Pros and Cons of Taking a Gap Year

The Island Now

Taking a break is vital. Students cannot be at school for a whole year without any rest – breaks allow them to discover more about themselves. They can try different ventures and know what they can do better. It is also a good time for them to ease their minds from nagging studying thoughts – instead of thinking “who can write my paper for me” they can relax and enjoy their life. However, gap years only have the pros but the cons too. Here is a list of the pros:


Pursue other Passion

There is nothing else that goes through your mind when you are there other than your studies. Taking a break will make you know what you can do. You will spend your days trying to perfect yourself in your interests. It can make you decide to take a different path from your initial one. It is good to go with what you are passionate about at all times. Breaks allow you to discover and know what you are capable of doing.

Opportunity to Work

University life can get tough at times. Most students prefer working during the breaks. Life at university is not cheap. It requires a reasonable amount of money. You can decide to stay alone when you have the money. Most students immediately start working when they have a break. It is also a great thing because it prepares them for the outside world.

Good Influence on your CV

Spending your break in the right way will add some spice to your CV. If you spend your time off doing the best you can, you can make your CV stand out. That is always the motive. For you to get a job, you need to qualify in all aspects. Employers go for people who are hardworking and self-driven.

Once in a Lifetime Experience

It is healthy to spend your breaks well before you get to the outside world. When you have a job, you will not be taking long breaks. You will have to change all your ways and forget about time to rest. It will be your time to hustle and make money.


Academic Momentum

It will be difficult for you to have the same academic momentum you had before the break. There is a possibility you will not have any psyche to study anymore. It makes you take your time, and you remain behind in class.

Waste of Time

Before taking a year out, you need to have a plan. You cannot get out of school and remain idle at home. It is a waste of time and resources. Try as much as you can to have the right reasons for not being at school. Take your time carefully before you spoil the chance of having a perfect CV.


You can have plans to travel and spend a lot of money. It will mostly depend on where you want to go and the duration you will take. Without having any plans, a trip can make you financially unstable. It is good to use money wisely. Avoid using all your savings and remain broke at the end of it. You can try to invest in something that can yield more.

It is a Risk

It is a risk because you do not know what you expect. You can have plans, but they take another turn. Whatever you decide to do, it is perfect for you to be ready for what will come your way.

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