Lava Cake Weed Strain: Everything You Need To Know About It

Nikhil Goswami

Lava cake is not a chocolate dessert, as you might be thinking. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, you might already know it is a potent marijuana strain. And there is no doubt that cannabis lovers want this strain more badly than the original lava cake. It is a delicious strain that is made by crossing two potent strains: Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie.

It is popular in the cannabis industry, and marijuana lovers use it for its delicious flavor and deeply relaxing effects. If you’re new to this strain, this post contains everything you need to know. This strain review will discuss lava cake’s effects, taste, smell, medical uses, cultivation, and lineage.


Lava cake is an indica-dominant strain with many positive effects and is known for its relaxing properties. The main effects of this strain include Uplifting, relaxed, euphoric, and happy feelings. It is a potent indica-dominant hybrid strain with slight couch-lock effects if you consume it in moderate doses. The couch-locking effect is not apparent if you start with low doses. If you consume it in low doses, you’ll feel a wave of calmness throughout your body.

The feelings start from the higher torso and upper limbs regarding the high relaxing effects. These waves of relaxation reach the toes, and you’ll start feeling stretched out. If you increase the doses, you’ll start feeling that your limbs are relaxed and your body is going into heaviness. This feeling is much needed after a tiring day, so smoking this relaxing strain would be helpful if you’re about to nap.

If you consume the strain in moderate and high doses, you won’t be able to move your limbs due to the relaxation effects. The only energy you’ll be left with will be enough for you to take a nap. The point to note here is that Lava cake weed contains reasonable amounts of THC, which provides an energetic, euphoric, and uplifting mental effect. This energy is good for keeping your mind relaxed and releasing stress from the body. Thus, it is a great strain if you want to eliminate stress and put all your worries aside.

This strain is also suitable for social settings as it produces happy feelings and can set the mood for social events and gatherings if consumed in low doses. People who get stressed at social gatherings can try this strain as it will relax the mind and produce happy feelings.


Lava cake strain is a beautiful strain in its looks and appearance. This is the prettiest of all the latest strains you’ll ever encounter. For this particular strain, we can say that you can judge a book by its cover. The strain contains a high concentration of anthocyanin, a highly coveted compound that gives a royal purple shade to the strain. These compounds develop mainly in cold environments, forming on the strains because of their genetics and properties. The strain has a mix of purples, olive greens, and burnt orange shades.

Across its surface, you’ll notice a dense coating of milky white trichomes and dense nugs of olive-green shades. The beautiful finish on the exterior of this strain is because of the milky and silvery trichomes. The olive green nugs are large and low-lying, giving the strain a thick bulbous structure. So, next time you come across a marijuana strain with bright whitish silver trichomes, purple hues, and green nugs, you should know that it is the blissful lava cake strain.

Flavor and Aroma

Lava cake has some of the best features regarding its flavor and aroma. You won’t be disappointed whether you crave terpenes or the euphoric high with this strain. Moreover, if you love desserts, Lava cake will be your favorite strain for years to come. The strain has a pleasant aroma that can be related to that of a flavorsome vanilla cake. Besides that, there are a few chocolaty and minty effects in its aroma too. Lava cake is also the top favorite of those who love to have a potent flavor in combination with a strong aroma.

The strain contains earthy and sweet terpenes, but the sweet flavor is dominant because of the terpenes. It has a mix of chocolate and mint flavors that melt into your mouth. As soon as you inhale it, you’ll notice the nutty sweetness of the strain. On the other hand, the minty flavor is dominant when you exhale the smoke in a deep sense. The minty flavors are because of the Thing Mints GSC strain, and the sweet touch is because of the grape pie.

The dominant terpenes in Lava cake include Limonene, Caryophyllene, Geraniol, and Pinene. Caryophyllene has a pungent earthy smell and gives a perfect flavor combined with a sweet compound. The sweet aroma comes from Geraniol which has a floral and rosy smell. Pinene has a pine-like smell, and Limonene gives a citrus touch to the flavor.

Talking about the overall flavor profile, Lava Cake has 75% sweet flavor along with fruity hints and buttery over notes. Remember that the taste of grapes and berries is more sweet than sour, hence the sweet effect. Now combine all these flavors and aromas, and imagine how the indica-dominant hybrid strain will melt in your mouth. The lava cake strain can be a perfect treat with a smooth buttery feeling.

Medical Uses

Lava Cake is a high THC strain, and it has multiple benefits because of the high concentration of terpenes. A study on the medicinal benefits of marijuana strains indicates that treatment and inflammation pain is the most common reason people use the indica dominant hybrid strains. Lava cake is suitable for users who want to treat pain, anxiety, stress, depression, inflammation, and PTSD. It is a relaxing lava cake strain and produces uplifting effects. However, you must remember that high doses can have opposite effects; the strain can cause paranoia and anxiety if you overdose.

The marijuana strain is a good try for medical patients suffering from chronic pain. This is because of its high THC content; it can help with pain and inflammation. People use it to treat migraines, headaches, and backaches. Besides that, because of its good taste, the lava cake strain can also be helpful for people who have a low appetite. It can be a good treatment for eating disorders as it creates an increased desire for food, especially in people who have lost their appetite.

