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Nadia Holubnyczyj, Democratic Candidate, Nassau County Legislator, District 8

Nadia Holubnyczyj, Democratic Candidate, Nassau County Legislator, District 8

Biographical information: Married for 21 years; two children ages 18 and 16; disabled wheelchair-user; Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology; currently a reading tutor (not sure if more details are needed)

I have been an advocate for my community for nearly 20 years. I was a leader in the fight against the proposed casino at Belmont Park, I pressured the governor’s office to include the installation of 3 elevators at the Floral Park train station as part of the 3rd track project, and I have been a PTA president and served 6 years as civic president.

I have advocated for green spaces and have coordinated community events. Last summer, I helped open up the Nassau County chapter of Frontline Foods of World Central Kitchen, during the height of the pandemic.

We raised $26,000 to pay restaurants on the brink of closing to provide free meals to frontline workers and food-insecure families. And when a row of businesses suffered irreparable damage due to fire, I raised $23,000 that was distributed to them through the local Chamber of Commerce.

I have always felt called to give back to the communities I love. I have done all of this as a private citizen, but I feel I can affect more change in an official capacity. Our community has changed, and we need representation that reflects that change; an advocate, a mother, a disabled person.

When elected, I plan to make myself accessible to my constituency, something this district has sorely lacked for 25 years. Constituents will be able to directly communicate with me and my office through Zoom, social media, and monthly mobile office hours throughout the neighborhoods of the district.

No issue is unimportant. Whether it’s combating the opioid crisis, addressing the assessment and property tax concern, or working with other local, state and federal officials on infrastructure issues, I will be willing to work with anyone and everyone to make Nassau County and the 8th district a better place to live.

Three important issues for the District:

a) Resident Services: Residents feel their concerns fall on deaf ears, that their voice doesn’t matter. When elected, my priority is to engage with the community and gain their trust that I will represent them in the Legislature.

I will implement a Solutions Center that tracks communication, the progress to resolution and holds my office accountable. b) Infrastructure: I will promote and improve alternate means of transportation that is beneficial and safe for everyone, including public, bicycle and pedestrian transit.

I will advocate for budgetary allotment to District 8 to improve roadways, thus improving traffic safety for vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists. c) Small Businesses/Employment: I will forge strong relationships with local chambers of commerce to facilitate substantial support for small businesses; my office will provide resources to small businesses that assist with grants and loans from all levels of government to help recover from the pandemic; my office will host job fairs that include both small businesses and large corporations here in Nassau County to ensure all employment opportunities are provided to local area residents.

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