Old Westbury runoff election set for September 8

Justine Schoenbart

The Village of Old Westbury Board of Trustees set the date for the runoff election between incumbent trustee Andrew Weinberg and Leslie Fastenberg for September 8 at its special board meeting Thursday afternoon. 

Although Trustee Cory Baker and Fastenberg previously expressed concerns about the election falling on the day after Labor Day, Mayor Fred Carillo said the village is required by law to hold the election on a Tuesday. 

The options for the election were either Sept. 8 or Sept. 29, officials said, due to Jewish holidays falling on Sept. 15 and 22. 

The election will be held from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m., with two voting machines bearing both Weinberg and Fastenberg’s names on the ballot, according to Village Attorney Michael Sahn.

While Carillo suggested Weinberg’s name be placed atop the ballot, Sahn cited state election law requiring the order of names be determined by a drawing.

Fastenberg won the ensuing coin toss, which was conducted by Village Clerk Ken Callahan, opting to be placed in the top slot on the ballot.

Callahan said he is waiting to hear back from the Board of Elections to find out about inspecting the machines.

Resident Barry Manson questioned the clerk as to when absentee ballots will be available. Callahan replied that absentee ballots will only be available once the Board of Elections sets and approves the ballot. 

“If they are not getting back to you, just get down there and see it personally,” Carillo told Callahan. “Let’s get the information.” 

Fastenberg said she will have appropriate representation from her law firm at the Sept. 8 election to ensure fairness. 

“We will be prepared this time,” she said. 

The board will be meeting on Aug. 17 to consider legal advertisements that have to be published before the election takes place, Sahn said. 

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