3 Best Loans & Credit Cards Upto 400 Credit Score

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Does a bad credit score hinder you from receiving a payday loan? It shouldn’t. Some personal loan lenders can solve your financial needs with loans.

People with bad credit often need help to get approval from traditional financial institutions for loan applications. As a result, they search for multiple lenders online that wouldn’t mind their credit history.

Besides, most people with 400 credit scores may have late payments, foreclosed loans, repeated missed payments, and bankruptcy issues.

We have listed some of the best brands to offer you a personal or payday loan without considering your poor credit score. They can also cover your FHA and auto loans and help you build your credit score.

Top 3 Loans Options for 400 to 450 Credit Score

Top Choice for Bad Credit Loans with Competitive Interest Rates


24-hour payment guaranteed


Credit Score Required

$200 - $5,000

Loan Amount

Top Bad Credit Loan Lenders for Up To 400 Credit Score


Easy lending process


Credit Score

$1,000 - $50,000

Loan Amount

Top Pick for quick funding


Instant Approval


Credit Score Required

$100 -$10,000

Loan Amount

Overall Best Loan For 400 Credit Score, Editors Choices


People with bankruptcy discharges and low credit score reports find requesting loans from traditional loan providers challenging. However, you can apply for a short-term loan before you have boosted your history with a credit card issuer.

MoneyMutual acts as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers to ensure that they compare the best interest rates. The platform can help you secure low credit score loans between $100 to $5,000.

Meanwhile, the repayment period can extend to six months, making it a flexible network offering borrowers short-term loans.

In addition, you may have to pay full repayment on a specific due date or monthly payments. The lender determines how you must repay your loan. However, if you cannot repay the borrowed amount, finance charges, and the total principal, use a credit card or installment loan to avoid finance charges and high late fees.

MoneyMutual employs industry-standard encryption to protect customers’ information. It is registered with the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA) for effective lending services.


MoneyMutual has a user-friendly website with the required information to help these customers. Aside from this, customers can use different instructional tools to perfect their investing and spending skills.

MoneyMutual uses Norton’s 256-bit encryption to keep information on its platform safe. Hence, customers don’t suffer information hacks or leak their financial details to third parties.

Most people with low credit scores don’t rush to accept loans from online loan providers because of the annual percentage rate. However, MoneyMutual ensures that its lenders have competitive APRs and interest rates. Also, the lenders do not have hidden charges.

APR and interest rates may depend on the loan amount, borrower’s credit history, or loan provider.

MoneyMutual offers you a transparent deal with enough information on its FAQs, concepts, and user reviews.

Best Bad Credit Loan Lenders for Up To 400 Credit Score


BadCreditLoans is a marketplace offering loans to borrowers with low FICO score reports. So whether you want $500 or $5000, this online loan platform provides lenders who can help you.

Nevertheless, the platform is an indirect lender but offers loan-comparison support that links borrowers to numerous loan providers. You can use BadCreditLoans’ free credit score to build, track, or understand your credit.

The platform provides alternative funding for people with poor credit scores. So, for example, if you have a credit score of 400, you won’t struggle to get a lender that can give you a loan within a short time from this network.

Hundreds of positive reviews about the platform show you can get quick approval for an emergency fund. So, it is an excellent alternative to applying for loans from traditional providers.

Moreover, you don’t go to these lenders; they come to you when you fill out a loan application on this platform. Therefore, although the platform offers efficient and fast services, they still operate for free.

This platform lets you shop for car loans, student loans, credit cards, and more. Customers don’t have to worry about the minimum credit score requirements when applying for loans on this platform.

Lastly, while some loan providers may request secured credit cards from borrowers, BadCreditLoans makes loan approval easy.


BadCreditLoans has favorable APR and interest rates. As a result, you can get as low as a 6% interest rate for your funds. However, some lenders can offer up to 36% based on unsecured loans.

Regarding personal installment loans, BadCreditLoans is transparent in dealing with customers and its network of lenders. So, you can find terms and conditions, interest rates, and other information on its official website.

 If you need an unsecured personal loan, BadCreditLoans can give you a direct deposit in your bank account within 24 hours. It does not matter if you have poor credit scores or not. You can apply and get a loan from the platform if you meet the requirements.

BadCreditLoans has an outstanding customer support team. They ensure you have the best service by answering questions about the platform. They can also provide information for all loan types, including personal installment loans. The team is available 24/7 for support and provides solutions promptly.

Many traditional loan providers require an origination fee when providing you with loans. However, BadCreditLoans has no origination fee, even if you have a poor credit score.

Prime Choice For Rapid Funding


CashUSA helps borrowers with poor credit scores connect with lenders that can offer them short-term loans. Imagine a credit card issuer offering you a low-interest rate for debt consolidation. CashUSA allows customers to have flexible loan repayment with its numerous lenders.

While the platform may not work directly to provide customers with loans, it ensures that its lenders provide you between 5.99% and 35.99% in their ARP. Some of its loans can have a repayment period of six years, while some lenders allow fixed monthly payments of 90 days.

