Care Act that was quickly passed 10 years ago with little oversight and while assuring us that our doctors could be kept.

Sadly, many people were unable to keep their doctors as was promised.  Currently, there are millions of people not covered by this healthcare program.

If a coherent and affordable healthcare program for all had been approved there would be no need for its viability to be discussed at the Supreme Court in the current court term.

Sadly, Congress has failed us.  The talk of expanding the Supreme Court is troubling because most Americans want to see less governmental bureaucracy.  Mr. Biden must make his views clear on his campaign page and in future debates.  Healthcare, Jobs and Climate Change must be clearly addressed to the electorate.

Joseph Campbell

Port Washington

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