NHP-GCP kindergarten registration

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Resident children of the New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District who will turn five years old by Dec. 1, 2020, are eligible for kindergarten in September 2020. Registration dates are listed below:
Garden City Park School – Jan. 8 – 9, 2020
Hillside Grade School – Jan. 13 – 16, 2020
Manor Oaks School – Jan. 21 – 23, 2020
New Hyde Park Road School – Jan. 27 – 30, 2020

Registration forms must be completed and submitted on-line through our website (please follow these steps) or click on the QR code below.

1. Go to www.nhp-gcp.org
2. Hover over the DISTRICT tab
3. Click on Online Student Registration
4. Click on Online Student Registration Forms
5. Click on Online Registration in the middle bottom
portion of the box

If you do not have access to a computer, you can register using the computers at the Hillside Public Library located at 155 Lakeville Road, New Hyde Park. You can also arrange to come into the district office and we will have a computer available for your use.

If you have any questions, please contact Eileen Bileski at 516-434-2306.

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