Meanwhile, you must fill out a form stating the loan amount you want and why you need the loan. In addition, you need to provide details like your bank account, SSN, date of birth, etc., before getting approval.


With CashUSA, you don’t have to struggle to understand how the platform works because of its simplified website.

Therefore, you fill out your loan form application within minutes and submit it for review. You will get approvals within 24 hours if you meet the requirements and sign the terms.

 The official website has educational resources to help educate customers about personal finance, debt relief, auto loans, secured loans, credit checks, etc. You can check the FAQs section for customers’ most commonly asked questions.

The repayment plans from different lenders are flexible to help people apply for loans with inferior credit scores.

You can use the manual process online or via an auto-payment plan to return your loan as due. However, you must check your finances to know the right repayment option.

Online Payday Lenders for Low Credit Score Customers


CreditLoan started its lending platform in 1988. Over the years, it has helped customers with personal finance and loan support. Whether you want to learn about FHA loans, bad or fair credit, loan payments, or unsecured personal loans, CreditLoan has a rich educational platform to support you.

With its loan calculator, borrowers can compare their interest rates or credit card debt, which gives them ideas of what to expect from a lender.

Meanwhile, it can take you at least 20 minutes to fill out the registration form for your loan application.

Nevertheless, borrowers can counter-check their bank accounts and personal information before submitting their applications with its Quick Preview feature.

However, you must be a United States citizen with a minimum income of $600 and have an active checking account. Unfortunately, you may not call the platform with a direct line but communicate with them via email. The platform has a FAQ section to help you learn about its policies.


You don’t have to pay for your sign-up with the platform, especially if you have a low credit score. After you fill out and submit your loan application form, the network of lenders on the forum doesn’t charge you extra fees.

While CreditLoan has no control over its lender’s activities, it offers strict measures to safeguard borrowers from fraud.

The platform has a professional and responsive customer care unit that meets customer inquiries. In addition, the platform uses numerous communication channels to keep customers satisfied.

A big draw of CreditLoan is its transparent dealings with customers. You don’t spend time figuring out policies or rates to expect from lenders. Furthermore, they recommend that you review the loan terms of lenders.

Loan Lenders With Low-Interest Rates


You can qualify for this platform’s loan approval even with a poor credit rating. While some credit card firms give preferential treatment to customers with retail store cards, secured loans history, secured credit cards, or fair credit score ratings, few firms accept people with 400 credit scores.

With PREMIER Bankcard® Mastercard® Credit Card, your FICO score cannot prevent you from receiving loans from this platform. Since FICO scores determine the creditworthiness of borrowers, the PREMIER Bankcard® product looks past your credit history. Moreover, they help customers build their FICO scores over time.

How does this platform work? First, you must open an account with them and pledge to stay within your credit limit. Thus, people who don’t respect this rule have their transactions declined.

Interestingly, customers decide the type of card design they need without charges. However, you should review their loan terms before you apply.


Cardholders enjoy Mastercard ID Theft Protection, an alert and identity theft monitoring feature. As a result, they receive notifications when suspicious activities happen on their cards.

Customers with poor credit ratings or no credit history can easily use the card. If you cannot get a traditional card because of its loan terms, you can use this platform for your Mastercard.

 You can use the card in any part of the world. However, you may have to buy transaction fees when you use them in other countries outside the United States of America.

Customers enjoy free FICO monthly scores that improve their credit ratings.

How We Made the List of Loans for Poor Credit

Financial emergencies can be discomforting and leave you needy and vulnerable. For instance, if you are in a medical challenge requiring urgent funding, seeking payday loans from traditional credit bureaus may leave you stranded.

You can use online payday loans to solve such problems. However, you need a reliable and trusted platform for such financial support. Before making our list, we considered customer services, user reviews, service speed, and reasonable practices.

What We Considered

A financial institution has specific terms and conditions for giving out a personal loan to customers. Therefore, we checked these policies and picked personal loan lenders with lenient offers.

Our favorite best loan networks have flexible origination fees, monthly payments, and penalty fees for customers with bad credit scores.

An origination fee is subtracted from the loan when customers receive personal loans as a processing fee. In addition, we reviewed what happens when a customer misses a repayment deadline.

Regarding monthly payment, credit unions have similar terms and conditions based on a customer’s credit history. We looked at these conditions required before customers with bad credit scores can receive a personal loan.

We also reviewed interest rates, loan restrictions, minimum credit score requirements, APR, repayment options, and the loan amount. These factors determine how a borrower must repay an auto loan, home equity loan, personal loan, title loan, etc.

Whether you want to use a bank or credit union, you should read their terms and conditions, especially if you need bad credit loans.

 Aside from the minimum credit score required to qualify for loan approvals, a bank or credit union can have some stringent criteria for people with poor credit reports.

However, we considered brands with the essential eligibility criteria — for instance, borrower age, employment, and U.S. citizenship. We also didn’t select platforms that need borrowers to provide cosigners as guarantors.

