Obamacare intrudes on freedoms

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How did you feel last year, when they told you that there would be new limitations on Pap Smears? 

How about the lessened frequency of PSA testing for Prostate cancer?

What went through your mind when they told you that you may be” too old “ for hip replacement surgery or that certain cancer treatments had become just “too expensive? “

How about a Washington bureaucrat determining your “end of life” treatment ?

After all, under Obama’s view of government-run healthcare, ( we used to call that Socialized Medicine),  costs and quantity of medical treatment must now really be a consideration!.  Furthermore, that famous famous doctor-patient relationship which we all loved, has been modified to include a government partner.

Well, get used to America’s  new healthcare system. You see, somewhere within those 2700 pages of ObamaCare, the bill that Nancy Pelosi said we should just quickly pass and figure it out later,  is the “The U.S. Preventative Service Task Force,” This panel of Washington insiders is now in charge of the life-or-death medical decisions effecting each and every one of us. Money will be saved, they said.  It’s better described as  more  people will get mediocre treatment .  

The greatest healthcare system on the planet  will be reviewed, streamlined and modified by our friends”in DC.

And now, keeping this in mind, compare this with the latest chapter  in America’s fabulous medical history.

It started out with last month’s earth-shattering decision by U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf. ( a Reagan appointee) 

First, I better give you a little background information. But promise me that you will not shake your head in disbelief  and that you will positively believe me ?  ( it was reported by Joe Palazzolo in The Wall Street

Journal )  

Ever hear of  Robert Kosliek?  That’s probably because he is serving life in prison without the possibility of parole, for the 1990 murder of his wife.  The doctors at the Massachusetts Department of Correction  prescribed a ex-change operation. The Boston jurist  ordered the Massachusetts authorities to provide this tax-funded procedure as “ the only form of adequate medical care” for Michelle Kosliek.

Senator Scott Brown condemned the decision as  “an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars!” 

The “prisoner’s lawyer said she was  pleased that she got such a thoughtful decision from the judge.

Judge Wolf said, “that denying  him the surgery was a violation of the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.”    

Now that this “critical” problem has been settled, I suggest that all of you:

1- lose some weight.

2- take your vitamins

3- stop smoking and drinking 

4- get to the gym, 

5- give up those donuts and

6-pray that you and your love ones NEVER get sick or need medical care!! 


        Dr. Stephen Morris  

                North Hills

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