Most people suffer from eating disorders because of certain medical conditions, such as anxiety and depression. Moreover, people having cancer or HIV treatments through chemotherapy also struggle with eating, and this marijuana strain can be helpful in this regard. The strain improves appetite and reduces nausea in medical marijuana patients undergoing radiation therapy and cancer treatments. Moreover, the euphoria and body high produced by this strain may also help people who experience fatigue frequently. Over the years, fatigue and inflammation build up in the muscles, which, when left untreated, can cause chronic pain later. This type of stress and fatigue can be reduced by consuming lava cake after a long day.


Lava cake is a rare strain of marijuana, and its seeds aren’t available easily. But many users have grown it successfully, too, as the plant grows similar to your typical indica dominant hybrid strain. Some users report that growing original lava cake is quite challenging. Besides that, many marijuana enthusiasts claim that the lava cake available in various shops is a clone, not the original one.

Growing lava cake is similar to any other indica strain, and it’s easy; the only challenge is finding this plant’s rare seeds. The plant has moderate growing difficulty, but it is a worthy strain to grow in your backyard. It grows to over 84 inches or five to seven feet, yielding around 10-16 ounces per square meter. Usually, it takes around 56 to 63 days for the plant to grow, and the flowers mature after this period. The nugs of lava cake are dense and wide and give a bushy look. The appearance also depends on the amount of light it receives; it will become bushier and canopy-like if it gets ample light.

Lava cakes grow well in indoor and outdoor settings; the only thing you should worry about is the amount of sunlight they receive. However, when producers grow them indoors, it will take around nine weeks and yield 10 to 16 ounces. If you grow it outdoors, the harvest will be ready during October and yield 14 to 18 ounces per plant.

To grow this marijuana strain, you can use LST or Low-Stressing Techniques, and this method ensures the plant receives maximum light for high yields. Besides that, you can also consider lollipopping the plant to remove the low-quality and dry buds and branches.

Side Effects

Lava cake’s side effects are similar to other indica strains containing a high THC concentration. The lava cake strain can produce the cottonmouth effect in beginners or someone who starts with a high dose. So, producers recommend beginners to keep themselves hydrated to avoid the annoying dry mouth effects of the lava cake strain. The cottonmouth effect feels like you’re chewing soft cotton balls; it is not a good feeling and is sometimes accompanied by foul-smelling breath. You can also use breath-enhancing mints to overcome the odor and restore mouth water.

The cottonmouth effect is caused due to THC, which stimulates the salivary glands to produce saliva. This makes the mouth dry and can be frustrating for first-time users. To avoid this effect, you must start with a low dose and drink lots of water. If you suffer from cottonmouth, try chewing mint gum or ice cubes to make your mouth fresh and moist. You can also try hydrating your mouth before and after consuming the strain.

Overdosing lava cake has other side effects, such as a rush of emotions and extreme euphoric feelings. If you feel a sudden rush, you’ll feel the need to take a nap. However, when you wake up, you’ll feel exhausted due to the side effects. Other common side effects include a fast heartbeat, restlessness, and racing thoughts. Lava cake’s side effects mainly result from overdosing, and if you start with a low dose, you won’t likely experience them. The side effects also vary from person to person, depending on the tolerance level.


As mentioned earlier, Lava cake’s parents are Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Grape Pie. Thin Mint is the first marijuana variant that was used for the production of lava cake. Plus, the minty flavor of this lava cake strain is also derived from its Thin Mint GSC parent. Thin Mint GSC has indica genetics and sativa properties in a ratio of fifty-fifty. An interesting fact is that Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a cross-breed produced from Durban Poison and OG Kush. Thin Mint contains 24% THC, higher than Lava cake which contains around 19% THC content.

Grape pie is another strain used in the cultivation of lava cake plants. This strain contains more indica-dominant characteristics as compared to Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The strain takes its name because of the grape aftertaste of the compound. Grape Pie is produced by the cross-breeding of Grape Stomper and Cherry Pie and has 20% THC content. Since Lava cake has 15 to 18% THC, it is a potent strain with moderate THC content. The THC content in this lava cake strain causes you to feel euphoric effects and is responsible for producing the high.

Lava cake is indica-dominant, just like its Grape pie parent. But its medicinal benefits, flavors, aroma, and appearance mixes both parents. It also contains a lower concentration of THC than both parents. Users often consume it in moderate doses. Lava cake is 70% indica and 30% sativa. Thus, it has more properties similar to the indica-strains. The strain is grown similarly to other indica strains and is a medium-high plant.

Wrapping Up: Is Lava Cake Strain Top Shelf?

This strain review will help you understand this rare and exciting marijuana product. Many brands sell this rare marijuana strain as it is popular in the cannabis community. Since the strain is not readily available, manufacturers sell it at a higher price than other strains. You can also look for best marijuana strains that you must try.

The indoor-grown lava cake is the most expensive, and people are ready to pay thousands of dollars to purchase it. The strain can prove to be the life of the party as it is suitable for social gatherings. However, make sure that you are in a cozy and comfortable place while you smoke lava cake. After all, you wouldn’t want yourself hitting the ground before the couch lock hits you.

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