We know how challenging interest rates could leave people seeking bad credit loans.

Imagine trying to get an auto loan from a platform, and you receive very high-interest rates that can leave you in a worse financial situation. Therefore, the repayment method and period matter when you want to get a loan.

We checked the ease of repaying loans and highlighted platforms with commonly used options like paying with checking accounts, mailing checks, or payment with apps. We also checked the repayment duration of each forum.

 No borrower wants to spend time with an online loan application. Hence, we eliminated platforms with lengthy loan application processes. The basic information required for loan approval includes name, age, sex, location, and loan amount.

Most online platforms offer personal loans to help people meet their financial needs. A personal loan allows a borrower to receive more money for immediate needs like auto loans.

You can repay such a secured loan for months or years with interest rates based on your credit report. Also, you can use a personal loan for debt consolidation, especially on your credit card. You can repay the loan through a monthly payment option.

Having high-interest rates can further affect your credit score. In some cases, people may borrow even more to service interest rates. Therefore, we compared these platforms’ repayment terms and interest and only included those with low-interest rates.

How To Choose A Lender To Get Personal Loans With 400 Credit Score?

Since customers use the loan service providers remotely, the customer care unit should offer professional services to them. So how do you check the effectiveness of a platform’s customer service? You should read different user reviews online to learn more about a loan network.

People with bad credit scores want to improve their ratings. As a result, they consider how much they have to pay for any loan they collect. Hence, you should read the loan terms before signing. The interest rate offered to you depends on the loan amount and your credit history.

Before you apply for any loan, you should consider the approval criteria. The first thing to check is your eligibility and whether people outside the United States can apply for such a loan. As a result, most platforms only accept American citizens with a steady income and bank accounts.

If you have a 400 FICO score, you should check if the platform can accept your loan application.

You should read lenders’ terms and conditions before taking a loan to avoid unnecessary financial challenges in the future.

You want to maintain your credit scores with a reasonable interest rate. Thus, we recommend searching for the ideal platform to help you with favorable loans.

When it comes to loan applications, you must pay attention to the security of a platform. Therefore, you should ensure lenders have a secure platform to protect your interest.

Do not use a lending network that has little information online. Hence, you should read customer reviews to learn about their services. If you must use a new lending credit union for your loan application, ensure that you do a background check on them for transparenc

Some essential features when selecting a lender platform include extra fees and penalties. Read the terms and conditions to learn what happens when you have a bounced check, insufficient funds, or pay late.

FAQs: Regarding Best Loans & Credit Cards Up To 400 Credit Score

With a 400 credit score, many traditional lenders may only approve loans if the score is high. Therefore, you should find a lender to accept such a score for loan approval.

While many online lenders can offer you thousands of dollars with your lousy credit rate, you may have to pay more rates for such loans. Hence, you must consider what lenders provide to cover your credit scores. For example, you may receive a smaller loan because of your credit score.

People who don’t want an interest-based emergency loan may have to consider two things. First, they can borrow money from relatives or friends or sell off some of their properties for cash.

With an online lender, you can apply for loans from different lenders without leaving your home. In addition, you don’t have to answer unending financial questions and fill out lengthy paperwork.

Furthermore, you can compare the rates and pick the most favorable for your emergency loan application. Lastly, you can improve your low credit score with an online lender.

The lending platform you picked depends on the loan amount, interest rate, and flexibility of terms and conditions. Since you have a bad credit score, you can consider some of the listed platforms in this article for your loan application.

You can get approval for a personal loan faster than most, especially with bad credit. Meanwhile, many personal loans come unsecured, making them attractive to customers.

Unsecured loans mean borrowers don’t need collateral to get an approved loan from these online lenders. Nevertheless, you have to pay very high-interest rates because of your bad credit score. Most lenders do a credit check before they can offer you short-term loans.

Only fraudulent lenders can promise you guaranteed loan approval. Even borrowers with excellent credit often get a rejection by lenders. However, you can use online lenders for a better chance of acceptance with your bad credit.

Many people use auto credit express for auto loans in the United States. Nevertheless, if you have a 400 credit score, you can receive a loan for your new car. While a conventional lender can offer a secured loan to a borrower with bad credit, you can use some of our favorite listed lenders for such funding.

You can only use a credit check if you have borrowed money from lending platforms. When you receive a loan, you earn a credit rating based on how you repaid the money. However, people who have never collected loans do not have credit scores.

The easiest method of improving your credit rating is to ensure that your repayments and prepayments happen on time. In addition, you should pay off your short-term loans.

Conclusion: How can I fix my credit score 400?

A bad credit rating should continue you from receiving an emergency loan if you know the right platform. Whether you want to try online lenders or have used their services, you wouldn’t have a problem applying for a loan.

Additionally, these websites offer you the opportunity to compare services, terms, and conditions, and rates from numerous loan providers.

Moreover, you can find informative blogs that can help you learn about using online lenders. Finally, you can quickly decide on the platform for your loan application with user reviews and consider some of our listed ones if you have a 400 credit score.

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