Readers Write: Ed board prez should not dismiss residents’ concerns at North

The Island Now

I was astounded to read that Ms. Berkowitz has publicly acknowledged that all the appearances at multiple meetings by concerned neighbors of Great North North who are horrified by the large student parking lot being planned are, in fact, futile.

She states we are welcome to talk at an open time at meetings but that the matter had, in fact, been settled well before any of us were informed of the looming nightmare.

It is very disappointing that a school board would ignore the needs of the immediate neighbors just because it can.

Yes, a school has near total say over what it can do to the land that it owns, but one would expect a school, of all institutions, to respect its neighbors and set a good example regarding the environment.

When there is a perfectly good, underutilized parking lot already in existence a short distance away, it is inconceivable why we would need to pave over a perfectly beautiful soccer field ( no, it’s not a mosquito-infested swamp) and create unnecessary traffic hazards in the middle of a beautiful residential area — especially when most of the neighbors are upset and hundreds of protest signatures have been gathered.

Jessica Jacob

Great Neck

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