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CDB is largely responsible for making cannabis products so popular. Initially, marijuana products were not open for consumption. While cannabis was very popular in ancient times for pain relief, its exact science remains a mystery. 

Additionally, its psychoactive and ease of abuse led to its ban and illegal status. Over time, one could use them but only for medicinal purposes. 

The rules have changed, and the 2018 Farm Bill legalized marijuana use for recreational purposes. However, CBD remains the primary component of cannabis and hemp most sought after.

While cannabis possesses several medicinal properties, they all seem linked to CBD and its anti-inflammatory qualities. For example, its pain relief action is close to anti-inflammation. 

This article explores the benefits of CBD, with emphasis on its anti-inflammation properties. Let us find out how good CBD is at managing inflammation. 

What Is CBD?

We need to understand CBD in depth to know if CBD reduces inflammation. CBD flower buds stand for cannabidiol, which comes from the cannabis plant. Over the years, it has gained huge fame after THC. However, CBD is somewhat different from THC.

It also does not have the same psychoactive effects as those that THC poses, so it’s safe to consume even during the day. Moreover, CBD won’t get you high. For that reason, it is a low profile, minimal, not-at-all addictive, and has no side effects of cannabidiol.

Also, some studies have proven that CBD can have anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce chronic pain, arthritis pain, and even joint pain. It also releases oxidative stress in the body and strengthens the immune system.

But then, is CBD the same as medical cannabis?

Well, not really. It comes from the cannabis plant through different extraction methods. And although you shouldn’t consume cannabinoids in large amounts, even if you do take them excessively, it will not get you high.

It does, however, help to treat nerve damage, breast cancer, acute inflammation, and some other inflammatory diseases. These are some results acquired from experimenting on cats and rat models.

However, since animal studies are not the same as human anatomy theories, this extensive research will not be able to declare CBD safe.

How Does It Work?

To stop painkiller abuse, people have now retorted to plant-derived anti-inflammatory medication, aka CBD oil and other CBD products. CBD affects the brain’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD binds to these receptors, which affects pain perception and the body’s inflammation process.

One good news about this is that since CBD oil can be a topical treatment, you can rub it on your body for pain relief. Moreover, it does not have any intoxicating or psychoactive properties. This makes it all the safer for use, unlike regular prescription medication. 

However, you should never buy non-prescription CBD products before consulting your doctor. It may worsen your health issues rather than help them.

Does CBD Have Any Therapeutic Effects?

CBD is said to have a bunch of therapeutic effects on both the mind and the body. Furthermore, if we go only a hundred years back, people use CBD and hemp-derived CBD products to deal with pain-related behaviors. Moreover, transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation perfectly.

More of these facts are still under study, and clinical trials are being held frequently so people can know more about the therapeutic effects of these CBD products. However, the tests are limited to animals’ immune cells only as of yet. 

Does CBD Help Anxiety?

After several tests, it has been observed that CBD products including CBD gummies, and CBD tinctures can help treat anxiety in an isolated environment. A recent test showed that a group of people experiencing anxiety consumed a high amount of CBD. They noticed positive results and maintained a public demeanor; otherwise, they would get anxious upon seeing someone.

The cannabinoid receptors combine with the receptors and fatty acid binding proteins in the body. This causes cell survival, which affects the dopamine level released. Hence, the person’s mood comes back to normal.

Another study showed anxiety control when people were given low doses of CBD. After hours of observation, it was concluded that it had no influence on them whatsoever. This means CBD did not offer the same results in low quantities as it did when used in higher quantities.

This CBD research experiment proved that it has the potential to reduce anxiety and oxidative stress. However, more studies and facts are required to back this notion up.

Does CBD Help Fight Inflammation And Chronic Pain?

Although a lot of research is needed to confirm these facts, it is believed that CBD can help reduce inflammation and other inflammatory conditions.

Chronic inflammation is neither a good thing nor a bad one, so it cannot be categorized. It is the innate, natural way of body healing, but it comes at a price. Often, this chronic inflammation can cause swelling, redness, or itching that leads to pain and nerve damage.

After multiple reports and studies, scientists realized chronic inflammation can be extremely dangerous. If not treated properly and on time, it can lead to a silent death leading to problems like cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, and more.

Acute inflammation can be due to many reasons, including arthritis pain, journal pain, and other health conditions. Chronic inflammation is not a big issue, but it can be very uncomfortable to deal with, especially if you are very sensitive.

It can easily cause sadness and depression, followed by lethargy and lack of energy to perform any task. An easy way to deal with early phase inflammation is to ingest a pain killer, but using multiple painkillers is not very effective or suitable in the long run.

An alternative painkiller treatment is cannabidiol (CBD), which not only soothes the pain but has anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, it is even easier than popping a pill because cannabidiol (CBD) comes in the form of CBD oil, which offers easy application.

