Readers Write: Kaplan wrong on vaccine advise

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It is ironic that State Sen. Kaplan denounced what she called a misinformation campaign by spreading misinformation herself.

I am a registered Democrat who voted for Sen. Kaplan in the last election.  That does not preclude me from calling out misinformation when I see it.

What part of “people have been reluctant to take the trial vaccine because many feel the process has been rushed for political purposes” is not true?

I personally will hold off taking any vaccine until it has been proved to be safe and effective.

The senator went on to say the missive under question was “full of lies and conspiracy theories.”  Note the use of plurals especially “theories.”

Pure puffery on the senator’s part. She also said that the police have been notified.  What crime has been committed by a person utilizing the First Amendment?

A while back I received a flier in the mail boasting in large capital letters that “Senator Kaplan passed . . .” a particular bill.  She might have signed on as a co-sponsor or something, but she certainly did not pass the bill.

Only the Legislature can pass a bill.

Is the pot calling the kettle black?

Alan Reff

East Williston

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