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There are tens of millions of people like me out there who are sick and tired of listening to former President Trump’s rants of whatever nonsense comes out of his big mouth. And his legion of followers hold on to every word he utters, believing everything that he says. There’s an “I” word for that. It’s IGNORANCE. That lack of knowledge is impossible to overcome.

Forgive them for they know no better. But it’s senators like McConnell, Graham, Cruz and Paul and the rest of their gang who know better, especially with degrees from some of the finest universities that money can buy, but who are simply latching themselves onto Trump’s testicles in order to maintain their power.

In the House, there are 212 Trump followers, including Minority Leader McCarthy. And let’s not forget House member Marjorie Taylor Greene, a supporter of QAnon, who believe in the conspiracy theory that Trump is waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshiping pedophiles in government, business and the media. I group them all together because they are not representing their constituents but are simply selling themselves, just like prostitutes do on orders from their pimps. And we all know who is No. 1 among all the political pimps. On a pure gut level, “WHORE” is a more appropriate label attached to these Republican officeholders.

Based upon the possibility that the Republicans can take over the Senate and House of Representatives in the next election, thus continuing the fall of democracy that Trump initiated, every single Democrat should make it their business to vote in the upcoming elections to stop these traitors from taking over our country.  After these power-hungry wannabes are defeated, perhaps then, when things return to normal, can we the people return to our previous lackadaisical ways.

Two other points: During the attack on the Capitol, numerous insurrectionists carried Nazi flags. Can you imagine how their grandfathers would feel considering how they fought against this evil with so many of our good and patriotic people dying. A history lesson for Trump supporters should be a requirement. Hitler achieved his power by becoming a propagandist. The form of his propaganda was inextricable from its content: the fictionalization of a globalized world into simple slogans, to be repeated until the population bought into it and his enemy was exterminated. In simple terms, if you repeat lies often enough, they will be believed.

For example, the insurrectionists claim that the gathering at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was not an attack on democracy but a peaceful and patriotic protest fully supported by Trump. From a factual point of view, the film of the insurrection is available to anyone with decent eyesight. Yelling out “Hang Pence” could just as easily have meant that all they really wanted to do was to “hang out” with Pence. That’s like yelling out, “Hail to the Chief” defining “Hail” as frozen rain pellets raining down on Trump’s head and knocking some sense into him.

The final point deals with Democrats and others who disagree with Trump. Many are constantly being threatened, some with their lives. I suggest the Democrats organize parties, to be numbered in the thousands, to march, protest and congregate outside of Trump’s Mar Largo estate, and practice the art of free speech in a loud, deafening manner, threatening all who come and go, to and from these premises. Other organized parties should do the same, surrounding the living quarters of such notable Republicans as McConnell, Graham, Cruz, Paul, McCarthy and Taylor Greene. Perhaps carrying a gallows might send a message to these and other Republicans that such is not only a sign for eternal peace but factually could become an accelerant to expedite their journey. An eye for an eye is a principle of justice but based on the current situation, it would be just as appropriate to kick their asses.

“Long live Democracy” and let’s hire the Trump Organization to build a jail to house their leader.

Alvin Goldberg,

Great Neck

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