Acute inflammation is our body’s response to wounds. You will see your skin swelling and becoming red whenever you get a mosquito bite or suffer an infection. That’s the acute inflammation doing its thing and sending information to the immune system.

The body’s innate healing system is very strong. And if you are a well-built person with a good metabolism, the anti-inflammatory effects of your own body shall be enough. You wouldn’t need any hemp-derived CBD products.

After the cut becomes clean and has no danger of outside exposure, the nerves will send messages to the brain, and chronic inflammation will begin subsiding.

However, if you have increased inflammation for a long time now, it’s probably related to some serious health problems. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is interlinked with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis in the body.

Is CBD Safe To Consume?

Research is still in progress about the safety of CBD. While it can leave some minimal side effects, it is not as harmful as some other drugs. As per the minor studies we know now, it is safe to say that CBD products do have some side effects.

These include blood pressure, neuropathic pain, diarrhea, blood thinning, fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia, and loss or gain of body weight. Moreover, CBD interacts with the immune system and chemical compounds of the human body and can also affect the intracellular carriers.

This interaction may go wrong if encountered by another drug in the body. This means you shouldn’t mix your meds, especially if you take other medication while using full-spectrum CBD tincture. 

Do your research and consult your doctor before trying CBD oil. This way, you would see the good and bad cannabidiol CBD exhibits and if it is the right thing for you.

Also, when it comes to CBD products, there’s something else you should consider- the dosage. How much CBD should you consume, or if you consume any at all? This CBD guidance is necessary. That’s because the CBD binds all the TRPVs. And the CBD products you purchase from the markets contain the lowest doses of CBD, and you need to know what will suit you best.

Some broad-spectrum CBD oil available does not mention the percentage of CBD in it. It also does not mention the other ingredients used in its manufacturing. This makes it difficult to determine if the CBD oil available is good or not.

It is also possible that it contains contaminants. Although you rub CBD oil on the spot of pain and not ingest it, its unwanted ingredients can still be a cause for allergies. And the aftermath of this allergic reaction will not be good.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD oil is now available in almost every store and pharmacy and even online. As per the Federal Controlled Substances Act, CBD oil and other products that contain 0.3% THC or less are not intoxicants.

But many of these controlled substances are still shady. A lot of changes are coming in the CBD industry once all the effects and legalities of CBD are clear. Only then will it be absolutely clear as to which broad-spectrum CBD products are safe and legal to use.

Also, even after that law, you will need to have state permission. If your state does not allow it, then ultimately, it’s illegal for you to consume. 

It is better to keep your medical marijuana license in hand at all times to avoid issues, but you can buy broad-spectrum CBD without that too.

What Health Benefits Does CBD Offer?

CBD, in general, has a lot of benefits to offer. Broad-spectrum CBD reduces inflammation and oxidative stress, and chronic pain.

However, CBD is well-known in dealing with epilepsy. Moreover, the Arthritis Foundation conducted its own studies regarding CBD and its treatment for chronic inflammation. 

Cannabidiol CBD is cannabis sativa in nature and has immense healing power. Some general benefits it has to offer are derived from animal studies and rat models. Let’s see them below.

  • Insomnia: Broad spectrum CBD products are great for rectifying your sleeping habits. The cannabidiol CBD affects the molecular targets and plasma membrane, which induces sleep. Many people use CBD oil on a regular basis for better sleep at night.
  • Inflammation: Of all the effects of CBD, this is by far the most effective. Broad-spectrum CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties were proved in clinical trials. The clinical populations agreed that broad spectrum CBD handles inflammatory conditions in the best way possible. CBD has the potential to lessen the chances of rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis that come from inflammation. This is something scientists have seen in no other drug so far.
  • Addiction: This may sound strange, but multiple animal studies have proven that full-spectrum CBD can help manage and halter addiction. It helps suppress the cravings for heroin, tobacco, or alcohol under different conditions. As per the Fatigue Research Center, full-spectrum CBD can also help tone down the addiction to stimulants and opiates – one of the most dangerous drugs in the world.
  • Cognitive Dysfunction: Cognitive dysfunction is a problem of iron accumulation in the brain. It can be pretty severe, and brain iron overload can cause emotional, spatial, and recognition loss. This can be a short-term loss or long-term — depending upon the iron amount. Surprisingly, full spectrum CBD products were able to reverse the effects of iron overload completely. This shows that CBD has neuroprotective potential in it that just needs a flame to ignite.

Conclusion: CBD Alleviates Inflammation? 

Full-spectrum CBD works wonders in bettering immune cells and pain-related behaviors. Moreover, transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation as its cannabinoid receptors interact with the molecular targets of the body.

CBD is a healing herb, hence the anti-inflammatory effects. It comes from the deep roots of cannabis and marijuana and is very powerful. 

Studies are yet to determine its full potential, but you don’t need facts to use any CBD product. They have been in use for centuries and have excellent plant-derived anti-inflammatory effects. That brings us to the end of this post. We hope this article provides answers to all your queries.


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