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Peter Fishkind, Democratic candidate, Town Council in North Hempstead 5th District

Peter Fishkind is running as the Democratic candidate in this year’s election for Town Council in North Hempstead’s 5th District. His candidacy has been endorsed by Supervisor Judi Bosworth and Councilwoman Lee Seeman who will not be running for re-election.

Peter was raised in the Town of North Hempstead and now lives in Great Neck Plaza. Prior to launching his campaign, Peter worked as a litigation attorney at a prominent New York law firm.

Peter’s practice included the representation of individual, institutional and municipal clients in complex commercial litigations. He also handled several pro bono cases involving civil rights issues and immigration applications.

Peter’s priorities are to ensure that the town government continues to operate in a fiscally responsible manner and maintains its Aaa bond rating to save taxpayers money. He will work to deliver town services and programs to residents in an efficient and high-quality manner and be a proactive representative in working to support local businesses and our commercial downtowns.

Above all else, Peter will be an accessible representative for every resident of North Hempstead’s 5th District.

Toward these ends, in addition to his tireless work ethic, Peter will utilize skills he developed as an advocate for his clients and as a leader in several Jewish non-profit organizations to achieve consensus and deliver results.

Peter received his undergraduate degree from George Washington University and then his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Peter is a member of a number of local organizations, including the Great Neck Business Circle, the Great Neck Chamber of Commerce, and the Lakeville Estates Civic Association and he has authored several articles addressing community affairs that have been published in the Blank Slate, Anton Media, and Newsday newspapers.

Three Most Important Issues:

1) Taxes: Residents across the town pay significant sums of money in taxes. It is for this reason that our representatives must run the town in a fiscally responsible manner and work to maintain the Town’s Aaa bond rating, the highest a municipality can hold. This focus will allow us to achieve cost savings and avoid passing further costs on to taxpayers.

2) Supporting our local businesses and commercial downtowns: The pandemic has presented unprecedented difficulties for local businesses in our community. To meet these challenges, our local leaders must work to modernize Town Departments to better meet the needs of local businesses and put forth creative strategies to support our downtowns. Specifically, I plan to lead efforts to identify and support destination-focused venues that can anchor our downtowns and attract more consumers to our commercial areas.

3) Delivering high-quality services and ensuring the efficient operation of Town departments: Core to my mission as a representative will be to maintaining and, where necessary, improving the operation of the services the town provides and increasing the efficiency with which town departments operate.

I have spent a great deal of time during my campaign attending events sponsored by our most effective programs like Project Independence and hearing from residents about some of the improvements they are seeking from the town in areas like the building department. I know that if elected, I will be prepared to address the needs of our residents and be there for them when they need an advocate on the Town Board.

Why I Am The Most Qualified Candidate:

I am proud to say that I have knocked the second most doors of any Democratic candidate running for public office across Nassau County this year and that I have attended countless community events during my campaign.

This allowed me to hear from residents and introduce them to what I want to do for them as their representative. It has also helped me demonstrate that I will serve as an active member of the Town Council that will be there for residents when they need an advocate in government.

I have a background as an attorney at one of the leading law firms in the world, a position I resigned from in order to seek the opportunity to serve our community. In my legal practice, I worked demanding hours on highly complex cases and was able to achieve successful results by solving problems for clients.

I also have a background as an advocate outside of my profession through my leadership roles in national Jewish non-profit groups and involvements in local community organizations.

Local government is often the level of government with the most significant role in our lives and I see a great opportunity to make a difference in our community on the Town Council. I am putting forth every effort during my campaign to earn the support of the voters in the Town of North Hempstead’s 5th District. With your support, I will serve as an active representative and will be prepared to deliver for you as your representative.

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